How To Set Up A Brother Sewing Machine

Setting up the brother sewing machine is simple, and you can do it by investing a few minutes and gathering information about the process. Do not get tense, as most of us have come across this similar situation.

Here we have included the process to set a brother sewing machine and some other related information that will be helpful.

We have also included some pointers explaining the common issues that you can come across. Read on to know more!

How To Set Up A Brother Sewing Machine?

Sewing machines come with printed manuals or DVDs where the entire process to set up is mentioned. Alongside that, a collection of accessories are also there, which may not seem quite easy to set up.

The accessories are spare needles, a foot pedal, a screwdriver, spare bobbins, etc. Also, you will have different feet, like a zipper, a buttonhole foot, and a zigzag foot.

Be with us as you will get to know about the process of setting up a brother sewing machine. We have explained the steps in the simplest way, so you can complete the process alone.

The Process To Set Up The Brother Sewing Machine

Let’s take a look at the process to set up the brother sewing machine, following which you can start stitching.

Step 1: The machine comes in a hard carry bag, and you should take it out carefully.

Step 2: Cross-check if you have received all the accessories that you should. Besides that, check the warranty period and every other thing that you are told.

Step 3: If anything is missing, contact customer support and get the unit exchanged. In case everything is fine, continue with step 4.

Step 4: Start setting up the sewing machine by attaching the power cord side and plug in the power cord.

Step 5: Keep the foot pedal below to start the operation. On top, place the reel by pulling up the thread holder.

Step 6: Set the thread by following the diagram shown on the machine. Pull off the empty bobbin and fold the cotton around the bobbin. It will stop the bobbin from coming up.

Step 7: At the top of the bobbin, thread the loose end via the hole. Once you finish it, you can keep it on the bobbin holder. By pushing the needle to one side, you can get the needle released, making it safer.

Step 8: Once loaded, line the bobbin and turn on the switch and keep your foot on the pedal.

Step 9: Now that the bobbin is full, cut the thread and release the bobbin from the holder. After that, you must bring it back to the needle before loading the bobbin.

Step 10: Before loading, remember to switch off the unit. Also, you will need to take out the bobbin casing to ensure the thread is going in the anti-clockwise direction.

Step 11: A small metal arm is there, and you have to just tuck the thread under it. Pull towards the left side of your hand and slide back the case to put it in place.

How To Thread Brother Sewing Machine

While threading, the lever should be in the highest position and a line is there on the handle for that. Once you turn it in, the level will be at the top and after that, follow the diagram as it helps to move the thread.

According to the diagram, it should be around the tension level, up and across the arm, and down to the slip above the needle. The thread will go to the hole in the bottom of the foot and the needle.

Pull it back after you have done all of it, and the foot must be raised while picking the thread from the bobbin. The level is there to lift and lower the foot.

The handwheel must be turned to full motion to pick and pull the thread from the needle. Use a pen or scissors to move the thread to the back, and the machine will also show you which stitches are there.

Pick the number and on the handle, and select zigzag or straight stitches, and you can start doing.

Common Issues and Solutions of Brother Sewing Machine

Facing issues while operating a sewing machine is not new, but it is better to avoid them. The things can be avoided when you know about them, and to start with, you can read the manual instruction guide. 

Bobbin Problems

Always use original bobbins that come with the machine as if you use from another manufacturer, it may not work. It is the right way to get the best stitches as every device has a different bobbin size.

The older devices use a 9.2 mm, while the newer ones use 11.5 mm. The instruction manual specifies the size, so it is better to stick to what it says. Using the wrong size can spoil the sewing machine.

There are chances that the thread must be wounded as it needs to be right below the tension disc above the machine.

Thread Bunching Over The Cloth

It is a common problem, but luckily by following the below steps, you can resolve it.

  • Follow the manual and verify the position of the bobbin case.
  • Cross-check the tension as it should not be low. If so, set it to number four, and missing a take-up level will cause the bunching of thread.
  • You have to rethread the top thread and for that, check the threading line indicator present on the handwheel is at the top.

Fabric Is Not Feeding

This issue appears often, and if the machine has dropped feed, indicating the feed is lowered.

Raise it and check if the cloth is moving forward, and before you start, the foot should be lowered.

The stitch length must not be low, and if it is, your machine is not fed enough.

How Thread Troubles Can Be Eliminated On The Brother Sewing Machine?

While using the thread, the quality is the most important thing to be considered. Using high-quality thread is important, and for that, you do not buy the expensive one.

Several threads are available in the market that you can look at and for which the quality is good and available at a reasonable range. If you want the stitching should be proper, using a good quality thread is always preferred.

Rethread the thread while ensuring the threading line indicator present on the handwheel is at the top and the foot is lifted.

Can the Brother Sewing Machine be set up At Home?

Yes, the brother sewing machine can be set up easily at home by following the step-by-step process explained above. At first, it may seem complicated to you, but trust us, it is exactly the opposite.

However, if you read the manual or watch the DVD, you become more confident about it. Anytime you bump into a problem, refer to the manual as you can quickly solve it.

Tips For Opening The Machine For The First Time?

While opening for the first time, check if you have received all the accessories, like the needle box, bobbins, etc. After that, you should verify the billing date and the warranty card. If the accessories or the warranty card are not, speak with the manufacturer.

Do not start working with the device if a single tool is missing, as you can get it replaced. Use the product when you get it in the same way as the manufacturer has told.

Resources About Setting Up A Sewing Machine

Various online videos are there on YouTube that you can follow for further details. The videos are recorded properly with the machine, which will help you understand and do the process.

However, the steps mentioned above and the manual booklet that you receive is more than sufficient.


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