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How To Make A Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

Do you know that you can make a braided edge fleece blanket at home? The process is easy only if you know the nitty-gritty of it. Nothing can stop you after that, and you will be surprised by yourself.

Read on to this article as it explains to you several other things apart from the process. Start preparing your own braided edge fleece blanket after learning how to do it.

How To Make A Braided Edge Fleece Blanket?

Instead of buying a new blanket, you can create a personalized one by spending a couple of hours. Pick up any pattern of the fleece of your choice and start with it.

Additionally, if you do not know how to stitch or do not have a sewing machine, preparing will not be a challenge. By cutting and tying, you can prepare a braided fleece blanket.

In this article, we have included the process of making a braided edge fleece blanket and a few other important details. Collect the data and start preparing a braided edge blanket at home.

Steps To Make A Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

Step 1: Get The Material

The size of the blanket is a personal choice, and depending on that, you must get two sheets of fleece. An adult blanket is three yards in size, while a child-size is a yard. 

You must also have scissors and rulers with you as they will be required for preparing the blanket.

Step 2: Start The Preparation Process

You can wash the fleece if you want so and after it gets dried, lay them on top of one another. The right side of every fleece should face outside, and it will be the back and front side of the blanket.

If they are not of the same size, trim around the edges. In case both the blankets are of the exact size, there is no need for trimming, and you can go to the next step.

Step 3: First Cut

Out of all four, cut out a corner and approximately 2×2 inches. After that, cut strips along the entire outsides rim, and it should be one inch wide and two inches tall.

Step 4: Second Cut

Fold every side, and in the center, place a small insertion while creating a small hole.

Step 5: Braiding

Start from any place and pick a strip of the blanket and place the bottom through the top strip. After that, proceed to the next step and put the top into the previous bottom.

Following this, you must put the bottom strip into the top and continue doing it with every other fabric.

It is better to choose two different colors of fabric so you can differentiate if you are doing the braids correctly.

Suppose if the color of the blanket is purple and white, you must make sure that a purple strip must not go with another purple strip. In case you make a mistake and insert the same colors, unravel the mistake and continue doing.

Step 6: Finishing

Once you have reached the last stage, knot the bottom and top layer, so the edges are done. As a result, it will not come out, and your blanket is completed.

Tips While Starting With A Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

1. Buy Two Same Sizes Of Blankets

Before you start with it, the blanket that you get should be of high quality. You can do it with the same color blankets, but two different colors help in understanding better how to do the braiding.

Always prefer to buy the same size of the blanket; otherwise, you have to trim the sizes to ensure it is symmetric. Sometimes, if the cutting is improper, the braids may not look proper and clean.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to buy a good quality blanket exactly of the same size.

2. No Sewing Machine

You can make the blanket without the involvement of sewing machines. It means you do not have to buy one to prepare a braided edge blanket. The braided should be done with free hands.

Not only that, but it also does not require hand stitching. By this, you can understand how easy the process is. You can easily start doing it and prepare a great blanket.

3. No Stitching Required

To be mistaken that if you do not know to stitch, you cannot do. Anyone can prepare this blanket with their hands. It does not require stitching and just like braids are done in hair, the same process is followed here. It means there is no issue with the color of the thread, needle to use, etc.

4. Do Not Iron Or Drier On The Fleece

You should not iron the fleece as it has a low melting point. Ironing may not be good for the material, and if you prefer to do so, it should be low.

Also, if you wash, do not use a dryer to dry the blanket. Let it dry in normal condition, and after that, you can start preparing the braids.

5. Do Not Use Bleach

If you prefer to wash, do not use bleach as it may not turn out to be good for the blanket. The fabric may become rough after this, and the braids will look improper.

To maintain the softness, it is better to wash with normal powder just as you do with other clothes.

5. Have Scissors And Ruler

Before starting, you should have scissors and a ruler with you. It is required when you have to cut the edges of the blanket at the proper size. The entire process is dependent on how you cut the blanket.

Ensure that you cut uniformly if you want the blanket to come out properly. Proper cuttings will give a neat look to the blanket. When someone sees the blanket, it feels like some professionals have done the braids at the edges. 

Does A Braided Edge Blanket Look Good?

Definitely, yes. It completely changes the look of how the blanket was. If you are trying this for the first time and haven’t seen how it looks, try doing it with some old blankets.

Additionally, you can view some images online to have some idea about the blanket. You can prefer doing these for blankets that you wish to present to anyone. It adds a personal touch to the gift.

How Much Time Does One Take To Prepare A Braided Edge Blanket?

Preparing a braided edge depends on how big the blanket is. However, if it is a big one, a period of four to five would be sufficient. You just need to cut the pieces and follow the process.

Most people doing it for the first time have completed earlier than they have assumed. Hence, you should try this out, and the process is easy, and you will not feel like it’s a huge thing and you cannot do it.

Is Braiding Similar To Crocheting?

Braiding is more or less similar to crocheting, and it’s pretty similar once you start with. Take the fringe part and put it through the hole to the right and after that, put it to the next hole.

However, if it feels confusing to you, you can watch some videos online. The resources will show you how to do the entire thing. Do not forget to tie both ends when you reach the last point.

Can Braided Edge Be Done On Any Size Of Blanket?

Yes, the braided edge can be done on any size of the blanket. The only important aspect that you must keep in consideration is both blankets should be of the same size.

In case one is bigger, trim it off to a smaller size. The edges can be braided only when both the blankets are of the same size.


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