Best Sewing Machine – 2018 Purchase Guide

Investing in a sewing machine is something to be done carefully, especially if you are looking for your first sewing machine.  At times, people find it a tough task when looking for the best sewing machine, as there will be a lot of confusion, what to select and what the essential features required important attention are. When you start searching for a sewing machine, you will be amazed to see the number of options available on the market.

It’s exciting to have a lot of choices, but it can also mislead you from choosing the right machine. You must have very clear idea about the type of machine you want to you and how the machine can complement to complete your projects. With us, you will find a lot of information about sewing machines, how you can select a sewing machine and what the essential elements are you need to look for while selecting a sewing machine, and types of machines are suitable for particular projects.  Read further to know more about sewing machines, types and its utilities.

Important factors to consider for buying the best sewing machine

  • Budget comes first

Whenever you are planning to buy anything, not let alone sewing machine, the first and foremost factor is the budget factor.  Once you are sure about the budget, then there onwards, you can go for the features and options. There is no logic in checking on high-end machines if it is beyond what you can afford. Fix a budget and then find the sewingmachine that has the features you need by sticking on to the price range.

If you have a limited budget and still want a slightly expensive machine, one way is to go for a second-handsewing machine. However, make sure that the machine you get is still under warranty. Since most of the sewing machine comes with an extended warranty, finding a pre-owned sewing machine will not be a big issue.  Get the best sewing machine you can afford.

  • The number of stitches required

After fixing a budget then comes the next important factor – the features. Type and number of stitches that a machine can offer are important, but that again depends on your preference. To do all basic projects, you just need to have straight and zigzag stitches. If you rarely use other stitches, then buying a machine with more stitch options are just a waste of money.

It is always good to have a variety of stitch choices, but thereis no point in buying a sewing machine with many stitch options if you are not going to use them at all. However, on the other hand, if you are a person who loves to do various kindsof sewing projects or crafts, a sewing machine with limited stitch options will spoil your skills.

  • Look for Special features

You can find sewing machines with unique features and capabilities. Some high-end sewing machines have excellent features that will help you to carry out almost all types of projects. Automatic features are something ideal to finish your projects with ease; hence, always look for sewing machines with automatic features.

A machine with an automatic cutting feature, let the machine cut the thread at the end of the seam.When you press the start button, the machines lowers the needle and start working. These types of automatic features can save a lot of time and make things easy. Unique layered fabric feeding system is yet another special feature that can ease out your project works.

The standard feeding system does a good job on normal seams. Whereas, when it comes to multiple layers of thick fabric, even the best machine cannot do much. Unique fabric feeding systems are available in high-end machines and workbetter than the walking foot of ordinary machines.

  • Accessories packages are bliss

Although you have made a lifetime investment in your sewing machines, your requirements to do a project never end. You might need a lot of other accessories like presser feet, extra needles, hoops, customizable table and a lot of other kinds of stuff to increase the functionally. Nowadays, most of the machines come with bundles of accessories that has a lot of helping tools you might need.

  • Attachments that come with the machine

It is always good to have some standard attachments that come with your sewing machine. Selections of presser feet, buttonhole maker, blind hem and zipper foot are some of the standard attachments that accompany the machines. Having a walking foot or a freehand embroidery foot if you wish to do freehand quilting in your machine is an add-on advantage. Check for the foot you need and make sure that they either come as astandard attachment or available to buy it separately.

Is it better to buy a sewing machine online?

You are living in an era where everything you want is available online and is just a click away. When it comes to buying your sewing machine, is it okay to buy online? The Answer is a big YES. You can have the advantage of reading detailed product description, check the rating, read through user reviews while buying online.

Whereas when you purchase the machine from a store, you will not get that luxury of knowing about the opinion of others who have bought it. However, online buying can be tricky, and you will not get to see the machine in real before buying it. In most of the online stores, you will have a healthy return policy, which will let you return the goods without any question.

If you have a clear idea about the product what you want to buy, it is always preferable to go for online purchase.

Some Things About Sewing Machine Brand

  • Are sewing machines brands better than another?

As there are a lot of sewing machine brands in themarket, it might be difficult for you to choose the best. All brands are equally good, but some brands shall have better brand image.  Some brands will be very popular in a particular territory.

If you are a brand conscious individual, you will have the product satisfaction, only if you can own that particular brand.  It is a kind of mental conditioning.

However, some brands are economical and offering the best features. Some brands popular as domestic machines, meantime some are famous for heavy duty projects.  You need to select such kind of machine/brand which are popular in your area and that have service outlets, where you can have quick services.

  • How does a brand differentiate itself?

Like any other market, sewing machine market is highly competitive, and hence each brand is competing with other to produce distinctive models. Most of the brands find their unique niche and provide quality service and sell their product with a competitive price tag.

For example, Brother targets the home decor market by manufacturing sewing machines having many features, making it available online and producing different versions of the existing model at an affordable price. The SINGER is also similar to Brother and makes sewing machines that are helpful for beginners and that prepare the users to grow to the next skill level.

  • What are the advantages of best sewing machine brands?

Each brand has their advantages to makes your sewing projects easier. The best SINGER sewing machine gives you quality stitches and helps in completing the tasks quickly. Some other sewing machine brands help you to take your embroidery skills to the next level. You need to pick up a machine according to the sewing advantage you want to have.

If you are a beginner, you are going to love what the best Brother sewing machine or Janome has to offer. Some brands make good mid-range models that are functional and worth the money you spent. If you aspire becoming a professional, investing in a brand like Bernina will be a very good idea. When you choose sewing machine for kids, look for the ones that have safety and automatic features incorporated. Having automatic features can save them from unnecessary chaos.

  • How to find the ‘best’ brand?

While all the Brands feature their product as the ‘best’ one, how do you find the real good product from the long list? Figuring out the best brand can bedone by certain factors like quality, value, functionality, popularity, longevity and service. Unfortunately, no single brand scores well in all the categories.

The best Janome sewing machines score well regarding quality and make models that are quite affordable. Whereas, Juki also make great quality machines but aren’t popularamong people. It is ahabit of low-end brands to make many models that have analmost same set of features with slight differences. Whereas, top-of-the-line models make only a fewmachines as they want to build real qualitymachines. So in short, to find the best brand, you need to understand the true meaning of the term ‘best.’

Consider your budget when choosing a sewing machine

Most of the sewing machine have a wide variety of models with different pricing option as to make sure to meet every user’s individual needs. Beginner level basic models have a pricing below $100. Whereas, professional level sewing machines with heavy-duty strength can cost you over $3,000.

These days, you can shop brothers, Juki, Janome, SINGER and many other brands online for around $300. For this price, you can get basic features and some unique automatic functions. If you want to have something more, you may have to shell out around $500.  At times, online stores offer a seasonal discount, which will be very attractive and it would be better to wait for seasonal discounts.

  • Under 100 dollars

Can you get a sewing machine just for 100 dollars? Yes, you can! If you are a beginner who just entered into the world of sewing or are looking for a machine to advance your skills, you can get the best affordable sewing machine. I would recommend this as the price range to start with if you are a novice in sewing. A sewing machine of this price range is just enough to learn sewing by staying within your budget.

Sewing machines in this price range will have some of the features like up to 35 built-in stitches, reverse sewing button, free arm, etc. In addition, you can find top loading drop-in bobbin, storage compartment, automatic one step buttonhole, high presser foot lifter to make your work easy.  Additional features like automatic bobbin winder, tension adjustable, automatic needle threading and cutting and easy threading system also help to boost your job environment. Brother, SINGER, and Janome have some pretty decent entry level mechanical models under $100.

  • Between 100-200 dollars

Now coming to the $100-$200 range, some excellent sewing machines target the sewers who consider sewing more than a hobby. In this price range, there is a shift from mechanical machines to versatile computerized models.  The machines showcase a perfect balance of power and features. The best sewing machine under $200 gets unique features, attractive accessories package, decorative and alphanumeric stitches, oversized table, quilting feet and some extras.

  • Between 200-500 dollars

If you are an intermediate sewer or a beginner who would like to expand skills and to invest in a high quality, sewing machine, the under $500 range suits you the best. The sewing machine between 200-500 dollars comes with plenty of built-in stitches that is helpful for a wide variety of projects.

However, built-in stitches must not be the main criteria if you don’t plan to use them. Automatic thread tension, drop in bobbin, automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, one-step buttonhole, memory for storing pattern sequences, awide variety of stitch patterns, drop feed and other features for free motion quilting are some of the features that you can find in this price range.Janome, Bernina, Juki and Brother have some of the excellent models you can grab for this price range.

  • Between 500-1000 dollars

The sewing machine between 500-1000 dollars is nothing short than a professional machine at a much lower price. You get 400-600 stitches, different stylesof buttonholes, various other quilting features, embroidery functionalities, pattern memorization and a lot more. Some models from SINGER make the best sewing machine for this price range.

Electronic or computerized machines?

A sewing machine can be classified mainly into 3 types- mechanical, electrical or computerized. Here we shall discussabout electric and computerized machines.

  • Electronic sewing machines

Electronic sewing machines are an upgrade of simple mechanical machines that run on electricity. The best electric sewing machine offers a lot of utilities and stitches, other features except embroidery. They come with an LCD screen that helps you to customize your stitches.

Electronic machines are efficient than mechanical machines as they have electronic settings to control the precision and speed of the stitch. Electronic machines are ideal for beginners who have a little knowledge about sewing. It is perfect for semi-regular usage and perfect for all basic projects.

  • Computerized Sewing machines

Computerized machines are the professional and expensive style of models. They are rich with many automatic features, a little amount of pre-programmed features and do excellent embroidery. Certain high-end models also read memory card that has patterns so that you can save those to your machine’s memory. The computerized sewing machine is packed with a lot of convenient features and save your valuable time.

Some machines come with hundreds of different stitches that include both symbols and letters. The varieties in stitches give you numerous possibilities to be creative with your sewing projects. With computerized machines, you have more speed control over the functioning of the machine.

There was a time when there weren’t many choices for enthusiastic sewers. Mechanical sewing machines were the only ones available, and sewers didn’t have much choice. However, the time changed and there came various types of sewing machines with lots and lots of features. Although computerized machines are the top-of-the-line machines, the best machine may vary according to your sewing needs. There are a few factors that help you to find which type of machine is good for you.

Consider the Sewing projects you do

  • Embroidery sewing machine

Buying the best embroidery sewing machineis a considerable investment, and you need to think from a technical perspective to choose the right one. With advancements in technology, scanning patterns, programming and making designs are functions of home embroidery machines. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to operate these machines as they are very user-friendly. There are 3 levels of embroidery machines – the entry level, theintermediate and advanced level having 5 x 5, 6 x 8 and 7 x 12 maximum design dimensions in inches.

  • Serger sewing machine

A serger is a fast sewing professional machine that has been using to make overcast stitches.It is made by sewing over and over the fabric to enclose the raw edges. Finally, it trims off the extra seams, all within a single step. Garment sewers are fond of sergers. The best serger sewing machinemakes knits with ease and creates durable seams.Even if you don’t sew clothes, a serger can be of high use of you do home sewing projects like making pillows or curtains.

  • Quilting machine

Quilting is a social skill and having the best quilting sewing machineis crucial for every quilter regardless of their skill level. Before buying a quilter, evaluate the reason why you want to buy it. If you take quilting very seriously, you would need to invest in an expensive machine thatis less expensive as they might not be more durable than the former.Bernina, Brother, SINGER, Elna and Janome has excellent quilting machines for every quilter. Do your homework and choose a suitable machine that matches your needs and your budget.

  • Heavy duty sewing machine

Not every sewer needs to have a heavy duty machine to meet daily sewing needs. The best heavy duty sewing machine is the one thatcomes equipped with industrialstrength and power. If you want to have a sewing machine with morepower, durability, and strength to meet your hectic sewing needs, go for a heavy duty machine. Heavy duty machines are guaranteed to give you a stable sewing experience.

Consider the User Levels

When you want to buy a sewing machine, the first thing you need to evaluate is your skill level. There is no point in the purchase of a machine that doesn’t support your sewing skills. Don’t spend a fortune on thefullyfeature-packed sewing machine, if you are just a beginner. Buy a sewing machine with very few features until you are ready for advanced features.

  • For beginners

The best beginner sewing machines are the ones that help the novice sewers to nurture and develop their skills. It must also have user-friendly features like one-step buttonhole and automatic needle threader. If you are acomplete beginner who wants to buy your first sewing machine, it is good to start with a mechanical machine or an electric one. If you are a tech-savvy and would like to invest in some computerized models that are good for beginners. Brother, Juki, and SINGER have some of the good models that have every essential feature for beginners.

  • For intermediate sewers

If you are an intermediate sewer, you need a slightly better machine that performs well in various areas. It must be able to handle every type of material and be able to sew through multiple layers of fabric. The machinemusthave fast sewing speed, quality stitches, and some essential automatic advanced feature. The best intermediate sewing machinemust also be sturdy and sews fast than the beginner level machines which can help you to complete projects within less time.

  • For advanced sewers

The bestadvanced sewing machinesare the machines that target higher-level sewers, and hence the machine must be really top-of-line. It must be easy to operate, but at the same time, it must have professional quality. However, when you’re going to buy the advanced machine, you need to spend a little more. Advanced sewing machines also cover combination machines that can do both basic sewing and embroidery.

Consider the Age of Sewer

When choosing a sewing machine, the age of the sewer is a major factor that you need to consider. Small kids who are not that much skillful must start with a mechanical machine, and when they advance to middle school or above, they can upgrade to computerized machines.

  • Sewing Machine For kids

When you want to buy your kid’s first sewing machine, you must look for more details. It has to have anattractive design, bright colors and compact size that is ideal for young sewers. However, the biggest problem is if its look like a toy, there are greater chances for it to work as a toy. Not all machines designed for kids are good.

It is imperative to look for kid-friendly features like automatic needle threader, easy load bobbin and easy to operate. Since kids don’t have steady hands like an adult, the automatic features shall be very much helpful to complete their projects. Also, you must not forget to look for safety features like special scissors, finger guards, and speed control. Make sure that you are buying a tool to enhance your kid’s sewing skills instead of a toy. Janome and Brother have some of the best kid’s sewing machinemodels.

  • Sewing Machine For 6-7 Year Old

You cannot expect a child of this age to start with a computerized machine.There are specialized toy machines in the market that will help the kids to star with learning about sewing. Watch them playingwiththe machines and find whether they have arealinterest in sewing or not. It is also a good way to teach them the basics of a sewing machine. There are many best sewing machines for 6-7 years from Singer, which is not a great sewing tool but a great teaching tool for kids of this age.

  • Sewing Machine For 8-9 Year Old

Children of this age will be able to read and write properly, and they are ready to work on a real mechanical sewing machine. There are some best sewing machines for 8-9 yearsthat teaches the kids to thethread and wind the bobbin. There will also be stitch selections and easy to follow insertion process that helps your kids to learn the basics. There are various choices in this category with different prices.

  • Sewing MachineFor 10 Year Old

Thebest sewing machine for 10 yearswill be a great investment for your young sewer. You can find many sewing machines suitable for children of 10 years old. You need to skillfully select the right machine based on your budget and project scope. You have to purchase a machinebased on the initial skill level of your child; otherwise, there are high chances that the child cannot use the machine much. Choose a lightweight and portablemachinefor your kid because it would makeit easier for them for carrying to their sewing class.

  • Sewing Machine For Teenagers

When you choose the best sewing machine for teenagers, you can upgrade your choices frommechanical to computerizedmachines. Children of this age level are a little more matured than other age groups and hence will be able to handle technology better. Having many automatic functions will fascinate them and at the same time make their projects easy and fun filled.

Best Sewing Machines Based On Types Of Fabrics

The sewing projects you like the most are the important factor that determines the features you have to look for on your sewing machine. If you like making adress with a particular machine, your machine must have specific functionalities that make your job easy. If you are interested in making bags from versatile fabric, the machine you choose must be able to sew through that fabric with ease. So let’s discuss machines that can handle different types of materials.

  • Best denim sewing machine

Best denim sewing machines are heavy-duty machines that are durable and can handle thick fabrics like denim. There are no specific machines for denim fabric sewing, but they are heavy duty machine capable of handling thick materials easily. Nowadays some machines aren’t labeled “Heavy Duty”but still can handle heavier fabrics.

However, heavy duty machines are rather different from beginner level sewing machines. Most of the beginner level machines will be able to do a hemming for denim materials, but the ease of working through layers of fabric would be absent. They will also have strong and sharp needles designed especially for thicker fabrics. You need to check for a strong motor, leveling button and extra high presser foot lift in a heavy duty machine.

  • Best jeans sewing machine

If you have ever tried making a pair of jeans, you would know the essential features the best jeans sewing machine must have. It must have thread tensioner, variable feet, presser foot height adjustments, and stable workspace so that stitches are made perfect and stitch length variations. These factors are not area must when you work with thin fabrics.

However, when you work with thick jeans material, these features will help you to handle the fabric much easier by saving time.The machine must also have a high-speed per minute so as to make professional stitches faster, as the machine is heavy duty, quick sewing will not cause skipped stitches and doesn’t compromise its quality.

  • Best leather sewing machine

The best leather sewing machineis also a heavy duty machine that not only makes professional looking stitches but makes sure that leather holds together once the job completed. Most of the machines that are capable of sewing through leather come with a higher price tag than the regular sewing machines.

Thread tension is the most important part when you work with leather as tighter stitches can lead to the breaking of the thread. The needles also have to sharp and strong at the same time otherwise; you might end up jamming your machine. You have to check the needle quality before starting the project constantly.You will find both residential and heavy duty sewing machines for leather sewing.

However, the residential machines have limitations regarding the leather thickness. They can handle theonly thickness of about 3/16”, whereas heavy duty machines have more capabilitieslike a powerful motor and the ability to stick different leather materials of various thicknesses. The average price for a leather sewing machine can be around $500, and it can go up to $1500 if you want to own a top-of-the-line machine.

Choose Sewing Machine Based On The Usage Type

  • Home use sewing machine

Choose a basic machine that handles both clothing and crafts projects as well, when you are planning to use the sewing machine for domestic sewing purpose. Professional stitch quality, varieties of stitches, pattern memory, automatic features, thread tension adjustment, stitch length adjustment and probability are something to look for in the best residential sewing machine.You need not have to invest in an expensive machine if it is your very first machine. After getting familiarized with a sewing machine, you can always advance to higher level machines.

  • Industrial sewing machine

Industrial sewing machines are ideal for people who are planning to indulge in sewing crafts that regular machine cannot handle. In such scenario, it is time to look for the best industrial sewing machine. They just offer atremendous amount of power and the speed your desire. Professional industrial sewing machines can help you with quilting, making purses and bags, shoes and even drapes. You will get what you want in Brothers Signer and Juki. Juki has a wide range of industrial machines packed with powerful features.

Hope you must have enjoyed reading the essential information on sewing machines!The best sewing machine is a tricky term as it is not universal. It comes in different sizes and shapes and varies according to your sewing needs. Use this home page to choose the right machine for you to complete your dream project. Clicking on the responsive keywords will take you to the exclusive pages/section where you can have detailed information about the product or services what you want to know further.

Contact us with your valued feedback and write to us for any product clarifications. We are happy to assist you and offer our best services.  Your feedbacks are important to us, which will help us to refine the production information, with regular updates.

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