Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review

Embroidery is a skill that involves design, embellishment and other beautification techniques that make fabric pretty. Computerized embroidery is also an excellent means of income by which you can make additional revenue while following your passion. The Brother PE770 is the best computerized embroidery machine that is perfect for performing home embroidery or advanced, high-quality stitches if you are into a business.

Pros & Cons


  • Large embroidery area
  • 136 built-in embroidery designs
  • 11 sewing feet
  • USB port to upload more designs
  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Automatic thread cutting and thread trimming
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Comes with big hoop size
  • Special embroidery slot


  • A bit on the expensive side

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Features and specification

At under $600, this Brother sewing machine is worth the money you spend. The machine comes with an inbuilt memory so that you can load designs and make stitches. It is a very convenient feature when you are going to repeat using a design several times. Brother PE770 gives you 136 built-in patterns that include most of the versatile an embroidery expert would need. It includes several border styles, quilting patterns, frames, floral, scrollwork and more. You can also add your own designs or transfer designs from your laptop to the machine using an appropriate USB. The large embroidery spaces give you enough area for large monogramming projects and also let you combine models with less rehooping. The backlit display comes handy when you are involved in intricate embroidery projects.

Easy to set up and use

The greatest thing about this embroidery machine is that it is easy to set up and use. Considering the extensive features it possesses, it is a surprising fact. Usually, the computerized versions of sewing machines are not that easy to operate as they involve a lot of complex procedures. However, running this machine is quite a breeze. The design of the machine envisages its user-friendly features even for absolute beginners. It features an automatic needle threader and an easy to load drop-in bobbin. The sewing machine also comes with printed instructions that help you to thread easily.

It can do 650 stitched per minute

The Brother Embroidery machine has a 5×7 inches hoop that has maximum embroidery space. The hoop is sufficient enough for most project types, and it is the largest you would get with any machine of this price range. Even if you have to do a project that doesn’t fit in this area, you don’t have to get a machine with a larger hoop, and you can do this with this machine itself. For example, if you want to do a design and a name, do the design first and then add the name after rehooping. With the speed of 650 stitches in a minute, you will not take much time in completing your embroidery project. It’s just a matter of minutes to create a design, and you can do other jobs while the machine finishes its task.

Functional advantages

Unlike other Embroidery machines of this price range, this machine is highly functional. Other than uploading customized designs, you will also be able to perform some basic kind of editing using the LCD screen on the machine. This feature is very useful while working with fabrics having different density. As the LCD touchscreen is monochrome, you won’t be able to see your design in its true color in the machine. However, when you transfer it to a computer, you can see the different colors.

Interaction with the LCD touchscreen is also made really easy. You can also switch options quickly using the screen. Just slide option with a single touch. Certain built-in pattern tutorials are visible on the LCD screen, and you can also check the whole set-up procedures on the screen.The expansive work area of 5×7 is a great feature that allows you to make designs for jackets, bags and home decor items. To make your own designs, you have to store them as DST or PES files. To make your own Embroidery designs, you would require software to digitize your design and then import to the machine. There are a lot of applications online, or there is software from Brothers itself for this. However, you will not be able to digitize designs in the machinedirectly. Some machines that are capable of digitizing designs directly but with a bigger price range.

With this machine, you can make quality designs without the need of special software. Most of the essential designs are already available in the machine for way access. The customers are happy to note that it has a USB port on the machine which you can make use to upload designs easily. You can create designs and upload using USB, resize or reposition with the help of the LCD digital screen. There is only space to store 12 designs if you are uploading from your computer. You need delete items if you want to add new designs. The Brother PE770 is the best for beginners or professional who like to do Machine Embroidery. It is beyond perfect for applique works and stitched designs.

More space means more area to work with and combine designs. Unleash your creativity without much difficulty during your job time. Working with borders and frames are much easier with this machine. You can quickly pick designs from the built-in library and apply it to your project. Apart from creating your own designs, you will also be able to store it for future use.The unique embroidery built-in card slot can be used to utilize embroidery cards from Brother which you have to purchase separately. You can also get more cards with innovative designs from websites like

The warranty is available for both the machine as well as for the accessories you get along with it. Under normal conditions, there are no chances of any defects in artistry. You get a 2-year warranty for the machine and a 6-year warranty for electronic parts like printed circuit boards. To claim any warranty, you need to have the product purchase bill or any proof of the purchase.

Embroidery features

The Brother PE770 comes with all functionalities that you need for machine embroidery. The machine has 136 embroidery designs including 6 lettering fonts. You will get all essentials patterns such as quilting patterns, the different frame shaped, border styles and lot more. More than enough designs have already loaded on this machine, and you also get the advantage of uploading your own designs. Apart from the built-in embroidery stitches, the machine also has other 184 decorative sewing stitches that include drawn work, smoking heirloom, scallop and a few more. Although the machine is not for other types of sewing, these decorative stitches can use for beautifying quilting or embroidery designs. The machine also offers 10 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes for creating specific types of buttons.

Unique custom stitch options

One of the unique features of this machine is the custom stitch option, which you can not see in other embroidery machines. It helps you to makes unique stitches which can be saved to your machine’s memory to use in the future. There is also this sideways sewing feature that allows you to do applique cylindrical stitching where you can sew in the horizontal direction without rotating the fabric you work. While doing embroidery, the last thing you want to do is to struggle with needle threading. This machine has a simple automatic needle threader that is aneasy master. There is also automatic thread trimming function that helps you to save time on trimming lower and upper thread. It also features quick drop-in bobbin system that quickly pulls the thread up the slot and gets ready for the embroidery work to begin.

Speed control

Speed control is yet another helpful feature the machine has in addition to the other features it possesses. You will be able to control the sewing speed in an easier manner. Starting or stopping the embroidery function cannot be much simpler than this. With the push of a button, you can start or pause the process, and withthe help of a lever, you can control the speed at which you sew.

Ease of use

It is one thing all the customers who have bought this machine rave about- easy to use. The Custom embroidery machine is easy to operate; you don’t even have to go through the user manual to use it. Inspiteof having a computerized mode of operation, the machine is easy to use. The automatic threader is another useful feature that makes it perfect for beginners. You get excellent stitch quality with this machine. In Embroidery works, stitch quality is paramount otherwise it will not last long.

As it is an embroidery machine, it doesn’t make other stitches, and hence it is a lot of easier to operate. When you use a sewing machine that has serging, quilting and other functions, it becomes tough to master it as there are a lot of things happening. The LCD screen is a real help when it comes to choosing, editing, customizing designs as you can make changes quickly according to your requirement.

Optional accessories

The Brother embroidery machine comes with an embroidery arm, a dust cover, cleaning brush, needle set, and an additional accessory bag. The accessory bag contains scissors, 3 spool caps, seam ripper, touch pen, 2 screwdrivers and 3 bobbins. Other than the accessories you get along with the machine, another advantage is the 25-year manufacture warranty you get for the machine. The accessories you get with PE770 make the machine more easy to use and functional.

Packing details

You get the machine with 136 built-in designs. You can download your favorite designs after purchasing it. You also get a dust cover, one 5×12 embroidery hoop, a power cord, accessories bag and an English/Spanish instruction manual. Accessories included in the kit are seam ripper, 2 screwdrivers, 3 spool caps, 3 bobbins and scissors and a cleaning brush.

Similar products

SINGER S10 Studio 5.5×5.5 and 2×2 Embroidery Machine with 55 Built-in Designs is another embroidery that is in the below $500 price range. It features 55 built-in Embroidery designs, LDC touchscreen, and various other functions. Janome: Memory Craft 350E Embroidery System is another embroidery machine in this range, but it is slightly on the expensive side. However, The Brother PE770 is the best choice among these as it is perfect for expanding your design collection.


The best embroidery machine from Brother, the PE770 is a useful sewing machine for doing embroidery works. You can also use this machine if you have into embroidery and have serious passion in it. The machine helps you to start off your project early without compromising even a bit on the efficiency and final quality. You get the professional quality finish in your embroidery works. It is barely hard to find any embroidery machine that offers both the quality and features, the Brother PE770 can provide. It is a great buy for anyone who is in search of a feature-packed and user-friendly embroidery machine.

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