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How to Fix Holes in Jeans Inner Thigh

Anyone who wears jeans on a fairly regular basis knows how fast the inner thighs get ripped or frayed. Never mind the fact that you don’t really use that area of your body that much; the inner thigh seems to be the weakest point in any pair of jeans. However, you’ll be glad also to know that fixing holes in jeans inner thigh is really easy and quick with a sewing machine or even by hand, as you shall see here.

How to Fix Holes in Jeans Inner Thigh

Fixing those embarrassing inner thigh rips and frays is easy with some pins, a sewing machine, some matching or neutral-colored denim thread, and a patch if you need to use It. With all these requirements met, begin by mapping out the area that has a hole and put some safety pins across, leaving some allowance on both ends.

Place your jeans into the sewing machine and make sure the presser foot is set to accommodate the pins.  Sew horizontal lines in parallel with the length of the hole on high tension and secure the patchwork with additional stitches going vertically. Make sure you sew the stitches as close as possible, probably on the lowest possible stitch length (say a 2 or 3 at most depending on your machine).

The second method involves using a patch of the same color or any other you might have depending on your preference. That said, it’s best if you can get a denim patch of the same color to disguise the patch and have the jeans look as good as new. Fold the patch material on the edges for a cleaner look if you are sewing it on the front and sew it over the hole with matching thread.

You can even go for a decorative patch if you don’t mind being a little creative with the patchwork and a bold end product much like the Japanese Sachiko and denim mending culture. Alternatively, you could also get any type of patch you can get your hands on and sew it on the inside but still maintain a decent amount of style to the jeans. White or black cotton patches sewn on the inside can work great if sewn well.

Steps to Fix Holes in Jeans Inner Thigh

A more practical way to approach a repair job such as this is to have some kind of method that takes you from point A (damaged jeans with a hole in the inner thigh) to point B (a repaired pair of jeans that looks good as new and wearable).

Step 1- preparing your jeans for repair

Ok, it might sound like stating the obvious, but you do need to have the jeans cleaned to make it easier for you when sewing. Go ahead and trim any frayed thread or material on the hole. This will make it super-easy to do a decent stitching job and prevent further damage to the damaged part in the future.

Step 2- mapping the hole/ripped part

Inner thigh rips or holes can be hard to pin down, especially if they are further up or have been left unrepaired and expanded to reach the seam. Try and map out the entire hole or ripped part and attach some mapping pins across the entire hole (vertically). Ensure you pinch both parts of the hole together when attaching the safety pins.

You can also avoid the safety pins entirely if you don’t like having them in your way while sewing, or your machine doesn’t allow you to sew with them on the fabric. You also won’t need to attach the pins if you plan on stitching the hole by hand as opposed to a sewing machine

Step 3-choosing the right thread

Choosing the right thread for the repair job will go a long way in enhancing the finished job and how long the patch or repair job will last. It’s advisable, if possible, to find matching or neutral-colored poly-cotton thread. It will not only blend in with the surrounding areas but hold up for much longer than normal cotton thread.

Step 5- stitching the hole shut

The most important part involves the actual sewing/stitching job. Prepare your threads and remember to have the same thread on both the main top thread and the bottom thread on the bobbin. Place the jeans into position with the hole in parallel with the direction you will be sewing. Choose a neat zigzag or straight stitch pattern with a short stitching distance and high tension. Sew along the hole one or two times.

Next, remove the safety pins if you had attached them and turn the jeans so that the gap is now horizontally aligned with the direction you are sewing. Sew some vertical lines across the previous sewing line to reinforce the repair job to complete the job.

How To Apply A Patch To A Hole In Jeans Inner Thigh

The previous method works perfectly with small holes or those that are long but not too wide in diameter. However, larger holes or those that are circular may require a patch to be fully repaired. If you need to apply a patch to repair holes in jeans inner thighs, you can follow these simple steps.

Find a denim patch of similar material and color to your jeans if you want it on the outside or a different type and color if you want it on the inside. Prepare the patch by trimming it and removing any frayed thread on the ends.

You can also turn the edges, iron them and even sew them to make the patch neater and. Sewing some zigzags along the edge of the patch will also work to prevent fraying and for aesthetic purposes

Assuming you had prepared the hole by trimming it to a nice, neat shape, you can either place the patch in place using fusion web or just hold it in place with some safety pins. If the patch is on the inside of the jeans, it’s better and easier to sew with the jeans turned inside out.

Next, you just need to place your pair of jeans on the sewing machine and do some straight or zigzag stitches across the patch, attaching it to the jeans and covering the hole. Note that sewing across the entire patch is advisable as it makes the repair job more durable.  And that is how you fix an inner thigh hole in a pair of jeans.

Related Questions

Why do my jeans keep ripping in the inner thigh?

As mentioned at the beginning, inner thigh holes or fraying is quite common in jeans trousers. It all comes down to the underlying structure of the denim material and the movement of the thigh area as you walk or run. Jeans or denim may be structurally tough but quite weak when subjected to a lot of friction and constant rubbing. The movement of the thighs and consequent friction created will almost certainly cause you jeans to fray on the inner thigh over time.

How do I stop my inner thighs from ripping?

To prevent your inner thighs from ripping, you first need to ensure that you buy the correct sized jeans. This will reduce the amount of strain on your inner thigh area as you walk.

Secondly, ensure that you reduce the number of times you wash your pair of jeans and use the right denim detergent. Jeans can be washed less frequently as compared to other fabrics since they don’t retain much dirt or grease.

You should ensure that you turn your jeans inside out when washing them and reduce the amount of time you take to dry them either in the sun or using a dryer. Too much heat or direct sunlight lessens the lifespan of your denim.  Lastly, it might seem a bit weird or even crazy to some, but it has been proven that wearing boxers for men or slips for ladies with jeans prevents ripping in the thigh area.

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