How to Sew a Zipper with a Sewing Machine

Sewing a zipper is a fairly simple task. However, you may find it daunting if you are a beginner because it requires good practice. It may take some time to learn how to use the sewing machine and other resources to sew perfectly.

You should have good patience and determination. A little practice and sewing will become a handy job for you. Learning how to sew the zipper is quite beneficial because it will help you in the doing minor repairs and also in the DIY projects. So, let’s find out how to sew a zipper by using a sewing machine.

Do the necessary preparation:

First of all you should collect everything you need to sew the zipper. Start sewing through the edge where you are planning to place the zipper on the fabric. Do not end up by buying a zipper that is too large or small for your project. To ensure you have bought a right size zipper, wash it and let it dry. See if it shrinks and gets smaller. If it shrinks, then you may need a new one.

Once you have got a right size zipper, iron the fabric part of the zipper. It should be flat otherwise you will face problems in sewing it. Now prepare small size chunks of lightweight fusible. 1” strips would be the best for sewing the zippers. These strips should not be longer than the seam. The fusible is necessary only for those fabrics which are too thin or fragile. The Fusible offers a better strength. Use the directions of fusible interfacing to insert it in the seam area.

Starting the sewing process:

Start the sewing process by stitching along the edge where you are planning to place the zipper. Sew perfectly to keep seam allowances same as it is over the remaining fabric. Though the basting stitch would be temporary, it will help you in keeping the seam on the right place. It is important to keep the seam allowance pieces flat and open. So, iron the seam open before you move further into the sewing process. Once everything is done, now is the time to set the zipper and sew it. How would you make sure that the zip is at the targeted position while sewing? You can ensure it by pinning the zipper into the targeted place.

Keep the zipper close and then install it. The top of the zipper should be slightly above the top line of the garment. There is no need to worry if the zipper is a bit longer and extending below the end of the seam. You can remove the excess zipper if it will spoil the charm of the resultant product. Now is the time to sew it over the garment. Start sewing by using the basting stitches. These are easy to remove stitches and used only to keep the fabric and the zipper in the right position.

Sew the zipper through all the layers of the fabric:

Now is the time to apply the final stitches before it get too delayed. Turn on your sewing machine and use the right color thread to make the zipper look a natural part of the fabric. Start sewing from the top to bottom of the one end of the zipper and then do the same from the other end. This is how you can fix the zipper permanently to the targeted fabric. Do not forget to put a line of stitches around the bottom of the seam. These stitches will prevent the zip from going any further.

Removing the basting stitches:

The professionals use the seam ripper to remove the basting stitches. You should also do the same. Visit the nearest shop and get the seam rippers. First remove those stitches, which were used to keep the zipper on the right position. If it is removed, the remaining basting stitches will come out quite easily. The teeth of zipper below the fabric will get open and that is normal. Be sure you have not removed any permanent stitch while removing the basting stitches. Secure the removed permanent stitches, if it happened.

Check how well the zipper is working:

Now the sewing process is over and no more stitches. The only thing remaining is to check how good the zipper is working. It would be a bit frustrating if the zipper is not stitched perfectly on the targeted location. You will have to use the seam ripper again to remove all the permanent stitches and reinstall the zipper.

Therefore, proper preparation is important. We have shared a comprehensive guide on how to ensure you have bought the right product to use with your project. Check that guide in the beginning and you will never make a mistake. So, try this process now.

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