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Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners

When you’re starting out on your sewing journey, you will be trying out a variety of sewing techniques to gain an understanding of the sewing process and what can be achieved. Because of this, you want a machine that can cope with a range of different projects, such as quilting, dressmaking, alterations, simple embroidery, freestyle sewing and more.

As a beginner sewist, you will be learning about how sewing machines work, as well as learning to complete the many basic tasks that are inherent in sewing. With today’s computerised sewing machines, many of these tasks have been automated so that sewing time can be speeded up. For example, starting and stopping sewing using an automatic reverse stitch will help you lock your seams into place which is a fundamental process of sewing. Using this automatic feature removes the need to manually sew, reverse, and sew again at the beginning and end of each seam. You can quickly see that this automatic feature takes the pain out of this repetitive process.

Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners Comparison

  • Price
  • Customer Feedback
  • Stitches
  • Number of Presser Feet
  • Buttonhole stitches
  • Built In Sewing Font
  • Wide Table
  • Hard Cover
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Speed Control Slider
  • Stop/Start Button

By searching for the highest quality features for the right price, you will be able to buy the best machine for your experience level, while gaining experience withtoday’s time saving features.

No.1 Brother XR9500PRW Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Built in alphanumeric sewing font
  • Speed control sider
  • Auto needle threader
  • Up/down needle programmable
  • Auto reverse
  • Wide table
  • Hard carry case


  • No handle on carry case
  • No automatic thread cutter

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The lightweight and versatile Brother XR9500PRW is an ideal computerised sewing machine for beginner sewists. The machine allows you to learn sewing skills safely, using the speed adjustment function to slow the upper speed limit and work carefully around fiddly sections, or speed up for long straight seams. Its light weight makes it perfect for taking to workshops, meetups, or sewing bees with friends. Sadly, the hard carry case that is supplied does not have a handle which is a bit inconvenient, but at only 9.9lbs thisis one of the lightest computerised machines around.

The large back-lit LCD screen allows you to have complete control over your stitch and presser foot selection, stitch length and width adjustment (up to 7mm width!),and 100 built-in stitches, including 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming. Happily, this machine has a programmable needle up/down function, which will save you a lot of valuable time. You will also be able to create professional buttonholes with the one-step automatic buttonhole foot and 8 buttonhole styles. While you will enjoy the automatic needle threader, sadly there is no automatic thread cutter, but that is a minor inconvenience for the benefits you do get.

Other thumbs up benefits include the Wide Table and Free Arm, allowing for both large projects and more detailed techniques, and free motion sewing for more artistic ventures. For the modest price, the Brother XR9500PRW is a machine that will ably support your ongoing craft journey.

No.2 SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Sturdy for sewing lightweight fabric to multiple layers
  • Start/stop button
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter
  • Automatic reversespeed control slider
  • Easy to follow DVD


  • 9 lbs in weight
  • Higher price point
  • No alphanumeric sewing font

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Two-time Consumer Digest Award Winner, the Singer 7258 is a good computerized heavy duty sewing machine for beginners to use for a range of crafts. From multiple layers of fabric to knits, quilting and general sewing, this machine covers all bases. While its sturdy steel frame makes it a solid machine in the market, it also requires some effort to haul it around, coming in at a whacking 14.6 lbs in weight. The Ready Set Sew video which accompanies this machine is perfect for beginners to get started on their sewing journey on the first day. It comes with a detachable foot pedal as well as a start/stop button, extra-high presser foot lifter,automatic reversespeed control slider, and is very quiet. This machine has 100 stitches. However, this is not a sewing machine for monogramming since there is no built-in font and no wide table attachment. You need to pay extra money to purchase a quilting table to sew large project. While this is a good starter model with lots of features, the slower speed, less stitches and extra weight, makes us question the slightly higher price point.

No.3 Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Large table attachment
  • 9 presser feet
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-threader
  • Low price


  • Limited space for large projects under the machine arm
  • Not recommended for sewing multiple/thick layers of fabric
  • Less sturdy than other machines

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The Brother cs6000i is a good starter machine that is the smallest in both price and size of the machines reviewed here. Threading is a breeze with the auto-threader, as is bobbin winding and insertion into the top drop-in bobbin. It comes with an oversize table, however, the area underneath the arm of the machine is so small that larger projects will be difficult to sew. It comes with a good assortment of 9 presser feet and extra feet are inexpensive. Top speeds are adjustable, presser feet hints are indicated on the readout, and its light weight makes it easy to pack up and take anywhere.

No.4 Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


  • 8 presser feet including spring action quilting presser foot
  • Built in alphanumeric sewing font
  • Stitch length and width adjustable
  • Light and portable
  • Wide table


  • Automatic threader issues reported
  • Brother brand only bobbins
  • Struggles with thicker fabrics

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This Brother machine comes in at a slightly higher price point than the Brother XR9500PRW, although it is very similar. There are fewer stitches (130), 8 presser feet including an additional spring action quilting presser foot, but no flip-top compartment to store them easily (they slip into the removable arm of the machine). Reviewers have reported problems with the automatic threader, and it is limited to using Brother brand bobbins only. This wide tabled, feature packed machine is light and portable, with a lot of stitches and features, probably mainly aimed at quilters.

No.5 Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW Computerized Sewing Machine


  • Lightweight
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Easy to change presser feet
  • Easy to use needle threader
  • Large sewing table


  • No up/down needle feature
  • No extra high presser foot lifter
  • No speed control slider
  • No monogram alphanumeric stitches

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Another Project Runway stablemate, the CE7070PRW has some of the normal great features in this middle range group of machines, but misses out on some of the sexier ones. Happily, it does have a programmable needle up/down feature, automatic needle threader and adjustable stitch length and width which give flexibility and speed to your sewing. Although it only has 70 decorative stitches, it does come with 7 presser feet, but no extra high presser foot lifter, speed control slider or stop/start button. These missing features puts it down the scale of the machines on offer at a similar price.

What to consider when choosing a computerised sewing machine for beginners?

  • Machine Use

The most important thing to consider is what you will be using the machine for, and to identify the machines that have the features that will be helpful for that use. For example, if you want to learn quilting, you could look for specific quilting feet, or a ?” seam foot for sewing narrow seams. If you want to make pairs of jeans, you might need to look for a more robust machine that will be able to plough through those many layers of denim fabric, and has a high lift presser foot so that you can get the fabric under it easily.

  • Speed

Although the fastest speed the machine can operate at is helpful to know, it is also helpful to be able to control that speed when you are learning. When sewing long straight seams, you want to be able to zip through it very quickly. However, when you are sewing around curves, free motion quilting or sewing in a zip, you want to be able to slow down the speed so you can just concentrate on moving and guiding the fabric to meet your task. Check to see how easy is it to control speed, and if the fastest speed is fast enough for you.

  • Features

Many computerised machines have more stitches than you ever knew were possible. However, what is not apparent until you use them, is that you are able to adjust the stitch length and width – this expands the number of stitches you actually have. For example, a zigzag stitch can be adjusted in length and width to be a buttonhole, to appliqué, to finish an edge of a garment or to paint. Adjusting the needle placement is also a feature that is very helpful for using on very narrow seams, top stitching or sewing zippers.

  • Presser Feet & Accessories

Be sure to look at the presser feet and accessories that come with the machine. Some additional presser feet can be very expensive, so if you are looking for something in particular, such as a walking foot or zipper foot, and that is one of the accessories of a machine you are considering, calculate how much you will save by not having to buy that foot. Review all the accessories that come with each machine and decide which is most suitable to your needs.

  • Automation

The various automated features which reduce repetitive tasks cannot be overlooked as they can save you so much time. Automatic needle threaders mean an end to spending 5 minutes trying to thread a machine, especially those of us with not so perfect sight. Auto reverse/lock stitching, and auto thread cutting can also significantly save your time. These features not only save your sanity but allow you to concentrate on making a quality product, by reducing the frustration felt by the repetitive nature of these tasks.

  • Price

Price is important for many reasons, but doesn’t just mean the dollar amount. When you’re a beginning sewist, you want to buy the machine with the features suited to you, at the most reasonable cost. So, you should identify what your needs are, what additional sexy features you want, the reliability of the brand, the warranty, the delivery cost, how it will be serviced and where, and weigh this against the initial price. Of course, we all know the lowest price does not necessarily mean you have the best machine, so consider all aspects of your needs and the life of your machine.


For beginner sewists, the Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine is hard to ignore. The affordable price, extensive features and functionality will get you up and running in the sewing world quickly. The ease of use features such as programmable up/down needle function, auto reverse, auto needle threader, and ability to control the machine’s top speedmeans you can focus on your project rather than getting stuck on basic tasks.

While the market is crowded with a number of machines at a similar price point, the fast stitching speed (850 stitches/minute), extensive stitch selection including basic monogramming, wide table and hard case make it the best computerized sewing machine for a beginner. The Brother brand is highly prized and the 25 year warranty gives peace of mind. This machine’s capabilities and versatility will allow you to explorethe intricacies of dressmaking, alterations, quilting, embroidery, and free style sewing, without breaking the bank.So, whether you’re an aspiring textile artist, make dolls clothes, or are a budding dress designer, this could be the perfect machine for you.

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