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How To Remove Jeans Button Without Breaking It

Removing jeans buttons which are sewn-on are comparatively manageable than taking off metal rivet-style buttons. These latter types of buttons are designed that way to bear pressure and still be secure. Stay with us to know how you can remove the button without breaking it.

How To Remove Jeans Button Without Breaking It?

You can remove the button of your jeans without breaking it by using appropriate tools and techniques. You can pry the button apart with the help of pliers. You have to force the button apart by gripping each side of it using a pair of pliers. The process will require two pairs of it, one to hold the rivet side firmly in place and other to grip the button.

Read on to learn in detail how to remove the button from jeans without breaking it using the method mentioned above. We will also discuss a few more things related to it in the later sections. Without further delay, let us move ahead.

How To Remove Your Jeans Button By Prying Apart The Button

If you want to remove the button of your jeans without breaking it, for any purpose, then this method is best suited for you. Let us take a look at it.


  • Pliers (two pair)
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1: Tightly grip the button side with one pair of pliers and the rivet side with another.

Step 2: If the button is screwed together, try twisting it to remove it.

Step 3: If the button is hammered together, you have to try pulling them to remove it from the jeans.

Step 4: You can also hold the button with the pliers and push the rivet side with the screwdriver. A leveraging motion will help you loosen the rivet, which will help you pull the two sides apart.

How To Remove The Button Of Your Jeans By Cutting It

It is one of the easiest methods of removing a button from the jeans. However, this process damages the buttons. If you think that breaking the button is no big deal, then you can try it once. Let us take a look at the process.

Requirements: Combination pliers or wire cutters

Step 1: Place the jeans so that the back rivet and the inside of the waistband face you.

Step 2: Now, slide one pliers’ cutting edges or the wire cutter along with the waistband.

You can choose from either the pliers or wire cutter according to the availability. The pliers, have a grip area at the nose. Below it is an indented cutting edge. Though wire cutters are similar in built, they lack the gripping.

Step 3: You have to squeeze the pliers together. It will make the opposite cutting edge also slide under the rivet. You will have to put as much force as possible to cut through the button’s post part.

Step 4: Remove the button’s two sides from the waistband.

How To Replace A Button On Your Jeans?

Now that you know how to remove your bottom wear button, you might also want to replace it with a new one. That is why we have listed below a process to replace the button of your pair of jeans. Let us browse through it.


  • Button
  • Tack
  • Hammer

Step 1: First, you have to put your jeans on a table with front-side up .

Step 2: Now, unzip the chain

Step 3: Open the bottom wear at the waistband to see the hole where you have to place the button.

Step 4: Now, hold the waistband at the hole and turn it over to see the hole.

Step 5: Put the tack from behind and the button on top of it.

Step 6: Put a flat work surface, like a piece of wood, a cutting board, beneath the tack, and between the front and back of the jeans.

Step 7: Take a hammer to pound onto the tack. It would be best to take a small hammer or mallet to prevent the button from breaking.

Step 8: You can use a pair of pliers to hold the button in place.

Step 9: Now, you can test the button by buttoning it and ensuring it is set and secure.

How to Replace A Button Of Your Jeans With A Regular Button With Holes

Not just a metallic rivet-style button, but you can also replace it with a regular type. This type of button is appropriate for jeans that do not have a standard-sized buttonhole. However, you have to make a thread shank to work on thick materials such as a pair of jeans.

Now, you might be wondering what a thread shank is? It is a threaded stem that will enable the button to stand up from the jeans’ waistband like a mushroom. Doing it is necessary to allow ample space for the other side of the buttonhole waistband so that the button and fabric perfectly fit.


  • Regular button with holes
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Toothpick or skewer or large tapestry needle (an item that has one pointed end)

Step 1: First, you have to choose a button that easily fits through the buttonhole. It would be best to test the fitting by pushing the button through the hole.

Step 2: We are illustrating the method with a large toothpick. It should be as thick as one side of the buttonhole.

Step 3: Now, you have to thread the needle with thread that is of a quadrupled length. It would be best to use a thread that matches the color of your pair of jeans.

Step 4: Cut a thread as long as your wingspan, which is the length from one fingertip to the other. Then, fold it in half.

Step 5: Now, put the thread through the needle’s eye and even it up to have the two cut ends a little longer than the fold.

Step 6: Make one small stitch on the waistband’s back.

Step 7: You need to run the needle through the thread loop.

Step 8: You have to pull the thread tightly. Then trim the thread’s two cut ends close to the material.

Step 9: Run the needle through to the waistband’s outer side and through one of the holes in the button.

Step 10: You have to place the toothpick above the button and between the holes.

Step 11: Put the needle above the toothpick and stitch down through the waistband.

Step 12: Now, pull the toothpick out and run the needle between the button and waistband.

Step 13: Pull the button away from the waistband and wind the thread four times around the thread, holding the button. Cut the string after securing it. And you are done.

Can You Reuse A Jeans Button?

Yes, you can reuse the button if it has come out unharmed. You will find several types of it, and they are not supposed to come out quickly. However, if it has, and it looks like a new unbroken button which you had brought to replace it, then you can go ahead and try only the front part. However, you have to take a new tack for the inner part.

Why Do Jeans Have Rivets?

Jeans mostly use rivets styled buttons to secure the waistband and prevent the pants from falling off. These are designed to deal with a lot of pressure, and movement, yet remain stable and secure. It helps the fabric stay together and helps the jeans to last longer. These buttons do not come off quickly and have to be applied a lot of force with appropriate tools to take them apart.

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