How To Make Crochet Edge Fleece Blanket

Making a crochet edge fleece blanket does not need any specialized technique. If you know the entire process, you can do it at home itself. The easy and quick crochet edging pattern gives a handmade touch to the blanket.

Some people think that the process is too difficult and they cannot do it. In this instance, connect with us to know about the process as it will help you make your own.

How To Make Crochet Edge Fleece Blankets?

To begin with, pick a fabric blanket, like flannel, fleece, etc., available at a reasonable price. The safest choice is to find a blanket that comes with stitches around it, helping to crochet.

However, you can also add your own stitches or use a specialized tool to crochet into the fabric directly. Spend some time reading this article as it will help you know the process of making a crochet edge fleece blanket.

We have also put forth some other related information that will help you in preparing the blanket appropriately.

The Technique To Make Crochet Edge Fleece Blanket

Step 1: This is the basic process of how you can simply stitch the blanket around the edge. Making crochet edges is pretty time-consuming and to begin, you will need an H hook, worsted weight yarn, and yarn needle.

Step 2: It is always better to have yarn three times the perimeter of the blanket. In that way, you do not have to worry about the length of the yarn. To do that, you can line the yarn three times around the blanket.

Step 3: Choose the color of the yarn carefully so that it does not fray. To attain evenness between the stitches, use the trick of making little marks on your finger based on how far the stitches will be.

Step 4: Generally, 1/4th inch from a part and edge should be sufficient and not more than 1/2th inch between the stitches. However, if you do not find this step to be a comfortable one, draw a line with a washable marker on your fabric along the edge.

Step 5: It gives an idea of how far you should insert the needle, and trust us, you will not find it difficult.

Step 6: At one end, knot the yarn a couple of times to start the blanket. It should be big enough and must not come out from the hole.

Step 7: Thread your yarn, insert the needle from the back, as well as draw it all the way. After that, go over the edge and get back through the same spot like you entered, and pull the yarn.

Step 8: Insert the needle sideways with the stitch that you have created and continue inserting the needle for the rest from the back. Use the finger to guide as to how far it should be from the previous stitch.

Step 9: After pulling the needle, tug a bit of yarn, following which you must insert the needle beneath the base of the yarn. Continue all around the blanket and pull the yarn tightly to find the point you started from.

Step 10: As you come to the corner, continue with the above process, except you will insert the hook into the same hole thrice. By inserting the needle sideways, connect the first and last stitch into the first stitch.

Step 11: From front to back, insert the needle from the base of the first stitch and cut the yarn. Cut it long to tie it properly and to start the crochet border. Insert the hook into any of the stitches and draw the yarn through it.

Step 12: Two chain stitches are required, and tie the knot in the yarn. It is done to secure before you start weaving. Start creating the border according to your preference, but it is better to start with a simple one.

Step 13: Try single crocheted as the stitches are 1/4 inch apart, and if it is 1/5, you can chain one in between. Repeat the step around the blanket to complete the entire process, and your crochet edge fleece blanket is ready.

Things To Get While Starting To Crochet

A few things are there that everyone must get they start to crochet. You cannot begin the process unless you have all the things.


Crochet is a yarn craft, so the first thing to buy is the yarn. It is classified by its fibers and weight, and different types are there. The common types you can get are wool, polyester, wool, superwash merino, acrylic, cotton, etc.

Thus, based on your requirement, you can choose the type of yarn. Do not buy a cheap product as it will not be good for crocheting. Buy something that goes with the blanket and looks proper.

The Hooks

Crochet cannot be done if you do not have the hook. Many people confuse it with the needle, but knitting is done with that and not crocheting. Many hooks are there like aluminum, ergonomic, bamboo, handcrafted, and plastic.

It is better to get various sizes of hooks so once you become an expert in using them according to the need. While purchasing the hook, consider the size as it should match the yarn label.

Ergonomic hooks are comparatively better than other materials as it puts less stress level on your hand. With that, you can continue doing crocheting without feeling tired.

Hook Case

It is not compulsory to have this, but having this will help you in keeping all the things in place. If you already have a cabinet set or a drawer, you can avoid buying a hook case.

Stitch Markers

They are a necessary item as you will need to mark the edges while starting initially. However, at some point, when you become an expert, you will no longer need the stitch markers.

While doing bigger projects, like preparing a blanket, you can use stitch markers. It will help in keeping track of the rows, and with that, you do not lose track.

Apart from that, you can use the stitch markers in different ways while crocheting a blanket.

Tapestry Needle

It is the basic crochet material that looks similar to a sewing needle. The needle has a soft tip and does not split the yarn. They are used in the end once you have completed and about to tie off.

The needle is also used to sew the work together, and bent tip tapestry needles are far better. They look like ergonomic hooks of the needle.

How Much Yarn You Must Have To Make Crochet Edge Fleece Blankets?

To make a crochet edge fleece blanket, you must have yarn, which is three times the perimeter of the blanket. If you take a smaller length, it may fall short, following which you may need to start with a new yarn.

If it is bigger, there won’t be any problem as you can cut the remaining part that’s left at the end. To measure the size, wrap the yarn around the entire blanket thrice and keep that size into consideration.

Do I Need To Complete The Entire Process Of Making The Blanket At A Time?

Of course, if the size of the blanket is huge, you cannot complete the entire thing in one go. Also, it is a time-consuming task, so you can take time and do it.

In case you find it difficult to understand at any step, several online resources are there to guide you. Many classes are there that teach how you can make such things. By joining any of the classes, you can learn the technique.

However, it is not that difficult, so you should first try by following the above steps. Once you have learned the technique, you can weave fast.


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