How to Choose a Cabinet for your Sewing Machine

When you get indulged in serious sewing practices, the need of a sewing cabinet becomes inevitable. It is best to keep everything related to the task well organized at one place. You should know that there are countless brands that manufacture sewing cabinets and each comes with different features.

The hunt for the best sewing table is not going to be easy. There are various features that you need to look out for in order to end up with a suitable table. In this article, we will help you understand the basic featurette of sewing machine cabinet that will help you in making fruitful purchase.

Prime Features of a Sewing Machine Table

Since your machine requires its own space in the house, it is best to provide it with the finest product. Shopping for a sewing table is not as simple as you think. It has to be sturdy, well crafted, and available with a lot of storage, right size, etc. Also, since the houses these days are designed contemporarily, you need to ensure that the cabinet suits your house settings.

The table has to be sturdy because you don’t want to be interrupted while sewing with the movement of the table. The making has to be solid and strong. Without any further ado, we should check out some basic features:


As we said before, a sewing table has to be very stable, sturdier than a writing table or a computer desk. As the machine is used in high speed, the tables with weak legs or base will shake and disturb your work. It is essential for the sewing table to stand rock solid on the ground and not vibrate every time the machine is used.


The main purpose of buying a sewing table is not just to place the machine on the top but it also must have enough storage space to keep related stuff. A small sewing table with clean and modern styling, separating it in small blocks is just the right thing to buy.

You mostly have half-finished sewing projects, a kit full of threads, needles, yarn and yard of different fabrics, sewing patterns, and much more that has to be kept in separate boxes. A table with no or meagre storage will be of no use to you because in this case, you may have to make an additional purchase of a storage unit for all these things.

So, why buy an extra storage unit when you can have all the storage that you need in your sewing cabinet? Make sure of buying a unit that gives you ample space to store and manage your craft.

Surface Area

The surface area of the table has to be sufficient enough to not only place the machine but do some other related tasks as well such as ironing, pinning, basting, cutting, etc. The table top should have enough room for you to do multiple tasks. The tables are available in different sizes and you have to see what size suit your needs.

We can say that it depends on your needs because sometimes you end up buying a cabinet completely opposite your requirements. Like for suppose, you do quilting in the machine, a table with a quilting arm will serve the purpose right and make your task easier than ever. Gather all your specifications and then invest money to have all your projects up and running without any hassle.


Because there are different types of machines in the market to choose from, you have to gauge your requirements first. If you are a person who doesn’t have any knowledge regarding the assembling of furniture items, go for pre-assembled cabinets indeed. Save you the extra efforts needed to assemble the whole cabinet before using it as they might extract a lot of energy out of you. You got to have things assembled together to meet your ability level and also most of the cabinets get done within 2 or 3 hours with the help of 2 people.

Suitable for your Height

This one is important to consider. A table that is too high or too low for your height will create problem while sewing as your body will get tired after a little. It is a good idea to buy premade tables but only if you find the right table according to your height. Perhaps you get the right unit but if not, you definitely should think of getting your own sewing table crafted to sort things out.

Go compact

Living in a small house? Not to fret, go compact with your table choices. For an example if you have got a tiny space which you need a table for, there is an option to buy the foldable sewing tables. Many houses don’t have a separate area for sewing so get your hands on either a folding table or a small table that fits in the desired area. Many brands sell nice minimalistic tables with full powered features, put the parts together and start using.

Things to Avoid when Buying a Cabinet

So this was all about the features to look for while buying a sewing cabinet. While you get them clear in your head, we would bring you to the things to avoid. It is important to be careful while making any type of purchase as it is not at all wise to get trapped in an unnecessary deal. Sewing cabinets need your attention because not having a table is far better than owning a cheap one. Avoid these pitfalls while buying sewing cabinet:

Bulky unit

Always make sure to measure the space where you going to keep the new unit. It is a great experience bringing home a nice cabinet but nothing can be more annoying when it doesn’t fit in the area you had planned. Identity your requirements, check the area and then buy a sewing table or else the table will be a whole piece of crap that you cannot use at all.

Heavy in weight

Yes, of course the sewing table should be durable and robust but a heavy unit is not suggested. It doesn’t mean that heavy tables are of good quality and if you are buying a table that weighs ton, it is going to work great. Bulky sewing tables are a real mess when it comes to cleaning and organizing things. Also, if you disassemble the table to move it somewhere else, reassembling would be problematic enough. Ensure that the weight of your chosen table is reasonable and can be moved easily, if needed.

Too hard to assemble

Obviously, it is not going to do any good to you. A sewing table you have purchased is too hard to assemble that will take you years to complete the whole assembling, is it useful? All the parts are put in the box back again waiting for someone to come and get them together so you can avail the benefits when you need. Such a table is a sheer wastage.


Whichever table you choose, never forget assessing these four points i.e. size, storage, quality and assembling of the product to ensure easy usage. Good luck!


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