Is It OK To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Dress Pants

Yes, it is completely okay to sew down the cuffed hem on dress pants. A procedure is here which you can follow to carry out the task.

Sewing down the cuffed hem on dress pants is simple, and by making a few alterations, you can do it on your own. Pay attention to measurements while hemming on dress pants is important, or else you might make it too short.

Here we have discussed the step-by-step process, which you can follow to sew down the cuffed hem on dress pants. Take a look here to know about the process, after which you can start with it.

Is It OK To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Dress Pants?

It’s really not at all tough to sew down the cuffed hem on pants, provided you know the process. If you are unaware of the procedure and start doing it without proper knowledge, you may go wrong.

The cuffs can serve as a decorative element or find application in decreasing the length of the trousers. We have found that our readers wish to know the process and do not have enough resources.

Keeping that in mind, we have written an article so you can learn how to sew down cuffed them after reading the step-by-step procedure.

The Process To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Dress Pants

The Basic Steps

Step 1: First of all, take the pants and mark the hem using a marker or a pen. Turn both the pant legs and specify the bottom edge of the new hemline.

Step 2: Take the measurement carefully to be hemmed from the original hemline till the mark you have made.

Step 3: Step 2 needs to be done on both legs and cross-check twice to eliminate any mistake in the measurement.

Step 4: After that, find the width of the original cuff already present on the pants.

Step 5: Take out the stitches, make sure the cuff is in the proper place. It is done using a few stitches, so opening won’t be difficult. Stitches keep the cuff properly with the outside leg seam and inseam.

Step 6: Fold the cuff and take a dimension from the folded bottom to the top of the cuff and mark using chalk. It is the new fold line for the hem, and the marking should be at the center back, front, and on each side for both pants.

Step 7: The length between the two marks you have made needs to be the desired width of the cuff.

Step 8: Try measuring the full seam allowance, and it includes the cuff’s width with 1 to 1.5”. You will get the actual seam allowance.

Step 9: Eliminate the stitches from the original hem and turn along the mark and press it.

Step 10: You can use a tailor’s clapper to get a crisp crease. After that, you have to fold the fabric and beneath the pressed crease.

Step 11: Press out the old folded lines and take measurements from the new crease.

Step 12: Take out the excess cloth that you do not require anymore. The edge of the fabric was folded initially, which is extra. But while cutting, you must keep some extra fabric to allow for the fold.

Additional Steps

Step 13: For a properly finished edge, you must turn the edge of the fabric by 1/4th inches. To get a crisp surface, use a tailor’s clapper and press with it.

Step 14: After that, you need to fold the hem and pin the allowance in place. Pinning will help in maintaining a straight stitch when you do.

Step 15: The above step is crucial for people who are doing the process for the first time.

Step 16: To start stitching, you can either use a blind-hem or a straight stitch.

Step 17: Use a sewing machine to stitch the pants to get a clean look. If you are uncomfortable with doing it with the machine, you can hand stitch first.

Step 18: Check if the tool you are using has a removable tray. It allows to wrap the fabric around, and stitching is comparatively easy while stitching from inside.

Step 19: If the machine you use does not have a removable plate, turn the dress pants right side out. You must continue stitching while turning the leg from above.

Step 19: As you keep stitching, take out the pins and once, it gets done, press the pants on both sides.

Step 20: Put the bottom crease towards the right side and measure the dimension of the cuff. Check if it is the same measurement you took earlier.

Step 21: Press the bottom with a tailor’s clapper, and if you find it difficult to press, you can dab a few drops of water and rub the cloth. You can use a brush or cotton to do that.

Step 22: Another way to do the above steep is by using a little vinegar. But before you use the technique, check on the hem allowance. It’s because the process can stain your fabric at times.

Step 23: The next step is to tuck the cuff at the outer leg seam and inseam. It is done to embed the stitches inside the seam, so they are not visible.

Step 24: After that, you must press the hem one more time, and the process is one.

Why Machine Sewing Is Better To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Dress Pants?

Many people may hand stitch the pants and keep them like that. But machine sewing has better benefits, and they are:

  • Better Finishing

Hand stitching won’t give you a crisp and clean look on the pants and may not be uniform. In short, you won’t get the professional look that you get in pants.

Sewing using a machine makes it feel like a professional has done the hemming. By doing this, you are giving a new touch to the old pants.

  • An Easy Way To Reduce The Length Of The Pants

If you find that the length of the pants is too long and you have to get it reduced, sewing down the cuffed hem is a great way to do so.

It is possible to do the entire process at home, so you do not have to visit a tailor. As a result, you can save some dollars here and try a new thing.

Things Required To Sew Down Cuffed Hem

Here are a few things required to sew down the cuffed hem on dress pants :

  • Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a must, as, without that, your process is incomplete. Hand stitching may be inefficient as it may open up after some time. Thus, ensure you have a sewing machine before you start the process.

  • Chalk Or A Marker

To mark the measurements, you must have either chalk or a marker. Without making the marks, you may cut the pants more or make one leg longer and another shorter. So, make sure you have chalk or a marker with you without fail.

  • Pins

The pins will help in maintaining the seam allowance across the entire pant. If you are an expert in stitching, you won’t need pins. But if you are doing it for the first time, you will require it.

Use pins to maintain the cloth intact and open them as you stitch. It helps in obtaining a uniform stitch across the entire area.

  • Thread And Needle

The thread and needle is a must as it is the most important thing for stitching. Make sure to use a similar color thread as that of pants, or else it will look improper.

  • Tailor’s clapper

A tailor’s clapper is a wooden material with rounded ends on one side. It presses the seam, making it flat. While sewing cuffed hem, it is an integral tool that you must have.

  • An Iron

After completing the entire procedure, you have to iron the pants, especially where the sewing gets completed. After completing ironing the pants, it is done, and you can wear and check.

By following the above process, it won’t be a challenge for you to sew the pants. The process is easy-to-understand so any first-time sewer can also follow.

How Much Time Will It Take To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Dress Pants?

Well, it depends upon the person who is doing the process as the time required won’t be the same. For experienced people, it will take a lesser time, while newbies might take a little longer.

But the entire process is easy, and anyone can do it provided you have all the tools. In case you need some more help, you can check some more references on our website.

Is It Necessary To Sew Down Cuffed Hem On Pants?

Well, it is not necessary to sew down the cuffed hem. But if you wish to give a new style to your pants or want to reduce their length, you should consider this choice.


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