Best Brother Embroidery Machine For Home Reviews in 2019

Machine embroidery is one of the most elegant means to produce stunning effects and attractive embroidery designs on fabrics. If you ever wonder how to create captivating embellishments, then the answer is to own the best embroidery machine that has all the required features. In this review article, I am introducing 5 top rated Brother Embroidery sewing machines, which will give you an insight into the technical details. Read the following best Brother Embroidery machine for home reviews.

Best Brother Embroidery Machine Comparison

Rank Name Ratings Price Type Build-in Embroidery Designs Monogramming Font Styles Discount Link

Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine

4.2/5 $$ Embroidery-Only 136 6

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

4.5/5 $ Sewing+Embroidery 70 5

Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

4.7/5 $$$ Sewing+Embroidery 138 7

Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

4.4/5 $ Sewing+Embroidery 70 5

Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine

3.8/5 $ Embroidery-Only 35 5

No.1 Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine


  • 136 pre-programmed embroidery designs
  • 184 sewing stitches
  • Six lettering fonts
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Ten professional buttonholes
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in memory to store imported designs
  • USB connectivity
  • Large work area
  • Set of accessories


  • Regular sewing functionality not present
  • Small display

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Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine is a full-fledged home embroidery machine with 136 built-in embroidery designs, 184 built-in stitches and six letter fonts suitable for a variety of sewing options. It uses top drop-in bobbin feeding and also employed automatic threading system for making sewing a breeze experience.In the buttonhole segment, it outshines in performance by offer ten style automatic one-step buttonhole features. You will love this incredible option.

The built-in LCD touchscreen is a remarkable feature of the machine allowing to view the embroidery patterns and stitch options clearly. The embroidery area of the machine is reasonably large allowing you to stitch designs of up to 5×7 inches and has brightly illuminated.

Another significant feature of the machine is the USB port included in the embroidery machine which allows you to import designs from your USB device. There is an embroidery card slot as well allowing you to choose designs from brother’s range of patterns.

The PE770 is quite lightweight and portable, and a tremendous functional model for all sort of embroidery works. Its LCD screen is quite intuitive, and the speed control along with start& stop button offers top precision. The sideways sewing is another incredible feature which works well for cylindrical sewing and applique works.

The Brother PE770 is truly one of the popular, highly rated and the best-selling embroidery machine that works great all types of fabrics.The sewing machine can open a window of new opportunity to start a home-based embroidery business to let your creativity flow.

No.2 Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Touchscreen LCD
  • 67 built-in stitches
  • 70 pre-programmed embroidery designs
  • Five letter monograms fonts
  • Speed control slider
  • Trop drop-in bobbin
  • Ten unique one-step automatic buttonhole maker
  • Separate embroidery arm
  • Computer connectivity


  • Presser pressure not adjustable
  • Bobbin case requires consistent cleaning due to built-in sensors

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Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine comes with 70 pre-programmed embroidery designs, 67 built-in stitches, and five lettering fonts. Apart from the large 4×4 embroidery area, the machine also has a super bright illuminated work area that lets you sew in dim light and dark rooms. The LED touchscreen makes brother SE400 a most preferred embroidery machine available in the market, with the support of computer compatibility. You can easily import designs from your PC to the machine and store updates and even have access to for latest embroidery designs.

The machine has a separate arm for embroidery and free arm feature, which can use to stitch tight and narrow areas. Its automatic needle thread system and a single push button for auto thread cutting add up the operational comfort. You can have ten different unique buttonhole designs, which are automatic and one step process and devoid of having any physical maneuvering. It also features a 7 point feed dogs for smooth fabric movement.

The computerized Brother SE400 is integrated with so that users can purchase different design and download it directly from and save for future use. For easing up the bobbin loading, it uses top drop-in loading system and uses transparent bobbin cover to have a better understanding of the bobbin thread position while stitching. Due to the computerized functionality and automatic features; it is perfect for beginners as well.

The Brother SE400 is a perfect sewing and embroidery machine for people who need both functionalities and doesn’t have a big budget.

No.3 Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery Machine


  • 138 built-in embroidery design
  • 240 pre-programmed sewing stitches
  • 7 font letters
  • Two led lights
  • Eleven sewing feet
  • 10 styles one-step automatic buttonhole maker
  • Speed control button
  • Automatic needle threader


  • User manual does not have enough illustrations
  • Slightly expensive

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Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery Machine is a combination machine having both sewing and embroidery functionality. It comes with a decently large workspace of 5×7 inches size and also an extra 5×12 inch frame for embroidery works, which minimize the need for rehooping. It comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs including quilt and floral designs. There are also 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles available. An impressive range of 240 stitches is available that includes decorative stitches like scallop and smocking. The sewing machine is with USB ports, which allows you to import and save designs from the USB and save with the sewing machine for later use. Also, the inbuilt programs, let you make changes in the embroidery designs as per your requirements.

The best feature of the SE1900 is its sideways sewing feature which is suitable for applique and cylindrical sewing. The machine also has an easy to use backlit monochrome LCD screen. You will find the buttonhole maker hold unusual features, as it offers ten unique styles of the buttonhole, which is a one-step fully automatic process.

The users can choose the stitch or design and start sewing accordingly. The machine features a great selection of quick change feet like overcasting, zipper, buttonhole, monogramming, blind stitch, zigzag, open-toe-feet, adjustable piping/zipper stitch guide, etc.

The speed control and the start/stop button can find in a convenient position, makes it easy for access. The start/stop button is excellent for accurate precision to stop and start stitching where required.

The machine also comes with an automatic threader and thread cutter as you press the respective levers. The top drop-in bobbin system is feature reach, with thread sensor and jam-resistant works well offering even stitch quality. Overal, SE1900 is an excellent combination machine but may not suit every budget.

No.4 Brother LB6800PRW Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine


  • Versatile and sturdy
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 67 sewing stitches and 70 embroidery designs
  • Four by 4 inches embroidery hoop
  • Five monogram fonts
  • Ten one-step automatic buttonhole maker
  • Computer connectivity
  • Seven unique sewing feet


  • Technical problems may happen
  • Hoops are quite small

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Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine is ideal for beginners and intermediate level users. It features 70 built-in embroidery designs with 120 frame combinations and? 67 sewing stitches with 98 stitch variations. In the monogram section, you will be happy to use the five cute fonts suitable for every project. On the LCD screen, you can see the design patterns which will you to take the right decision on the embroidery selection.

With this computerized machine, you will find the operational setups are easy to do. It features an automatic bobbin winding system and a quick top drop-in bobbin and a transparent cover. The 7 point feed dog is another great feature that lets smooth feeding even with wide fabrics.

When it comes to the embroidery design, you can be sure that what you get is unique. The good news is that you can also connect the machine via USB to import more designs and patterns. You even get access to to purchase designs of your choice. Making necessary edits are also possible with Brother LB6800PRW.

For better embroidery, you will find the 4×4 inch hoop very handy and if you want to work on larger designs, you can re-hoop the designs accordingly. It is a home sewing and embroidery machine having 7 point feed dogs, and it works pretty well with different types of fabric. Overall, LB6800 is a two in one machine that works well providing excellent quality and a lot of scope of work. If you are new to sewing and embroidery, this machine is the one for you.

No.5 Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine


  • 70 built-n designs
  • 35 Disney designs
  • USB connectivity
  • Kid friendly functions
  • LCD Screen
  • Automatic threading
  • Memory card slot


  • Built-in memory very limited
  • Small embroidery area

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Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine focuses solely on embroidery functions. It offers a 4×4 inch work area along with various other nctasks. With 70 built-in decorative designs and afford 35 Disney designs, you can create embroidery that targets children. The most appealing feature of PE540D is the range of preloaded designs and five alphanumeric fonts. With an addition of 120 frame patterns, you can create endless embroidery projects. You can connect the sewing machine withyour PC via a USB cable. Using this feature you can import designs from your PC to the machines software.

You can also access to purchase additional designs for your projects. You won’t be disrupted with this embroidery machine in terms of ease of operation. it comes with a well-backlit LCD screen that let you view all the built-in design and tutorials. The LED light on the screen is bright enough to illuminate the work area even in dim lighted setting. The interface of the Brother PE540D is also simple enough for any beginner and the top drop-in bobbin loading makes things much easy.

What to consider when buying a Brother embroidery machine

Whether you want to do embroidery on your clothes or sew attractive designs on a towel, you need to get the Best Embroidery machine on the market. Let’s discuss the factors you need to focus on when buying an embroidery machine.

What are the projects you need to cover?

Knowing how you are going to use the machine is the first thing you need to consider. Is it going to help you with your new embroidery business or satisfy your passion? Some machines are built for the industrial purpose, while the others for home purposes.

Features you require

Think about the embroidery goals of the project and what all features you require to reach there. Features like automatic needle threading, large work area, LED light, pressure sensor, automatic thread cutter, computer compatibility, pre-programmed designs, built-in stitches, buttonhole maker and auto needling, etc., are essential for almost all the projects. Further check for bobbin loading system. I recommend you to go for top drop-in loading bobbin with transparent stitch plate cover.

Autopilot and auto thread tension functions

When working on an embroidery project, having control over the stitches is the key factor contributing to perfection. Only highly skilled sewers can manually control the important aspects of embroidery. So, it is better to look for an embroidery machine that offers autopilot and automatic thread tension control functions.

A dedicated embroidery machine or combo

When you search for an embroidery machine, consider two main options. Either you can buy a sewing machine that can manage sewing and embroidery projects or a dedicated embroidery machine. While sewing machines are using for basic and practical uses, embroidery machines are for creative sewing.

A machine that comes with both sewing and embroidery capabilities are relatively expensive. However, these combo machines will let you virtually create anything. If you are an advanced sewer doing embroidery for a living or as a passion, it is better to get a combo machine.


The best Brother Embroidery Machine for home reviews can give you an in-depth understanding of the five Brother Embroidery sewing machines explained here. After evaluating various features side by side, we found Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine has a better edge on rest of the sewing machines.

What do you think? Which machine from the above list you prefer the most. Share your views in the comment section below; we love to hear from you. Happy embroidering!

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