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How To Cut Quilt Pieces Accurately

Measure twice, cut once. Everyone who sews has heard this before. Teaching them the need for accurate cutting when sewing.

To make the perfect quilt, you need to start with accurate cutting. Many quilters find it hard to cut quilt pieces accurately every time they start a new project. Both experienced and beginner quilters are often faced with this challenge. This results in buying more patchwork fabric when the poorly cut pieces don’t connect. This makes your project expensive and may cause it to take more time than expected. For this reason, you need to learn how to cut quilt pieces accurately.

How To Cut Quilt Pieces Accurately?

Cut Quilt Pieces Accurately

Quilting pieces can be cut in any shape. You can cut up squares, rectangles, or triangles. To cut accurately, you need a sharp rotary cutter and squared up fabrics. This will make sure that your strips are completely straight and that they are accurate in their measurements.

Steps To Cut Quilting Pieces Accurately

  1. Assemble all the tools that you need to do this. You will need a sharp rotary cutter, two rulers, a measuring mat, and a hard-working table. Most important, you will need your patchwork fabric.
  2. Cut long strips from your fabric to make it easier to cut the proper size quilting pieces.
  3. Fold your fabric strips and square up to one end of the strip. Squaring fabric means that you make the edges of your fabric to align completely. You can do this by cutting off the excess fabric on the edges of the strip that prevent proper alignment.
  4. Mark the length of patching strips that you need on the long strips.
  5. Starting from the squared end, use a sharp rotary cutter to cut out patchwork at the measured lengths. This requires that you understand quilting math so that you cut up different size strips to make the full length patchwork.

How To Cut Squares And Rectangles Quilting Accurately

Cut Squares And Rectangles Quilting Accurately

  1. Start by cutting long strips of fabric
  2. Make sure to square up the side you are cutting from for a straight fabric.
  3. Cut out pieces that you will use for your patchwork. Make sure that your pieces are slightly longer than you require for your patchwork.
  4. Make sure that all the sides of your squares and rectangles have 90-degree angles.

How To Cut Triangles Quilting Patchwork Accurately

  1. Cut square or rectangle patches as above.
  2. Cut the square patches into two and you have your triangle quilting patches.
  3. If you are cutting from a rectangle, cut your rectangle patches diagonally to make your triangles.
  4. To make long triangles from rectangle patches, you can cut diagonally twice. This will ensure that all your triangles are identical for a better and easier patchwork design.

How To Cut Equilateral Triangles Accurately For Quilting

Cut Equilateral Triangles For Quilting

  1. Start by identifying the finished length of your quilt patchwork. Work backward so that you can identify the size of your equilateral triangles. With this calculation, identify the length of the midpoint of the triangle to its tip.
  2. Add ¾ inches to this length.
  3. Cut fabric with these width measurements.
  4. Measure the 60-degree angle of the triangle by aligning a rotary ruler with the long edge of the fabric. All sides of an equilateral triangle are equal with 60-degree angles at each corner.
  5. Cut along the ruler.
  6. Rotate the ruler to align the other length and 60-degree angle on the bottom edge of the fabric strip.
  7. Rotate the ruler and align to form the third length of the triangle. Make sure that all the lengths of the triangle are equal.
  8. Cut alongside the identified length.
  9. Repeat for all the triangles you will make from the patchwork fabric.

How To Cut Diamond Shapes Accurately For Quilting

Cut Diamond Shapes For Quilting

  1. Cut strips that are much wider than the expected size of the diamonds.
  2. Align your rotary ruler to the angle that you want for the edges of your diamond. Diamonds and squares are similar. The only difference is that the angles on the edges are not 90 degrees/
  3. Cut along the side of the ruler to create the first edge of the diamond patches.
  4. Along with the above cut, align your ruler to form the next edge on the opposite side and cut.
  5. This will give you your first diamond patch for your quilt.
  6. Repeat the above steps for every new diamond patch you will cut out until you have enough to make the quilting patchwork.

Tips To Cut Your Quilt Pieces Accurately

We have seen the different types of shapes that you can cut out for your quilt. Follow the steps provided to make sure that you cut your pieces accurately. Cutting quilt pieces is a long process. Making mistakes means that you have to work longer to be as productive as you expected. It also takes away your creative edge as you are now working under pressure.

Here are some tips that can help make your cutting process easier and accurate.

  1. Use the right tools for cutting out your fabric pieces. When cutting quilt pieces, the rotary cutter is the best cutting tool to use. They are easy to handle, sharp, and highly accurate cutters.
  2. Your working table must be firm and strong. It should also be large enough for the size of the fabric that you will be using.
  3. Use a quilting mat to help measure the lengths and angles of the different shapes you will be cutting. Place your quilting mat on a flat and solid surface to make it easier to cut on your choice of fabric.
  4. Starch the fabrics that you cut. Starched fabrics become taut and easier to cut. Make sure that the type of starch you use washes away easily so that it doesn’t leave stains.
  5. Keep your rotary cutter clean and closed. A clean blade will remain sharp for longer and thus highly accurate when using it. To avoid accidents when not working, keep your rotary cutter closed. It has sharp blades that can cut you or anyone else by accident.
  6. Change your rotary cutter blade as soon as it loses its sharpness for accurate cuts at all times.
  7. Cut while standing. And remember to cut away from your body.
  8. Always square up the edges of the fabric you are cutting. It goes a long way in ensuring accuracy while cutting quilt pieces.
  9. You can use two rulers to measure an exact right angle. This is especially important when squaring up your fabric or cutting squares and triangles.
  10. When cutting stacks of fabric, only stack the amount of fabric that your cutter will cut easily and comfortably.

How To Prepare Fabric Before Cutting

You have the best fabric for your quilt pieces. Before you start cutting out your pieces in different shapes, it is good to get your fabric ready for cutting.

Prepare Fabric Before Cutting

The first thing you should do in preparation is washing the fabric. This will remove dirt and stains that may be on the fabric. You may not do it properly once you have cut out your pieces. It will also prevent your final product from shrinking. You can start cutting once the fabric is dry.

Second, press the fabric. This will help remove all the wrinkles and creases on the fabric. Keeping your fabric straight and ready to cut quickly and easily.

Square up your fabric in preparation for cutting out quilt pieces. This helps cut out your quilt pieces more accurately. Squaring up means making sure that your fabrics are kept straight and at right angles at all times when cutting. Square up your fabrics on the side you start cutting to make it easier to cut accurately and fast.


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