How To Use Single Fold Bias Tape

Believe it or not, sewing has made our lives easier and stylish. We can embellish any garment at any point in time, with the right technique and stitching accessory. There are plenty of different stitching methods that can be used for various purposes. No matter which design you choose to make on your apparel, you need to give it a proper finish.

So, have you heard about bias tape? Yes, the single fold tape that is done on the armholes and necklines of apparel. Irrespective of how your clothes look, the bias tape will make it better on many levels. That’s the beauty of bias tape. You can keep it visible or hide it inside the garment, but it is highly essential to bias the edges to give a smooth finish and decorative contrast to the outfit.

How To Use Single Fold Bias Tape?

Using bias tape is easy if you learn some simple tape. You can either buy it from a sewing store or make your own bias tape. You can use single fold bias tape for binding, seam finishes, button loops, drawstrings, and decorations. There are endless ways to use single fold bias tape; you just need to experiment with the ways.

Ways To Use Single Fold Bias Tape

There are plenty of ways in which you can use bias tape. From lining your night suits to making cute loops, single fold bias tapes are versatile and serve different purposes. The major purpose is to make the garment look neat and finished. Here are some of the best uses of single fold bias tape.


Remove the seam allowance of the garment and finish the raw edges with bias tape. You can also use a double fold bias tape for better and embellished finishing. Simply edge stitch the inner fold. Using contrasting tape would give an attractive outlook to the garment. Binding is also an essential step to secure your garment’s edges, so you must not skip it. Even garment manufacturing companies use binding to avoid the usage of facings or linings. That’s how important binding is.

Seam Finishes

Seam finishes are by far the best and optimal use of a single fold bias tape. You can find these majorly on garments like skirts and jeans. It helps in elevating the quality of the garment and work wonder for heavy fabrics in particular. You can either use matching bias tape or contrast it with the fabric color. As the name suggests, seam finishes simply finish the garment by making it look aesthetically appealing. When you practice seam finishes regularly, you can even start making them without the tapes.

Button Loops

Everyone loves button loops in their garments, even if they don’t have buttons. Simple button loops created with single fold bias tapes are highly attractive. If you don’t have a buttonhole presser foot, you can make these amazing bias tape button loops that will add more beauty to your apparel. You will never run out of ideas once you start practicing these loops. You can either create in your shirt or use it as a decorative pattern in your tops. You can make this by edge stitching and folding the flat bias strip in two halves.


Drawstrings are lifesavers, we all would agree to that. Whether you are stitching new pajama pants or making bags, drawstrings have become an essential part of the garment to hold it together. Guess what, you can easily use single fold bias tape for making drawstrings as well. It is quite easy to stitch drawstrings. Start edges stitching on the open side. Clear the raw edges and stitch along the short ends. Don’t forget to leave an opening to turn them right side out. Use different colored and patterned tapes to make your drawstrings more interesting.


Stitching can make anything look beautiful, and single fold bias is nothing different. It can be efficiently used to decorate your fabrics and embellish everything. Generally, it is used to deck up the cushions, pillowcases, carpets. Just pin the single fold bias tape on the fabric you need to decorate and start edge stitching the tape on both sides. It is much easier to sew in a straight line, but you can use other patterns as well. Single fold bias tape itself gives away a curved look when you stitch it on cushions and pillowcases.

These are some of the commonly used ways to add the magic of single-bias tape in your stitching. You can brainstorm ideas and keep experimenting to find new ways of using these amazing bias tapes.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Single Fold Bias Tape

Bias tape is used for seaming the edges of the garment and giving it a perfect finish. Here are the steps you can follow to complete the bias tape with a single fold.

Step 1 – Press The Curve

Single fold bias tape is used in areas that have high curves, so before starting the process, it is best to press the curve for further stitching. It will help in controlling the fabric and avoid wrinkles.

Step 2 – Pin It

Now that you have pressed down the curves, it is important to pin the edges. Open up the side of the bias and pin it by keeping the wrong side up. If you want to decorate your neckline, make sure to pin it inside.

Step 3 – Overlap

If you are adding bias tape to a circular area like a neck opening, you must start from an area that does not come under notice. When you reach the starting point after circling, overlap the ends and leave the end flat.

Step 4 – Stitch and Fold

Now start stitching along the creases close to the edges. Use a single fold bias tape with ¼raw edge. Keep stitching and folding until you get a finished seam.

Step 5 – Fold Down

Once you have stitched the entire tape, its time to press the bias to the different side and press it down. This will help in fine-tuning the edges.

Step 6 – Stitch the Edges

Now you need to stitch the bias from the edges or close to the bottom edge. Now you need to give your finished bias a proper press so that it can set well. It would help if you flattened it as much as possible to even out all the rawness.

What is Single Fold Bias?

Bias tapes are used to give a clean and finished look to the garment. It is created by folding two of the long edges of the strip into the center of the tape in a way that the final width becomes half. It is ideally used for lining the necks and armholes in an agreement. Single fold bias is an embellishment that can give your garment a finished look. It is important to use the bias tape, irrespective of fabric type of clothing; you can use bias tape in any way. You just need to know the right technique to make it.

What is the Difference Between Single and Double-Fold Bias Tape?

There are majorly two types of bias tapes that are used in stitching: single fold and double-fold. Single fold and double-fold bias tape. It is quite simple to understand these folds. The single-fold comes with two folds, and the double fold bias tape comes with three folds. The latter is generally used to bind the edges and can be visible from outside the garment. In contrast, single fold bias tape can be used as a narrow facing that is hidden inside the garment. Single fold bias is a commonly used style for different garments.


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