How to Hem Pants for Beginners

Do you want to look more professional and polished? Here is a secret – hem your dress pants if you feel they are too long. Well, you can quickly tell if your pants are too long. Pants that are too long will drag on floors. You will also see that their breaks are quite big than usual. So, let’s learn how to hem pants.

How to Hem Pants for Beginners?

Anyone, especially beginners, can hem their pants in a few steps. Firstly, you need to measure the inseam to determine the right length. Before you remove the original hem, take the measurements and trim excess fabric. Lastly, you’ll have to fold the new hem and sew it with your hand or a sewing machine.

3 Easy Ways to Hem Pants

It is the kind of shoes you wear that determines the proper length of your trousers. That’s because shoes change the amount of space available on the front of the foot for a hem to hang freely.

An inseam is a fabric folded at the edge found on all kinds of clothing, including jeans, trousers, skirts, and pants. The standard measurement for an inseam depends on the type and pattern of the garment. The size of the garment also affects the length of the inseam. And because we are all of the different heights, the inseam may fall short or long. But for many people, the length is usually longer. Thus, it tells why you need to have an idea about hemming techniques.

Worry not, this blog is all about the three simple methods to hem pants. These methods are easy and straightforward. You merely need a few supplies to do it that we most likely find in many households. Moreover, you will need an old pair of jeans that you don’t mind experimenting on for practice purposes.

How to Hem Pants by Hand

It is the recommended method for those who do not own or have no access to a sewing machine.

Once you master it, it is quick, easy, and pocket friendly. It, however, needs a lot of practice. Here, you will need a few basic and inexpensive sewing supplies. It includes a needle, thread, pair of scissors, pencil, and ruler or tape measure. Having assembled all the essential sewing supplies, follow the below simple steps.

Step 1: Gather Materials – Assemble the necessary materials. In addition to the ones listed above, you can include an iron box and an ironing board.

Step 2: Check the Length – While wearing your pants, hold the hem up until you get your desired length. After that, remove your pants in a way that the hem remains fixed.

Step 3: Take Measurements – Get the measurements from the length of the original hem to the folded edge. Turn your pant inside out. Now, open out the folded edge.

Step 4: Mark a Line – Use a fabric marker to draw a line to show your new hem. Measure one inch from the line you created and cut out the excess fabric.

Step 5: Sew – Fold the raw edge to the new line. Repeat this to place the raw edge inside the fold. Use a sewing pin to ensure the fold stays in place. Using small and even stitches, sew the fold to create a new hem.

How to Hem Pants With a Sewing Machine

Another way to easily and quickly hem your pants is by the use of a sewing machine. It is not fancy and as comfortable as the first method. If you want to hem jeans, you will need a heavy ‘duty’ jeans needle and the necessary sewing supplies. The steps mentioned below should lead you to the sewing step.

Step 1 – Pin the Pants to Your Desired Length

There is no ‘correct’ length since correct means different things to different people. Pin the pants to see how the pant legs will look. Take off your pants, and with turned inside, check to ensure that the amount of hem is the same on both legs. You should wear the pant once again before proceeding. It is to help you get the measurements right.

Step 2 – Press the Hem of the New Pants

With your pants on the ironing board, press around the leg until you see the crease. The amount of heat applied depends on the type of pant’s material. Materials such as cotton will need a considerably higher amount of heat. If the material is polyester or Rayon, then the medium setting is recommended. The trick here is to iron an inconspicuous spot in the beginning.

Step 3 – Trim the Extra Length

If you want pinpoint accuracy, you must use a hem gauge. The hem gauge helps you make an accurate fold and a crisp crease. Mark the crease with the tailor’s chalk and then cut the pants 2 inches below the crease.

Step 4 – Fold and Press the New Hem

Here, you have to make sure you fold nicely at the side seams. Then iron the hem and pin it if you wish.

Step 5 – Sew the Hem Close to the Folded Edg

With the pants still inside out, place the leg around the free arm of your sewing machine. You can set it to a straight stitch, medium stitch length. Now, start sewing close to the folded edge all the way around. If you measure and press carefully, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the result.

How to Hem Pants With Tape

It may happen that you do not own or cannot access either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. What options are available to you now? Here, the hem tape becomes usable in this situation. You can easily find a hem tape at your nearest drugstore.

It may sound complicated and hard. Trust me; it is quite easy. After doing it, you will find it quick, simple, and cost-friendly. Follow the steps below to hem your pants without sewing.

Step 1 – Create Hemline

Open the first inseam and wear your pant. Overlay it and follow a similar process as shown above for marking your hemline. Using a fabric marker, mark a line all along and get the hemline. Cut off the unwanted fabric 1.5″ below the hemline.

Step 2 – Use the Hem Tape

Stick the hem tape in your pant, up and down the hemline. Get rid of the coating paper, if present. Ensure you are doing this cautiously so that the hemline doesn’t look funny due to asymmetry.

Step 3 – Fold

Overlap the hemline over the sewing tape, tailing it up and down the leg’s perimeter. Do this for the second leg too.

Step 4 – Press

Have an extra cloth material over the hemline and set your iron box to the relating heat settings. Now, iron the hemline gently. It will assist the fabric with sticking.

Before you say you are good at hemming, you will need to practice. Find yourself an old pair of pants that you wish to experiment on. You can try out hemming an official pair of pants only when you feel confident about the hemming skills.

Related Questions

What Does It Mean to Hem Your Pants?

It means that the inseam of the pair of pants is too long, and you are cutting it shorter. However, it includes redoing the hem too. The hem is a folded edge that you see at the very bottom of your pants and jeans. All types of clothing come with at least one hem. You will find a hem at the bottom of your skirt too.

What Length Should I Hem My Pants?

The ideal length is 1/4″ off the ground. Well, it depends on the type of pants. If you wear ankle pants, the position of the hem can be above the ankle bone or right on it. When trying wide leg and trouser pants without shoes, the hem of your pants should rest easy on the floor.


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