How to Sew a Button with a Sewing Machine

This may sound simple, but sewing a button may be one of the most daunting tasks for you. It requires complete knowledge about how to position a needle below the holes in the button. A little mistake and it can be a painful experience for you.

Many people hurt themselves while trying to sew the buttons. Many people find it a tedious task. First you need to put the thread into the needle and then put the needle in the buttonholes in order to fix them perfectly. What if you could do it with the sewing machine? Yes, it is a great idea buy how to do that? Let’s find out the method of sewing button with a sewing machine.

Collect everything you need while sewing the buttons

Before you start sewing the buttons, collect everything you may need. It is how you can finish the sewing job quickly without messing up with the process. It would be very easy to sew the buttons using a sewing machine. However, you will also need some special tools and materials to complete the process. Those things are as follows:

  • The fabric on which you want to attach the buttons
  • Buttons
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread or other kind of button attachment and some tape

Gather all these things before you start the sewing work and the further process will get a lot easier for you.

Apply the tape or button attachment:

Slide the button attachment against the sewing machine foot, if you are using it. Hence every sewing machine is different; some may require the removal of sewing machine foot before you apply the button attachment. You can find the guide for the type of sewing machine you are using. Use that guide to know whether or not you should remove the foot.

In case you are not using the button attachment, use a tape to keep the button on the targeted place. It will help you in keeping both of your hands away from the needle otherwise you will have to hold the buttons by your fingers.

Prefer zigzag stitching type with zero stitching width:

The real fun starts here. You have set the buttons over the cloth and it is on a right place. Now is the time to check the position of the needle. We will check it but before that check the stitching pattern. You must set the stitch type to zigzag and stitching width should be zero. It is important to set the zigzag stitching pattern because thus the needle will stitch through different holes. The stitching width should be zero because that’s how the needle will sew properly otherwise it may collide with the firm portion of the button. So, ensure these small things before starting stitching.

Ensure stitch width is perfect:

Once all the settings are done, now is the time to check the actual sewing width of the machine. Use the hand crank to move the sewing machine slowly and check where the needle is going down. You will know the point where the needle will stitch and use can use it to adjust the stitching width. Keep enhancing the stitching width until you get the needle at the right position. The modern sewing machines come with button stitching settings, so use that setting to set a proper stitching width.

Remove the feed dogs:

Every sewing machine comes with feed dogs, which are used to move the fabric while sewing the clothes and other sort of fabric. Hence you want to stitch the buttons, there is no need of feed dogs. These components will displace the button from targeted position with the fabric and then you will have to restart the whole stitching process. So, don’t let it happen, drop the feed dogs, and then continue with the process. The modern sewing machines automatically remove the feed dogs as the user selects button stitching feature. You should use that feature if you are using a modern sewing machine.

Set the button on a right position:

Whether you are stitching the buttons to add a unique design or simply to have perfect closure, spot the right position of the button over the fabric. Set the button on the garment by using a removable marker. Point out where you want to attach the button and then start stitching. It will help you in avoiding stitching the buttons on a wrong position.

Stitch the button:

Now you are all set to start stitching the button. Begin the stitching process slowly to ensure everything is going fine. Once you are sure that the sewing machine is stitching the button at the right width and in an appropriate pattern, stitch it fast. The button will get attached perfectly and thus you can finish the stitching work pretty fast.

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