How to Use Buttonhole Foot

If you are sewing a fabric that needs buttonholes, you have to get the right tool. Also, to make neat and perfect buttonholes, a buttonhole foot comes in handy. So, do you know what it is, the steps on how to use it, and the benefits? Well, you don’t have to. In this article, you learn all this. Read along.

A buttonhole foot is a component you get together with your sewing machine to aid you in making buttonholes. To use the foot, all you have to do is remove your presser foot and replace it with the buttonhole foot to make holes on your fabric.

It is a standard tool in most modern machines. It can sound scary to use at first, but what people don’t know is the secret behind getting perfect buttonholes is not on how to use the buttonhole foot. The secret lies in how you prepare and handle your fabric. Do you want to know more? Continue reading.

How to Use Buttonhole Foot?

Here are the basics. Take the buttonhole foot and insert it in the presser foot slot. Attach the foot to the machine to bring the stop bar down and start sewing. Then, the machine stops and reverses and even memorizes the buttonhole sizes. That is how it makes perfect even buttonholes. It is that simple!

Steps to Use a Buttonhole Foot

Though buttonhole foot is becoming popular in modern sewing machines, using it involves a lot of technicalities. That is because sewers use different sewing machines, which comes with varying usage instructions. In short, how you use a buttonhole foot depends on the type of sewing machine you have.

Having a specific machine model should not worry you much. That is because the use of buttonhole foot remains the same across all modes. You have to follow the following essential steps, no matter the type of machine you use:

Step 1: Locate and Know the Slot

How well are you familiar with your sewing machine? Many sewers make a great mistake of not knowing their machines well. Before you learn how to use a buttonhole foot, you must first understand how the presser foot technology in your machine works. Why is that so?

The buttonhole foot is an additional foot that comes with most modern sewing machines. If you know how to use the presser foot, it will be easier for you to learn how to use a buttonhole foot to make holes for buttons swiftly. So, what do you need to know about your sewing machine?

Locate and know where the slot is. That is because it is where you attach both the buttonhole and presser. To start making your buttonholes, you must first locate it and remove the presser foot to fit in the buttonhole foot. That is what you do in the next step.

Step 2: Remove the Presser Foot and Replace With the Buttonhole Foot

Now that you know where the slot is let’s take this vital step. You have to remove the existing presser foot, which you use in your ordinary sewing, and replace it with the buttonhole foot. How do you do that? First, screw out the presser foot from its slot, then place the buttonhole foot to make buttonholes in your fabric. It is that simple. Remember that space may differ depending on your machine model, so it is vital to take the first step keenly.

Step 3: Determine the Size of the Buttonhole You Need for Your Buttons

You have a specific button in mind, right? So, what buttonhole size do you have to make for your button? Well, it is a problematic task. That is where attachments come in handy. They help you to determine the size accurately. So, how do you know the size you want to make? Below is how you do it:

  1. Take the button you want to make buttonholes for.
  2. Place it on the buttonhole foot and look at the indicator sides. That is to enable you to know the exact size of the buttonhole you need to make.
  3. Take a marker and mark the sides to know where to tailor.

Step 4: Look for the Buttonhole Switch or the Lever to Start Stitching

Do you remember the step one buttonhole format I mentioned earlier? Now, the above step aids you in designing the buttonhole effortlessly. Unlike the step 4 format where you do it manually, all you have to do in step 1 is mark the buttonhole’s size. The machine stitches the buttonholes automatically using the lever or automatic stitch.  How do you do that?

  • Do you see the lever on the switch on your machine? Locate it.
  • If you find a lever, pull it down to start designing your buttonholes on the fabric.
  • Now, if it is a switch, you need to turn it on. That makes the machine start making buttonholes design for your buttons automatically.

Step 5: What Is the Extension Point? Mark It!

It is essential to know a particular point where the buttonhole should reach. That is to make the buttonhole perfect, even, and give room for the Buttonhole foot to freely work while making the hole. So, how do you mark the point?

You can use either a pencil or a pin. Once you make the mark well, you can move the foot to all the points without worrying about stepping out. Remember, you need a perfect size for your button. A bigger or smaller hole brings inconvenience.

Step 6: Using Four Times Stitch Formula With 4 Step Buttonhole Design

You use the step when you decide to stitch the buttonhole manually. Here, you use the four steps with four different types of stitches, one after the other. Now, this step may take time, but the excellent part of it is it gives you the freedom to design the buttonhole. You can precisely draw and stitch the buttonhole the way you desire to have it.

Benefits Of Using a Buttonhole Foot

A sewing machine comes with different parts to help it function properly. For you to make perfect fabrics, you must learn the work of every piece. That is because each section has a specific function, and it is up to you to know how to use it to make perfect fabrics.

A buttonhole presser foot is one of the components in your machine. It helps you design and come up with precise buttonholes on your fabric. Once you use it, you admit that it makes the work of making buttonholes smooth and more comfortable.

As you can see above, using a buttonhole foot is easy. All you have to do is locate the presser foot slot and remove it. Place the buttonhole foot, fix it in place, mark the hole position, and stitch. You have a perfect, even buttonholes in just a few steps, which is impressive. Whether you do it professionally or for fabrics at home, the above steps make you stitch buttonholes like a pro.

What Is a Buttonhole Foot?

In simple terms, a buttonhole foot is a component that comes with a sewing machine. It doesn’t look easy to use, but the unique presser foot helps you design and make buttonholes. That is, by creating different stitch types and structures on your fabric. It makes buttonholes much comfortable and faster.

What Is a Sliding Buttonhole Foot?

It is a foot you use when you want to create perfectly aligned and even buttonholes using a 4 step buttonhole machine. The foot is much easier to use, unlike the regular buttonhole foot. It has a sliding plate under the foot with spaced marking that starts and stops buttonhole making at a precise point.


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