SINGER 7256 Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine Review

Progress and innovation are significant cornerstones in the world ofsewing machines, and every day a new technology or a product hit on the market creating ripples.Renowned sewing machine brands understand the challenges resulting from frequent changes in the technology, environment,and society and they answer these with innovation.The ease of use, adaptability of the machine, unique designs, USB compatibility, all adds to the acceptance of the product. TheSINGER 7256 Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machinereview will justify why SINGER 7256 is a versatile sewing machine and why it has received warm appreciation form the users.

If you are a budding fashionista looking for a free arm sewing machine, SINGER 7256 is a smart performing sewing machine with several decorative stitches, a handy, free and easy drop-in bobbin system.It features essential built-in requirements to make those fashionable homemade designer outfits.The pre-programmed 70 built-in stitches, five presser feet,and LCD supportmakes decorative stitching and quilting a breeze.

SINGER 7256 Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine

The SINGER 7256 is a computerized sewing machine which you can learn sewing with advanced features, and it lasts a lifetime. Don’t be intimidated by the range of features it has if you are a beginner. It is a great introductory product for novice sewers and an upgraded machine for advanced sewers.

The sewing machine has various features to accomplish some of the most challenging sewing projects as a new user. For beginner level sewers the choice of 70 stitches can be overwhelming, but it helps them to develop their sewing skills and achieve the professional look desired by everyone. Being a computerized machine, the time efficiency of SINGER7256 is appreciable with good speed to take you through even the most complicated sewing projects.


  • 70 built-in stitches
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • 750 stitches per minute
  • Free Arm
  • Six one-step buttonholes
  • A lot of decorative stitches
  • Easy to use bobbin winder
  • LCD screen to display stitch settings
  • Removable extension table for storage


  • Manual adjustment for presser foot pressure is not possible
  • No quilting table

SINGER 7256 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The SINGER 7256 Computerized sewing machine is one of its kinds designed for sewers who are looking for something that’s flexible. The sewing machine is simple in design, yet is able to handle different projects. 70 built-in stitches are sufficient for sewing garments and fashion accessories as it has decorative, heirloom, stretch,and zigzag stitches.

The stitch selection is great for stitching your own clothes, hemming; to create unique home accessories, quilting projects, free motion and applique projects. Stitcheslike zigzag can also modify up to 7mm of width and 6mm of length. The SINGER 7256 even has a neat stippling stitch to make stunningly crazy designs on your quilts.

Even advanced level sewers appreciate the time efficiency and speed of this computerized sewing machine along with its professional finishing abilities. Don’t get surprised; the sewing machine can cloak 750 stitches per minute, which is more than average of its class. The tie off feature is another convenient feature of SINGER 7256; you just need to push a button to reinforce the ends of a seam.

With many features to choose from, the SINGER 7256 makes completing heavy duty projects rather easy. The sewing machine is sturdy as it has an internal metal frame and its housing built with excellent quality plastic. It can also mount to a cabinet so that you get enough support to work with large fabrics. Sewing across a wide range of fabric like crepe, knits, chiffon, denim, sailcloth, and jersey cannot get more comfortable.

Under the LCD screen are the buttons to change the stitch selection pattern and stitch width and length settings. There is also a reverse button that functions according to how the stitches you want to sew. When you use azigzag and straight stitch, the reverse button sews in reverse. Whereas, for every other stitch, pressing the button sews 4 tiny stitches in a compass pattern to secure the decorative stitches in the right place. Although the feed dogs don’t drop, the machine features a darning plate that covers the feed dog so that you can attach button, darn materials or even do free motion work.

The SINGER 7256 has automatic needle thread to facilitate effortless needle threading for beginners. Sewers of all levels will enjoy threading automatically, and built-in buttonholes also facilitate single direction sewing with ease. The 6 styles of built-in buttonholes come handy while creating perfectly balanced buttonholes. Users who own the machine also rave about the automatic tension for better stitch quality on all fabrics you shall be working.

One of the convenient features of SINGER 7256 is the free arm, which allows you to work with curved and tight areas like collars, cuffs or other small items. Another comfortable feature is the drop-in bobbin that incorporates a jam-proof rotating hook for smooth and jam-resistant sewing and a transparent bobbin stitch top cover.A smooth feeding system is also a plus for the sewing machine as it accentuates the results of your custom projects. SINGER does this at its best by offering 6 segment feed for users.

All stitch patterns are accessible via the LCD screen. The display not only shows the stitch pattern, but it also displays the presser foot selection as well. As you can see the stitches graphically on the LCD, you can save a lot of time by not scrolling down through the entire list to choose the stitch you require.

The SINGER 7256 has an array of accessories which can conveniently store in the extension table located near the free arm. The accessories include spare bobbins, presser feet assortment, needles and a darning plate.

It has a perfect balance of features and functionalities while still being simple in operations. Users also get an instructional DVD that assists you in everything ranging from threading the needle to rewinding the bobbin. With a capability to create 750 stitches per minute, 70 built-institches,and 6 buttonhole stitches, it is an excellent buy for any beginner. It was introduced just for the sewer who loves fashion and delights in creating their own outfits.

Guide to choosing a good computerized sewing machine

Buying a computerized sewing machine is an exciting decision that amazingly impacts your future but only if you select an excellent machine. This guide will help your shopping for a computerized sewing machine easier.

Is the machine suitable for both beginners and advanced level sewers?

The question is little tricky as finding a machine suitable for both beginners and advanced level sewers isn’t that easy. The beginners might feel comfortable with basic functions instead of complexities whereas, for advanced level sewers, it might seem very simple. In that case, SINGER 7256 Computerized sewing machine is an ideal choice as it comes with plenty of features that excite advanced sewers and at the same time, the functionalities are kept simple and computerized to ease up things for beginners.

Can the sewing machine handle monogramming?

When taking personalized craft ideas into account, it’s not easy to beat projects like monogrammed quilts for your home. To cover those types of projects, you need to choose a machine that focuses on monogramming. There are no machines on the market that is built to perform monogramming alone. Any decent sewing machine with apretty good range of embroidery stitches and functionalities can do the work. Choose any versatile machine offering a comprehensive fleet of monogramming choices along with other basic features.

Does the machine handle heavy duty projects?

Whether you need to choose a sewing machine that can handle heavy duty projects depends on your sewing skills and the sewing projects you want to manage. If you are a sewing hobbyist, you require a heavy duty machine to handle large projects easily. Heavy duty machines are also workhorses built to last for long.

What attachments come with the sewing machine?

Attachments that come with the machine are essential as it makes asignificant difference to your sewing. Having a great selection of presser feet like zipper foot, buttonhole foot or a blind hem foot comes handy while making decorative clothing. If you intend to make aquilt, you may need additional foot like walking foot or a freehand embroidery foot. A selection of standard foot can cover all basic sewing projects.

How large is the motor?

The bigger the motor, the stronger will be the sewing machine and can handle heavy duty projects. A robust motor can also cope with heavy fabrics like denim or leather and continuous use. A sewing machine made of plastic body cannot withstand the type of application that a machine with metal parts can handle. The SINGER 7256 is a good free arm machine with thesturdy metal frame to withstand frequent use.


The SINGER 7256 Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine makes a versatile and feature-rich free arm sewing machine for sewers with various skills regardless of their caliber. The handy feature like 70 built-in stitches, LCD screen, onboard computer and easy top drop-in bobbin gives the required thrust to consider it as the best option while comparing with other machines of the same segment.


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