Brother 1034D Serger Review

Serger or overlock sewing machines are using to join the seams in sewn materials. Gone are the days when only sewing machines were used to serve the purpose of stitching. With the growing trend in the fashion industry, a perfect finishing plays an import role in making a purchase decision. Hence, Serger sewing machine plays a vital role in the fashion industry.

For people who expect a little more in precision and on the lookout for a user-friendly sewing machine, look no further beyond Brother 1034D Serger. Brother International Corporation is a well-known leading supplier of advanced home sewing and embroidery products. This company is famous for its state-of-the-art, high-quality machines, and accessories, providing ease of use and flexibility at affordable rates.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Easy to thread using 3/4 function
  • Color coding and numbering makes threading easy
  • Affordable price
  • Functional Presser foot
  • High performance and professional finishing
  • Offers 3 or 4 threads to create stitches


  • Rolled hem cannot use on all fabrics

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Features and specification

The Brother 1034D Sergeris user-friendly and reliable machine comes with three or four thread sergers. Priced about $215the 1034D Serger is great value for money. It has 22 different stitch functions and interchangeable Snap-On creative foot. The alternatives available in stitch are 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow hem and Serger with ribbon lock sewing features.

The distinctive fabric feed in Brother 1034D Serger assists you to attain better stitch quality and a perfect even, professional finish on any thin stretchy fabrics as well. With the lower looping threading set-up and color-coded upper thread guides, threading is easy. In addition, the inclusive Snap-On Presser foot facilitates a swift and smooth transition to each required stitch. Brother 1034D can use for finishing the hems and edges, as well as to add ruffles and attractive edges.

  • Easy threading

The Brother 1034D Serger has user-friendly, color-coded lay-in threading. The looper threading feature in the lower half has designed in such a way that the thread remains in its rightful position. The threading diagram on the inside cover is actually very easy to follow, and correct.

Rethreading on this machine is easy and fast; hence you don’t have to worry even if the thread is getting low. It threads easily and with ease plows through denim and thick fleece. The 3/4 thread Serger gives professional edge finishing on a variety of fabrics including linens, knits, and formal wear. You can design decorative edges, ruffles, gathers, join laces, spaghetti straps, serge narrow sleeves and much more with this Serger!

  • Versatile stitch options

You have a choice to choose from 22 in-built stitch functions 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow hem, blind hem, flatlock stitches and ribbon lock stitches. The Serger also have additional options for formal wears and bridal wear fabrics. You can also find decoration sewing features that are suitable for home décor works.

Other combinations are the reinforced tape sewing and heirloom stitching. The overlock machine can easily use for pajama bottom locking, serging napkin edges, doing the lock works on flat seams, frilly skirts, and decorative stitches. The adjustments to do different styles of finish are also relatively easy.

  • Differential fabric feed

The differential fabric feed assists in improving the stitch quality on almost all different fabric types like knitted, thin or stretchy fabrics. This feature is specifically useful while sewing knitted, thin or stretchy fabrics. Another important factor is, with this differential feed, you can stitch on fabrics irrespective of its thickness and work on stripes evenly. The ratio of differential feed is 0.7 to 2.0

  • Speed up to 1300 stitches per minute

It can work at the speed of 1300 stitches per minute at the same time maintain high-quality stitching and thus save time. This helps sew the projects quickly.

  • Accommodating stitch width

Using the left needle, you can adjust the overlock width to a minimum of 5mm and maximum of 7mm to get a perfect finishing. The Brother 1034D Sergeris very user-friendly as it is easy to thread, easy to learn and use with the help of demo CD and instructional manual for reference. It has complete color-coded and numbered upper and lower looper threading, makes things easy for the sewer. It comes with free phone support till product life and a 25-year limited warranty, which is indeed a fantastic service by Brother.

  • Detachable free arm

Just slide off the removable arm for serging cylindrical patterns like sleeves. It is self-contained with 2 Snap-on feet, foot controller, needles, soft cover and more.

  • Uses standard sewing machine needles

The Brother 1034D Serger works with most standard sewing machine needles available in the open market; thus there is no need to purchase special needles. Kindly note; the machine is not advisable for use in countries that do not support 120V AC, even with the use of voltage adapter.

Additional special features

  • Bilingual demo cd and instructional manual

The Brother 1034D Serger comes with a demo CD and an operational manual in English and Spanish languages. The manual consists of detailed instructions with illustrations explained in simple language to guide users while using the machine.

  • Modifiable on/off knife feature

Using a simple lever operation the knife, you can adjust the on or off feature. It is useful for pin tucking and flat lock. Proper alignment of the upper and lower knives helps in sharp cutting. With just the flick of a switch, you can disable the knife that trims your fabric as you sew.

  • Accommodating foot pressure

The presser foot pressure is fully adjustable, to assure constant high-quality stitching on light as well as heavy fabrics. In the case of lightweight material loosening the pressure will help prevent puckering and enable easier sewing of curves. It allows blind stitching with blind stitch presser foot, Flatlock stitching with blind stitch presser foot, Pin tuck stitching with blind stitch presser foot.

  • Decorative stitches are some of the sewing applications for this Serger

With this serger machine, you can create beautiful decorative stitches in different combinations of thread and fabric. To make a project more exciting incredibly fine thread or decorative thread with a high thread count can use in the upper looper to create decorative stitches.

  • Detachable stitch finger

It enables constant well-formed stitches along the fabric edges.

  • Brightly lit workspace

It comes with bright lighting on the needle area; therefore task lights are not required.

  • Optional feet available

You can purchase additional Brother Serger feet as per your project requirement. For doing over lock works on elastic material or reinforced tape, it is better to use the Brother SA212 Serger Elastic Foot, which is an optional choice, available for extra payment.

  • Functional advantages

It has two additional feet included along with the unit; one for flat lock/ blind hem and another for gathering ruffles as you sew along. The feet are primarily made up of metal; hence it is sturdy; however, you can find some plastic parts on the blind hem foot which does not give much impact on the quality issues. The Snap-On switch is easy to use and robust, fewer chances of breaking. It is easy to set the tension; moreover, the owner’s manual has a clear chart on troubleshooting in case of uneven stitches. The foot pedal is very responsive which helps to control the speed.

Excellent for a beginner

The serger is great for a beginner. It has a very large, easy to identify presser foot lift, easy to put in and remove needles, knife, and stitch finger. It even comes with a few accessories to help you get started, like spool nets, a set of tweezers, spare needles and pre-threaded with 4 different colors so the new user can see how the threading works. The Brother 1034D Serger provides neat and consistent serging. It has a quick and easy set-up. Adjustments are available as per fabric type. Stitch adjustments for length and style also available. Many reviews suggest oiling the machine before first use for better results.

  • Bundles of necessary accessories

Brother 1034D Serger comes with all the necessary accessories; therefore there is no need to splurge on any extra accessories. Brother delivers what it promises. Most of the users are happy with its performance. It works on any material right from thin fabric till fleece material. As it uses standard needles, you need not buy special ones. It weighs around 8 pounds and is light to carry. Though the machine comes with multitude features and functions, it is selling at an affordable price. The machine dimensions are 15.3 x 13.1 x 12.6 inches, which is very compact and won’t consume much space while using or storing.

  • Manage the thread tension

Thread Tension control feature provides management of how tight or loose thread is in each stitch. It helps to identify the problem or straying stitches. It contributes to having consistent good quality uniform stitches on any fabric.

  • Brightly lit work area

The brightly lit LED screen makes it easier to see the workspace when sewing at night or in darker areas. Additional lighting is not required while working on Brother 1034D Serger at any time. The user can easily detach parts of the arm to sew cylindrical items such as collars and sleeves.

  • User-friendly even for beginners

Those who start serging for the first time may be a bit put off by the intricate workings of a serger machine. Many serger models require the user to take a learning period to understand the serger in and out. The simplicity of Brother 1034D and instructional video allow cutting short the learning period or eliminated entirely.

For a clean, tidy and organized serging space, the Brother 1034D Serger has inbuilt storage space where you can keep small accessories. It has features that are advanced enough for a professional at the same time it is still simple enough for a beginner. The color-coded threading system of the serger makes using the machine easier for beginners. One of the most important features in any serger is the number of threads it can provide. The Brother 1034D offers three or four threads to create stitches-worthy of professional quality.

  • Optional accessories

Brother 1034D Serger comes with many feet accessories which are a combination of multi-purpose guide foot and gathering foot, a foot controller to control the foot movements, soft cover to keep it free from dust, instructional CD, bilingual operational manual in English and Spanish, and a 25-year limited warranty. The accessory bag contains 4 spool nets, needle set, tweezers, hex wrench, trim trap, cleaning brush.These accessories are useful for the smooth functioning of the Serger.

Similar products

Singer 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 thread capacity serger available in the range of $215. This serger has 6 stitch types, a differential feed control, free arm sewing, extra-high pressure foot lifter and a moveable upper knife. Another model competing with Brother 1034D Sergeris Janome 8002D serger. It can do 1300 stitches per minute. It is reliable, consistent and easy to maintain but comes with few accessories.

We have extensively tested the features and specifications of Brother 1034D Sergermachine, its uses, and the optional accessories that you can buy along with the machine. Compared with the similar serger machines, we can confidently recommend Brother 1034D Serger as the best option, considering affordability and performance. With advanced features, high-class material, favoring smooth, consistent stitch quality, Brother 1034D Serger is an affordable Serger machine.


Brother 1034D Sergeris very useful and easy to handle for a beginner. It has a very large, easy to identify presser foot lift, easy to attach and detach needles, knife, and stitch finger. The serger machine comes with useful accessories to help you get started, like spool nets, a set of tweezers, additional needles, and pre-threaded with 4 different colors so the new user can see how the threading works. Finding a parts replacement is easy, as Brother has an excellent network of components services all over the world. The serger comes with a 25 years warranty or till product life, which stand as a quality promise by Brother.

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