How To Use A Rolled Hem Foot On Sewing Machine

Gone are the days, when people used to sit with threads and needles to sew clothes and used yarns to make apparels. Today, we have the advent of sewing machines that have made our lives a lot easier.

Whether it is to redesign your top or make a shirt from scratch, you just need to use the right sewing technique that can do the magic. There have been plenty of advancements in the sewing machines that were meant to deal with the sewing challenges.

The electronic sewing machines have been a blessing that has catered to all the issues regarding sewing and offered a seamless sewing experience. It comes with different types of presser foot that assist in the correct sewing.

All you need is to use them in the right way. There is a different foot for various sewing types. For instance, to create roll hems, you need a rolled hem presser footer. Whether you need to make a nice scarf or fold the seam of your shirt, rolled hem presser foot would help a lot.

If you are confused about using this presser foot to roll up the hem, this article is just the right place to be. Learn about the steps to use the foot and some other information related to it.

How to Use A Rolled Hem Foot On Sewing Machine?

It is as simple as sewing any other type of stitch. First, you need to prepare the inches of fabric that needs to be folded. Now fold the hem as you want, you can also hand stitch it for better precision. Gently feed the folded fabric into the presser foot and start the machine. The foot will start folding up the hem; you just need to provide it in the right direction. You will get a perfectly rolled up hem within no time.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use To Use Rolled Hem Presser Foot

It is always better to learn the detailed method of using a presser foot, especially when you are using a rolled hem presser foot. Here is a step-by-step guide for using this hem in the best possible way:

#1 Prepare the Fabric

First and foremost task is to prepare the fabric right before placing it into the presser foot. If you are using lighter fabric, you need to handle it with care and stabilize it before stitching. You can also cut a narrow strip of about 1/8” a fuse this to the edge of the fabric.

#2 Fold The Hem

Once you have set the fabric, it’s time to fold the hem by the width of the interfacing strip. After folding it once, you need to fold it again along with the same width. You can pin it to secure the stitch. 1 or 2 inches of the hem is an ideal way to roll up the edges.

#3 Time To Stitch The Hem

After folding the hem, start feeding the fabric into the presser foot. For better security, place a tissue paper under the foot that will prevent the fabric from sinking into the plate when sewing. Now gently, place the pin right above the fabric. Slowly roll the outer edge of the fabric and take to the inner edge of the foot. Start with a 2-3 stitch, just to get hold of the fabric.

#4 Feed The Fabric Into The Presser Foot

It’s time to feed the fabric into the foot and start stitching. Once you feed the material, the foot will start taking the fabric, and you just need to hold it gently. Keep control over the speed once you reach the edges. It is the most crucial step of the entire process that needs your attention. There are chances that fabric can sink into the throat plate if you lose the concentration.

#5 Finishing The Stitch

Once you have reached the edge of the rolled hem, you need to finish the hem. You need to pull the edge towards you and stitch the hem gently. You need to curl the hem and place the foot right above the curled edge. Fold-down the fabric edge with your hand as you stitch it along. 1/6” – 1/8” would be sufficient for a rolled hem.

When you have completed the entire rolled hem, you can remove the tissue paper that you have placed and cut along the unnecessary threads on the fabric.

Why is Rolled Hem Presser Foot Used?

There is a presser foot for different kinds of stitches. It not only helps in stitching in the best way possible, but it also makes your work easier and hassle-free. That’s exactly what a rolled hem presser foot would do for you. Here are a few reasons why you must always use a rolled hem presser foot:

  • It is the fastest way to stitch a rolled hem. Instead of pressing hems and straight stitching is every time, you can simply use a rolled hem presser foot to do the magic.
  • The hems formed from a presser foot are even and neat like newly stitched cloth. If you want to make scarfs, you should definitely use this presser foot.
  • Fabrics which are difficult to create perfect hems on can be done smoothly with the help of this presser foot. Sheer fabrics and synthetics make it quite impossible to create hems, but a presser foot can make it seem like a cakewalk.
  • Not only the straight edges, but you can create hems on the gentle curves as well with a little practice on foot.
  • If you are worried about those deep curves and sewing corners, you should definitely try out the rolled hem foot.

Tips For Using Rolled Hem Foot

Even if you have become a pro by now, a little advice will take you a long way. Here are a few tips that will help along-:

  • When you stitch along the edges, make sure to hold the edge out gently. It will allow the foot to take up the fabric easily.
  • Do not try to curl or pull on the fabric and feed it to the foot. Curved channels on foot will automatically take up the material. You might have to reposition it at regular intervals.
  • If your hem looks wrinkled by the end, just run an iron through it, don’t try to stretch it. If you gently press the hem, it will look better and more finished.

Related Questions

Can I use rolled hem presser foot on different fabrics?

When it comes to rolling the hem by presser foot, people are generally apprehensive about the type of fabric they can use. There are no particular guidelines for the right or wrong fabric for the rolled hem presser footer. If you can handle the material and feed it right without the needle eating on it, you can easily steer through the process. Learn the entire step by step method to use hem presser foot. If you are just starting with a rolled hem, you must try with stronger fabric like cotton and then move to delicate fabrics like chiffon.

How to finish the rolled hem with presser foot?

Every stitch that you create in a sewing machine needs to be completed. When you use rolled hem presser foot, you need to complete it.

When you start feeding the fabric, the presser foot will begin rolling it, and once you reach the end of the fabric, you need to curve it along the edges so the presser foot can create an ending stitch.

You can either use a reverse stitch to lock up the fabric edge. Either way, you will get a perfectly secured end stitch with the rolled hem presser foot.

If you are not comfortable with the end stitch on the sewing machine, you can stop right before the edge and take out the fabric to hand stitch it with much better hold.






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