How To Thread A Needle With A Threader

We all have used needles at one point or the other, or someone else has helped us with our needlework. And have seen the struggle people go through in trying to fix up the needle with a thread. It can be a painful experience for some and even those that have done it dozens of times still go through some strain and stress fixing the needle. 

Now, this is one part of the sewing task that even the professionals might want to skip if given the opportunity. It is difficult to come across someone that enjoys this experience. 

How to Thread a Needle with A Threader

Threading a needle involves fixing a side of the thread through the eyes of the needle, with the thread of required length. This is the manual process, but we now have threaders that can automatically get the thread through the eyes of the needle at a go. The purpose of making the threader is to make it easier and faster in threading your needle. 

Why You Should Use a Threader

No matter your experience, you might still find threading the needle an unpleasant task. And you are going to spend a considerable amount of time threading the needle. This is not a task anyone will want to be happy doing, and the following reasons are why you should use a threader over handle manually fixing a thread in the needle:

  • It is less stressful to use a threader, for you will not have to strain your eyes finding the eyes of the needle. And also, you will not go through the emotional stress of over-concentration on the task. The threader is more relaxing and fun to use when sewing. 
  • You might spend a considerable amount of time trying to fix the thread on the needle. Professionals will want to get this task done faster and get to another important task. While it is an unavoidable task for those that are not professionals, it will help save you time while you take on other jobs. 
  • It makes users more productive because they can get to the task faster. They do not have to spend much time on threading the needle. 
  • It is more effective, threading a tight needle. Some people do not know how to thread a needle tight and may end up getting lost stitches on the needle. 

Steps to Use a Needle Threader 

The needle threader is not a complicated tool, and anyone can use it. You will follow the steps as shown below to fix your needles using a Threader. 

Step 1

Hold the needle and the needle threader in both of your hands, one facing the other. And, then raise the needle threader, with the loop inserted into the eyes of the needle. This is pretty easy to achieve because the loop of the threader is bigger and firmer than the thread. With a thread, this will be difficult to achieve. 

Step 2

Now with the loop of the needle threader firmly inside the eye of the needle, hold both of them in one hand. With both of them firmly, on one hand, fix the thread on the loop of the needle threader which is held with the other hand. As the thread passes through the loop, draw it some length further making a tail at the other side of the loop. 

Step 3

We now have two sides of thread at varying lengths together. With one length longer than the other, hold the two sides of the thread together, with your hands firmly holding the needle threader and the needle together still. 

Step 4

Gradually pull the loop out of the eyes of the needle and this will draw the thread along the eye of the needle. You should continue to draw the thread, and release the shorter length of the thread on the loop. The entire length of the shorter thread will pull off the needle at this stage. 

Step 5

You then pull the shorter thread all through till both sides are equal. At this stage, you have dispatched the needle threader, and left with the needle and thread. You can then tie a knot at the upper side of the thread if you intend on sewing with a double thread. 

You can see how easy it is using a threader and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. It is a simple process and once you get the task right, you will never be worried about threading a needle. With this tool, threading has become one of the easiest takes in sewing. 

How to Learn More about Threading a Needle 

As a professional, you cannot escape threading a needle, while an amateur will need more knowledge on this topic to make tasks easier. We have gotten the knowledge about a threader, which is a more convenient way of threading the needle more than the manual method. 

However, many people might still be unaware of many of these innovations. And will be stuck with struggling to fix a needle. How do we keep up with innovations and other ideas related to sewing in the industry? 

To make sewing easier, you should stay up to date through the following ways:

  • The internet 

The internet is a great tool for information, to stay up with the latest trend and information about what is happening in the world today, especially in sewing related issues. One of the ways through which the majority of people got to know about the needle threader is through the internet. You can find these items on sales on various online stores, or on platforms of popular stores that promote sewing machines and accessories. 

  • From industry experts 

Are you in connection with top industry experts or people that have been in the business for a long time? They are us aware of the latest trends, and fashion tools in the industry. Keeping up to dates with these e pets will expose you to these tools and the latest information. You can keep in contact with the people that taught you how to sew and seek information or the latest tools they are using at the moment. 

  • Forums and groups. 

You can join several related forums both offline and online. At these forums, people get to share information about what they use, the latest tools in the market, and so on. There is a flow of information and it is good to be part of these groups and learn from the people here, as everyone shares ideas and information. There are many of these groups online, fund suitable ones available on popular platforms, and follow the suitable ones. Remember to be active, and ask questions, for you will surely find people to help you out in such forums. 

  • Social media

With social media, you can easily follow people of similar interests, and can easily get info from industry experts. Follow people of similar interests on these platforms and get real information on the latest trend and information on related issues. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms are one of the richest sources of trendy information in our present-day world. If you know how to search for relevant information through the use of the tools on these platforms, you will be seconds away from the latest information in your industry. 

Related Questions 

Can the needle threader be used for all needle types? 

Yes, it can be used for all needle types, as long as they have an eye. It is made specifically to fit into the eyes of the needle. 

Will people not find it still as difficult fixing the loops through the eye of a needle-like thread? 

The loop is not as soft and tiny as a thread. The loop is firm as small enough to go through the eye of the needle at a go.


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