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How To Hem Dress Pants With A Sewing Machine

People are willing to acknowledge how to hem pants with a sewing machine. Are you one of them? If so, then here you are on the right page. This article will tell you the step-by-step procedure on how to hem dress pants with the sewing machine.

Do you think you need to take your pants to a sewing master for hem? No, not at all. You can do it all by yourself. Yeah! You can hem the legs of your pants with just a sewing machine.

If you have access to the sewing machine, it will take no time to make the perfect hem like a professional. Practice these methods you will acknowledge in the article on some pants, and you will be all set to hem your pants perfectly.

So, let’s begin!

How To Hem Dress Pants With A Sewing Machine

To hem the dress pants like a pro, you need to gather some ingredients, including the pants to hem, pins, iron, ironing board, scissors, tailor’s chalk, mat, sewing machine, and an acrylic ruler.

After collecting all the necessary items, you need first to pin the pants to the proper length. After that, you need to press the hem of the new pants. Following the method, cut away the extra length and fold or press the new hem you made.

Now, you need to sew the hem close to the folded edge. Let’s now have a detailed discussion on how to do these professionally.

Methods to Hem Dress Pants With A Sewing Machine

Method 1 – Measuring the Adjustments

The first method is to measure the adjustments of your hem pant.

Step 1 – Measure On Someone Else

In this first step, you need to measure the adjustments of the pant. The pant should be worn by someone else. Yeah! The one wearing the pants should stand on the stool or the elevated surface so that you can gauge or measure the length correctly.

You can also ask the person how high they need their new hem to be. You should fold it to the outside without tucking it into the pant’s leg. Now, ask them to confirm the length they need. After doing so, the wearer can remove the pants to give them to you to alter.

Step 2 – Measure Yourself.

After measuring on the other person, measure the pant on yourself. You can roll up the pants to the length you desire with a single fold. Now, make sure that you stand straight when pulling up the fold you made to ensure that it fits the acquired length. You can now remove the pant.

Step 3 – Compare It With Another Pair Of Pants.

After trying the pants on, compare it with another pair of pants. If you host a pair of perfectly fit pants with you, then you can use that pair as your model for any queries. Now, layout the pants to hem and later, lay down the ideal pants over it. It should showcase to you the spare or extra part of the pant that is to be trimmed.

Step 4 – Mark The Length To Be Trimmed.

With a piece of tailor’s chalk or any acrylic chalk, you can mark the pant’s location or length to be hemmed. Make sure that your pants are unfolded, and you can create a clear mark on each of your pants leg. Measuring the earlier line you made, measure and trace the three lines at half inches intervals. There are now four white chalk traces going down the edge of your pants.

You can hem about half inches wide, and for that, you need to use one and a half inches of the fabric below another hem to create a clean and precise edge. You should make sure that the lines are of similar length on both the pant legs.

Step 5 – Measure It By Ironing.

Once you decide on the proper length to hem on your pant, you need to fold your pants to the right hem. It would be best if you can crease the accurate fold, and for that, you can take the piece of chalk or any colored pencil to make the halfway fold. This halfway is the point between the crease and the edge of your fold.

You can unfold the leg again and mark the crease if you desire. The crease you have ironed should be roper and bold enough to be seen properly.

Step 6 – Use The Acrylic Ruler.

To make the perfect and clean line for a perfect trim, you can use the acrylic ruler. You should ensure that the position of the ruler’s edge is on the mark.

Step 7 – Sew with machine

After all, you need to sew the hems with the machine, and voila! You are all set with the hemmed pair of pants.

Method 2 – Cutting The Pants

Step 1 – Get Your Scissors Ready.

If you don’t own sewing scissors, then you should buy one. It is necessary, and otherwise, you can use regular scissors. Sewing scissors are sharper than the regular ones. So, prefer buying it.

Step 2 – Start With The Bottom.

Trim off the line close to the bottom of your pant first. Don’t hassle, and be patient to avoid cutting fast. Cutting fast may cause messy zig-zags rather than the clean edge. Creating more liens is not necessary, but it will help in maintaining accuracy.

Step 3 – Use Pins

Pins are the ideal tool for adjusting the edges. Stretch each of your pant’s legs to correct width and use the pins to keep them intact. This will produce tension in the pant’s legs, making them easier to cut.

Step 4 – Cut Until The Middle Line.

Cut the traced lines above the initial cut till you reach the lines over the top one. Focus on a leg of your pant and then concentrate on the next. Don’t cut the top trace or crease as it is the point to be hemmed.

Step 5 – Sew and Later Cut The Threads.

After sewing, with the help of scissors, cut the loose threads that are left behind. You may repeat the method while reaching the end or after washing your pants.

Method 3 – Sew the Hem

Step 1 – Fold Your Pants Inside Out.

You need to fold your pants so that the outer part of them are facing you. You should be able to observe the inner seam. This will make it easier to sew the hem effectively. You can also fold the legs of your pants inside out without turning your entire pant.

Step 2 – Fold The Hem.

You need to fold the hem from the top edge to the top traced line. Ensure that the crease or the top line is on the fold’s edge. This edge is the hem, and you should be careful of the size as it should look good before finalizing.

Step 3 – Iron The Fold

Take your pants to be hemmed on the ironing board. Now, you need to wait until the iron gets adequately heated. After the iron gets adequately heated, you need to iron the fold. It will make the professional fold, ensuring that you don’t require any uneven lines.

Step 4 – Load Your Sewing Machine.

After ironing, you need to load the bobbin with a thread of the color you desire. You can also use the thread matching the fabric’s color or can go for the contrast one.

Step 5 – Set Up Your Machine.

You need to set your machine for the straight stitching or the medium straight threads for the simple set of hem.

Step 6 – Begin With Stitching.

After setting up the machine and ensuring that you are positioning the pant leg, you need to begin with the stitching process. Make sure that the machine stitches only the hem and not the pant’s leg together. Sew about one-eighth inches from the hem’s top and continue sewing your pants to the straight line surrounding the leg’s circumference.

Step 7 – Repeat On The Other Leg

Following a similar sewing step, you need to sew the hem of the other leg of your pant. Don’t forget to iron the seam before sewing on the opposite leg. Also, compare the length of the opposite leg with the finished leg.


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