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How To Fix Your Ripped Jeans That Ripped Too Much

Believe it or not, ripped jeans are a fashion staple. It was not long ago that ripped jeans came into existence and became a fashion trend. From the little chiseled threads of denim to a whole torn apart style, ripped jeans have evolved over time.

But some ripped jeans are not intentional; they are accidental. There are instances where you accidentally get your jeans ripped. And wearing a jean which is ripped from the wrong area is not fashionable at all, and rather embarrassing.

There are plenty of things that you can do about your ripped jeans that is ripped way too much. In this article, I will be highlighting some of the best and efficient ways to fix your ripped jeans and use it as a brand new one.

How To Fix Your Ripped Jeans That Ripped Too Much

The best way to fix your ripped jeans is to patch it up with a sewing machine using a similar fabric. You need to cut off the affected area and turn the jeans inside out to start the process. Cut the patch size accordingly and jam it on the jeans using a hot iron. Stitch the joined patch on the jeans. Finally, trim the edge to ensure efficiency, and you are got to go.

There are plenty of ways that you can think about fixing your ripped jeans. It is not necessary to visit your tailor every now and then with your problems. If you have got the right way to go about it, fixing ripped jeans is a matter of time and effort.

How To Fix A Ripped Jeans Without The Visible Patch?

If you have ripped your favorite pair of jeans and you are not interested in fixing it with a patch, you can do more that can help.

First, you need to assess the torn area. If the tear is against the seam, you can fix it easily. If it is against the grain, it would be a little strenuous. But, either way, you can get it fixed.

Use a different sewing technique to fix. Start from the end of the tear and take the stitch through the material. Knot it at the end of the thread and continue this till the length of the tear. This will give your jeans a stronger hold as well.

How To Fix Ripped Jeans With Hand?

You can fix your ripped jeans with hands as well. All you need is to go all conventional with the sewing techniques. For this, you need a needle, thread, scissors, and of course, a hot iron.

Fixing ripped jeans with hands is simple, but it requires a lot of work. You need to start by cutting off the frayed edges, then start sewing up the jeans with hands from inside.

In the end, use a hot iron to make your hand stitch more firm. The hot iron will seal the jeans and smooth the creases as well.

Steps To Fixing Your Ripped Jeans

Step 1. Clean The Area

First, you need to clean the affected area and cut off the edges to prepare your jeans for the stitch.

Step 2. Turn It Inside Out

The stitching and patching will be done from inside to avoid the inefficiency. So, next, you need to turn your jeans.

Step 3. Fit Your Fabric Patch

The patch that you took for the stitching, it’s time to fix it over the ripped area. The patch should be large enough to cover the damaged area.

Step 4. Prepare For Hot Iron

Now you need to position your jeans on the iron board in a way that you can see the board through the hole. Maintain distance between both the legs of the jeans.

Step 6. Join The Patch

Take the iron and jam it over the patch. Apply enough pressure just to make the hold stronger. You must hold the iron over the patch for a few seconds.

Step 7. Sew It

Once the patch area is cool, you can start off with the stitching process. Make sure to stitch inside out in the zig-zag pattern so that the patch won’t come out.

Step 8. Iron It Again

At last, keep your iron at steam and apply the heat for one last time over the patch to seal the area. Cut the excess thread from the jeans, and your old jeans will be ready in a new avatar.

Tips To Fix Your Ripped Jeans And Make It Awesome Again!

You cannot give up your favorite jeans just because it got ripped. So, you must try everything in this world to make it lively again. Now that you have learned to fix it with the sewing machine and hand stitch, here are a few tips that you can use to make your jeans better than ever.

Attach Patches With Different Shapes

Ripped jeans are the best way to kindle your creativity and make your jeans attractive. Rather than adding the patch of the same shape and size, you can go for store-bought patches that are available in different shapes. Experiment with different shapes and add quirk to your jeans via repairing it.

Do The Embroidery Stitching

If you have several holes in your jeans, you can try embroidery stitching. It will give your jeans a brand new and chic look that would not be possible otherwise. Either you can contact your tailor, or use any Youtube tutorial to start the embroidery stitching. A decorative and attractive clothing patch on your jeans will make it look different from the others.

Use Drawing Stitches To Cover The Ripped Area

As mentioned above, you can use hand stitching as well to fix your ripped jeans, so instead of stitching it, you can use drawing stitches. It is a hand stitching technique wherein you stitch in different patterns to make it look like design rather than a torn area. This might take a little time, but it’s certainly worth a try. If you are not sure about this, you can ask your tailor to take up the job.

Patch It With Lace

Lace is a decorative fabric that people add on their apparel to give an alluring look. You can use the lace patch to cover your ripped area. This way, you can turn your jeans into a brand new one with lace patches. Take the lace fabric, cut it in the right shape, and patch it from inside of the jeans.

Cut Away The Portion And Patch It With Fabric

To add more quirk to your jeans, you can think about patching it with a different patch of different colors that contrast with your jeans. Go for fabrics that can be easily highlighted on your jeans. Pick vibrant colors when you are choosing the fabric. Cutaway the ripped area and patch the fabric from inside.

Related Questions

What Are The Factors To Consider While Fixing Your Ripped Jeans With Stitching?

There are plenty of things that you need to remember when you are fixing your ripped jeans. According to the above-mentioned approach, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Cut the patch appropriately, and it should be larger or smaller than the affected area.
  • The hot iron you are using to stick the patch on the jeans must not be too hot to burn the jeans.
  • Start stitching only if you know how to stitch jeans; else, you can seek assistance from a professional tailor.

Can You Just Stick the Patch on the Ripped Area And Skip Stitching?

A hot iron can definitely not hold the patch on the jeans. If you are looking for an alternative other than stitching, you can use any hot glue to join the patch. For this step, you need to be very careful with the shape and size of the patch as you won’t be able to trim anything.

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