How To Make An Easy Quilt In A Day

Quilts are multi-purposeful; they are functional, designer, and highly useful. You can make different types of quilts depending upon your needs and preferences. There are plenty of quilt designs that you can choose from. Quilting is indeed a cumbersome process with hundreds of stitches and patterns on thick fabric. It would take days and even weeks to complete a neat quilt. There is no escape from the strenuous process of quilting that often makes people quit at the beginning itself.

It all depends on the speed of the quilters that decides the completion of a quilt. If you have picked up the right pace, it would hardly take you days to complete. In case you are a slow quilter, it might extend to weeks and months. Quilting time is not only stitching the fabric; it also includes the time spent on selecting the material and cutting it. So, how early can you sew a quilt? A month, a week, or a day? Indeed, it seems impossible to complete a quilt in a day, but what if you can make it possible?

How To Make An Easy Quilt In A Day?

Make An Easy Quilt In A Day

To make a quilt in a day, you will need certain supplies, including a charm pack that comprises of square fabric pieces, matching thread, quilt batting, sewing machine, safety pins, etc. It would help if you started sewing the squares into trips making small groups. Now shuffle the stripes and sew into squares. Now you need to cut the squares half horizontally and half vertically and piece them back together. Sew two pieces and then take another two pieces to make the process easier. You will notice a pattern (9 equal 5”x5” squares) that is easy to pick up. At last, sew all the squares together to complete the quilt.

Step-By-Step Guide To Make An Easy Quilt In A Day

A quilt can be sewn in a day if you know the right way and have got the right supplies. It hardly takes a day to complete this super easy quilt. Follow the steps to get everything right.

Supplies You Will Need

Quilt Supplies

Here is the list of supplies you will need to make this one-day quilt-:

  • Pack of two 5”x5” charm packs (must have 40+ pieces per pack)
  • Quilt batting
  • Matching color thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Fabric for backing

Now that you have understood all the essential items you will need to make a quilt, let’s begin with the process and complete it in a day.

Step 1 – Squares Into Stripes

Take a pack of charm squares and separate them. Usually, you will find 8-12 different patterns in a pack, so you will have a better design. You can also separate them in a way that will make it easier to segregate them. Now mix matches in three different groups or based on your preference. It is better not to pair the same pattern together. Now start sewing the squares into strips and press the seams.

Step 2 – Stripes into Squares

Once you have stitched the stripes, you need to mix-match them and separate them into three groups. Place three stripes into each group; this way, you will have nine stripes. Now, you need to sew the three strips making a square. Make sure to use different patterns and press all the seams. Pressing the seams might get complicated when you have lots of pieces, but make sure you do it diligently.

Step 3 – Quilt Pattern

Quilt Pattern

Once you have stitched the square, the most challenging part of quilting begins with quilt patterns. The overall look of a quilt gets ready with the quilt pattern. It is the only cutting process you will find in the entire procedure that makes quilting easier. Take a square from the previous step and cut it half horizontally and half vertically to get four equal parts. Turn and piece them together or the way you like it. Like this, start sewing two pieces and the next two pieces together. Don’t forget to press the seams and sew pieces together to form big squares. You will get a pattern of 9 equal to 5”x5” squares.

Step 4 – Piecing It Together

The final part of making this quilt is a cakewalk. You need to sew all the completed squares. You can start by sewing three big squares into a strip. Take 3-3 squares to sew them into big stripes and prepare a quilt. Make sure to press the seams to get a neat finish.

And your quilt is finished in no time. If you pick up the speed, you can make at least 2-3 quilts like this in a day. It all depends on your speed and the pattern you choose.

Quick and Handy Quilting Tips That Will Save Your Day

If you are interested in machine quilting, these tips will help you in making your quilting process faster than expected-:

  • Use a basting spray if you are not familiar with safety pins. It will save your time removing the safety pins.
  • You can use no mark quilting that will make your quilting perfect. No mark quilting means you do not have to make any lines on your quilt; you can simply make textures to improvise your quilting.
  • Edge to edge quilting design is a real time saver as you do not need to bury the threads. Start from one side of the quilt and follow the design.
  • Use the same color thread in both top and bobbing. It will save you time, and you won’t get thread poking from your quilt.
  • Wind bobbins ahead to save time. When you begin quilting, make sure to wind enough bobbins so that you don’t stop in between to fill it every now and then.

Super Easy Quilt Patterns To Try!

Quilt Patterns

To make your quilting easier and faster, you can adopt some of the easy quilting patterns that are easy to make-:

  • Double slice
  • Bow tie
  • Tee shirt
  • 1-hour flannel rag quilt
  • Square spotlight
  • Mayberry
  • Welded quilt pattern
  • Strip quilt
  • Fat quarter fizz
  • Tumbler
  • Ruby star
  • Bandana quilt
  • American flag
  • Super zig
  • Colorbrick
  • Jelly rolls quilts

These are a few patterns that you can make in no time. Watch the YouTube tutorials to learn these super easy quilting patterns.

Which Is The Easiest Quilt To Make?

It all depends on your speed, type of fabric, and quilting pattern that decides the easiness and complications of quilting. To make your quilting easier in the first go, you need to use the right fabric to start with. Different types of quilts depend on the purpose and preference of the quilter. The easy-to-make quilt is always the cotton quilt. Even for beginners, the cotton quilt is the easiest one to get around. You won’t have to struggle cutting and sewing. Cotton is easy-to-handle and lightweight, as well as making the quilting process easier than ever. So, if you are willing to start quilting, it is advised to start with a cotton quilt and then take over other fabrics. Make sure to select a quilt pattern that is easy-to-make and less complicated for you as a beginner.

Which Is The Best Quilt Pattern For Beginners?

Best Quilt Pattern For Beginners

Beginners certainly need to think about picking up the right quilting pattern for their quilting endeavor. If you want to quilt fast and efficiently, you need to pick an easy pattern. For beginners, a simple patchwork quilt is a recommended pattern wherein you need to patch different fabrics. It is easier because you simply need to sew the patches together, and there is nothing intricate and complex to do in this pattern. Patchwork is the best you can find to get your quilt done easily.


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