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How to Sew Curtains with a Sewing Machine

Curtains are large, clearly visible, and very useful for any home and commercial space. Everybody needs the curtains to maintain privacy, prevent extra glare, and improve the interior aesthetic of the home.

Most of the people visit the market and buy the curtains whenever they need new ones. You should not do the same if you have recently started learning sewing. It is the time for you to try your sewing skills and prepare something personalized for your home. Sewing the curtains is a very simple task. Follow the given steps and you will get what it takes to create charming curtains.

Arrange the raw material and tools:

Sewing curtains would be more enjoyable and much easier if you have all the sewing and cutting tools. Arrange all the supplies to make sure you prepare impressive personalized curtains without forgetting any step. Everything you will need is presented in this article.

  • Fabric:

There are many fabric stores where you can find beautiful fabric for your curtains. Stores offer a set of curtain fabrics that you can get to prepare different size curtains for all the windows at your home. If it is your first time and you do not want take a chance with the new fabric, use a cloth that you do not use anymore. It would be great if you use an old bed sheet or something similar to learn how to sew curtains.

  • Fabric cutting and measurement tools:

You will need scissor and measurement tape to cut the right size pieces of a large fabric in order to prepare the curtain. You can either use the yardstick or measurement tape. Check the unit in which you are comfortable and then get it.

  • Drapery Weights:

Drapery weights are needed to prevent the curtain from blowing with wind. Normal curtains move a lot with the wind due to which your privacy is compromised. You can easily find the weights for your curtains in a local sewing supply store.

  • Straight pins and the basic sewing supply:

The straight pins are quite essential when you are working on a sewing project. It is used to keep the fabric in the right position so that you can sew comfortably. In addition, you will need basic sewing supply like thread, needle, etc. to finish the sewing job quickly.

The sewing process:

Sewing the curtains would be a great project, especially if you have recently purchased a modern sewing machine. The stitches will be even and you can sew much faster than sewing with hands.

Follow the given steps to sew the curtains:

  • Prepare the fabric:

Fabric preparation is a very important part. The fabric should be minimum 8” longer and 4” wider than the actual size of the window or area where you are planning to hang it. Iron the whole fabric to ensure there are no folding marks and the edges are trim. Now hold the fabric from the center point and fold it to cut half. Thus, you will get two curtains to cover the windows.

  • Prepare the edges:

The wrong side of the fabric should be facing you because now you are going to prepare the side hems. Fold the side edges and iron them to keep sharp. Fold the upper and lower hems and iron them. Use the straight pins to keep the fabric in the folded position. Now use the sewing machine to stitch the folded edges. Use the matching thread so that the edges can look natural.

  • Clip the curtain rings and stitch the drapery weights:

The sewing process is almost done. Now is the tip to attach the clips. You can create tiny holes right below the upper hems to fix the curtain clips. Make sure all the holes are at the same distance from the upper hem so that the curtain’s length will be same. If you do not want to use the clips, you can sew the upper hem a bit longer to fix the hanging stick in it. Thus, the curtains will get fixed permanently.

Do not forget to stitch the drapery weights. Take the measurements and find spots above the lower hem to stitch the drapery weights. Keep the weights at the same distance so that curtains can fall beautifully and hang perfectly without moving a lot.

That’s how you can sew beautiful curtains without spending much time. You can also use some colorful fabrics to prepare tiny or medium size hearts and other shapes to stitch them over the main curtain fabric. Thus, you will get unique curtains for your home. So, try the suggested method to prepare your very first personalized curtains. One time practice would be enough to learn how to prepare the curtains. So, you can buy expensive fabric later to prepare more beautiful curtains for your home.


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