What is Lazy Daisy Stitch

Hand embroidery has many stitches that one can use. Lazy daisy stitch is one of those stitches used in embroidery to make flower petals and teardrop shapes. It is quite easy to execute, although you will need a lot of practice to perfect it.

What is Lazy Daisy Stitch?

Lazy daisty stitch is a hand embroidery stitch in the shape of a loop and fastened to the fabric on one end by a small knot stitch. It is also known as the detached or single chain stitch. It is a group of loops stitched and designed to form flowers.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to make a lazy daisy stitch.

How to Do Lazy Daisy Stitch?

Step 1. Hoop the piece of fabric that you want to embroider.

Step 2. Trace your drops or flower petals design on the fabric with a pencil or a water-soluble pen.

Step 3. Thread your needle with your embroidery thread, ready to stitch.

Step 4. Bring your needle up from the underside of the fabric. This stitch should be made at the far end of your embroidery design.

Step 5. With the needle on the right side up, pull your thread lightly.

Step 6. While holding on to your thread with your fingers, push your needle back down at the same point it came up from. This will form a loop with the part of the thread that you are holding onto.

Step 7. Bring your needle up from the bottom of the opposite end of your design. Let your needle go through the loop that you are holding and tug lightly until it touches the fabric and closes the loop.

Step 8. Push the needle down the same point it came up from through the loop to secure it.

Step 9. Cut off your thread. You have completed your lazy daisy stitch.

What Is Lazy Daisy Stitch Used For?

When you know what you are doing, the lazy daisy stitch is quite easy to work with. You can save time while using it to embroider fabric. All you need to do is to trace the designs properly on the fabric, before stitching

The lazy daisy stitch is often used for the following hand sewing projects.

1. Hand embroidery

The lazy daisy stitch is used in hand embroidery to make flowers, leaves, and teardrop embroidery designs. For a sewing expert, this is quite easy to do following the above instruction for each leaf or flower.

2. Embellish knitting projects

The lazy daisy stitch can also be used to add life to knitting projects by adding a flower design on the knit fabric with this stitch.

3. Crochet projects

You can also use the lazy daisy stitch to make crochet projects.

Lazy Daisy Stitch Variations

Double lazy daisy stitch

The lazy stitch has several variations. One of these is the double lazy daisy stitch. In this stitch, you have two lazy daisy designs around each other.

When you make your first lazy daisy stitch embroidery design, change your thread. Then, make a similar design around the first design, so that one is inside the other.

You can make several layers of this design for embroidery on your fabric.

Long-tailed daisy stitch

In this lazy daisy stitch variation, you do not just stitch the flower petals, rather, your flower has a long stalk and a petal. In this stitch, you make the initial stitch as usual.

When making the last stitch to hold down the loop, make it longer than usual. The resulting design will be a long stalk and flower petal.

Spider lazy daisy

This is another easy and beautiful embroidery design to make. First, make several lazy daisy stitches to make a flower with many petals.

When this stage is done, it is best to change your thread color for the next step. Weave your new thread through the lazy daisy stitches for a spider design.

Lazy daisy stitch with two colors

Make several lazy daisy stitches in a circle to form a flower design, Make only the initial loop on the fabric. Change your thread and make the tightening loop at the edges of the anchor loops.

This forms a lazy daisy stitch embroidery design with two colors.

Using more than one anchor stitch

Embroidery requires creativity to make unique and appealing designs. This is one of the unique designs of the lazy daisy stitch. Once you have completed your initial loop, change the thread of the fabric to make the anchor loop.

Make two or more anchor loops on the initial loop to bring out a unique and creative lazy daisy stitch embroidery design.

Tulip stitch

In this design too, some creativity is involved to embellish the lazy daisy stitch. This is done by adding a straight stitch to the lazy daisy to form a tulip shape. Hence the name tulip stitch.

Bullion head lazy daisy

This is a lazy daisy stitch combined with a bullion stitch. The lazy daisy stitch is used to make the initial loop. When you get to the anchor loop, instead of closing down the loop normally, you will use a bullion stitch.

This will give your stitch a different look and feel creating a unique embroidery design. This is a simple embroidery design that you can use on different fabric pieces and knitting projects.

Any of the lazy daisy variations can be used also in knitting projects embroidery.

Chain Stitch vs Lazy Daisy Stitch

The lazy daisy stitch is a variation of the chain stitch. The chain stitch is made in a straight line to form a sleek and beautiful embroidery design.

Step 1. The chain stitch is made by bringing the needle to the top from the bottom of the fabric.

Step 2. Then, at the same point the needle came up from, push the needle down to form a loop.

Step 3. From a thread forward, bring your needle up and make sure it goes through the loop. Pull the thread to close the loop but not too tight.

Step 4. Push the needle down through the loop and a thread forward; bring it up again through the loop and pull. Now you have two loops that look like a linked chain.

Step 5. Repeat these steps to the end of the stitch.

From the steps above, you can see that the chain stitch and the lazy daisy stitch are made the same way. For the lazy daisy stitch, however, it does not go on for as long as the chain stitch. Hence the name, detached chain stitch.

The chain stitch is firm and is the stitch used to hem jeans. When using either of these two stitches, it is important to remember not to pull on the loops too tightly.

Tools For Lazy Daisy Embroidery

Like every other aspect of hand embroidery, you need the right tools to successfully embroider with the lazy daisy stitch. First, you will need your embroidery floss.

Choose your floss wisely depending on the colors that you want in your project. If you are going to be using a variation of the lazy daisy stitch, it is best if you got different colored floss.

The embroidery needle is the other essential tool you need. The embroidery needle makes it easy to make the lazy daisy stitch loops depending on the fabric. If you are embellishing a sewing project, make sure you have the correct needle for knit fabric pieces.

The lazy daisy stitch is among the easiest hand embroidery stitches that you can make. It is easy to learn and understand. Within a few hours of practice, you will have perfected your stitch.

Its different variations make it an evergreen embroidery design that you can apply to many sewing and knitting projects. Learn how to make the lazy daisy stitch for quick and easy embroidery.


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