How To Sew A Cover For A Pillow Form

Knowing the process to prepare a cover for a pillow form will allow you to try new things. With that, you can make new covers and change them whenever you want so.

The process to prepare a cover for the pillow form is simple, and understanding the step-by-step procedure will give you an idea about it. It’s interesting and allows you to use any cover that looks great on your pillows.

How To Sew A Cover For A Pillow Form?

The best part is knowing the process lets you prepare the cloth in just 30 minutes. By this, you can make a customized cover for your pillow foams. Additionally, the covers you design are washable, and you can change them when you want.

Be with us if you are interested in knowing the procedure to make a cover that looks like the one you get on the market. It is the easiest task that you will ever do, and you will love to do it over again.

Steps To Sew A Cover For A Pillow Form

Method 1: Using Two Piece Of Fabric

Step 1: Get The Cloth Of The Cover

First of all, you have to purchase the fabric you wish to use to prepare the cover. It can be of a style, and you have the freedom to choose any cloth of your choice.

With the cloth, a few things are also there that you must have. If it is there at home, you do not have to buy it; otherwise, you need to.

They are measuring tape, sewing pins, scissors, light marker or pen, ruler, iron, and sewing machine.

Step 2: Wash The Fabric

Since you are doing it for the first time, you may not know that after sewing, the cover can shrink. Hence, it is prescribed to wash the cloth and dry it normally. After that, you should iron the fabric so that you can start the process.

Step 3: Measure The Pillow Form

Now it’s time to measure the pillow form for which you need a cover. Do not simply cut the cloth in any shape as it may lead to wastage. The suitable way to do it is to measure the pillow form, and you must note the dimensions.

Increase by one inch at the sides, so even if it shrinks, there is enough space for the form to go in. If it becomes small, there won’t be any point as it will be a waste.

Step 4: Cut The Fabric

Take a scale and pen and mark the cloth as per the dimensions. Ensure it is not smaller, and the line should be straight, and you must cut two pieces of cloth.

It is a crucial step, and all other steps are dependent on this. If you do not do the step properly, the entire process will get affected.

Step 5: Hemming The Sides Of The Cover

Now it’s time to hem the sides of the cover after aligning both ends. Check if all the sides are uniform and if any extra cloth is coming out from any side, cut that out.

Not fold by ? inch on all sides of the fabric and press down and again by ? inch and press. Put the pins so that the cloth remains in place; otherwise, it may come out any time.

After that, you can sew the hem by 1/8 inch on all three sides using the sewing machine.

Step 6: Take Out The Sewing Machine

Take your sewing machine out and choose the kind of stitch you want. A variety of stitches are there, and by rotating the button, you can change them.

Once you have fixed it, now place the cloth and stitch on all three sides. Now put the pillow foam inside the cover and seal the fourth side. After that, the cover for the pillow foam is ready.

Press on all four sides so it will have a sharp surface and your cover is ready.

Method 2: Using One Piece Of fabric

The above process was using two pieces of fabric, and the process to be followed is with one piece.

Step 1: Repeat The Above Steps

It is similar to the above process, but here, you will be cutting out only a single piece of fabric. Considering that, the above steps, like step 1, step 2, and step 3 are exactly the same.

Once you have completed the above steps, you should proceed to the next step explained here.

Step 2: Cutting The Piece Of Cloth

Now, cut the piece of cloth, and the measurement should be twice what you have taken. It will be rectangular, and now you have only three sides to be stitched.

Step 3: Fold Sides And Put Pins

Fold the sides by 1/4, press them, and again ?, and use pins so that it does not come up. Keep the wrong side facing up and take out your sewing machine.

Fix the stitch that you wish to do on the sides of the sewing and insert the same color thread to sew two sides only.

Step 4: Turn The Cover

After sewing, turn the cover and insert the pillow inside it. After that, press on all three sides and sew the fourth side. With that, the cover for the pillow form is ready.

Both the processes are almost similar, and the difference is in one you have to cut two pieces, and in the other only one. Based on your wish, you can prefer any procedure to sew a cover for a pillow form.

Things To Remember While Making A Cover For A Pillow Form

The Shape Of the Pillow Form

Pillow form can come in any shape and size, so you have to be careful while cutting the fabric. If you do not keep the size and shape in consideration, and chances are high that you will commit a mistake.

As a result, you will either make a smaller or larger size cover. Use a measuring tape to find the dimensions and use a scale to mark them on the cloth. With that, you can have the exact size you will require.

Purchase Good Quality Cloth

Purchase good quality cloth or else while sewing, it might tear. Many people have faced this issue quite a lot of times. They think it may be because they have made some mistake in the process, or while sewing.

But the fact is it is due to poor quality cloth, and you should avoid buying that. As you will be using it for a long time, so purchase a good one.

Have A Sewing Machine

To start the process, you must have a sewing machine. Without that, you cannot sew the sides as sewing does not give the fineness.

Is Sewing Cover For A Pillow Form Easy?

Yes, sewing a cover for a pillow form is easy, and you can do it within 30 minutes. Two different processes are there; one is with a single fabric, and another is using two pieces of fabric.

In two pieces, you can also use two different kinds as it gives a unique look. It’s all up to you how you would like to customize the cover.

What All Things Will I Require to Sew A Cover For A Pillow Form?

The things you will require to sew a cover are the fabric, measuring tape, scissors, sewing pins, ruler, iron, light marker or pen, and sewing machine. Without all these things, it will be difficult for you to stitch.

While cutting, make sure the cover fits in the pillow form. If it does not, the cover will again be of no use. To avoid that, it is always better to have correct measurements and cut the cloth accordingly.


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