SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews

The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine is an excellent high end sewing machine for advanced sewers. There are sufficient advanced features that can help sewers in completing their most intricate sewing projects. It makes sewing a delightful experience. For only $300, you will get a 600-stitch computerized sewing machine with a large extension quilting table, hard cover and a lot of heavy duty features.

The six hundred pre-programmed stitch options include 13 fully automatic one-step buttonhole maker and a buttonhole bed plate and various other stitching options.  With variable speed adjustments, it can do eight hundred and fifty stitches per minute, which is a fantastic achievement, for people who look for quality and speed.

You can choose from any of the thirteen different buttonhole styles to attach your buttons, which features with one step buttonhole making. The machine does have two different needle capabilities. When you are about to stitch clothes, you can attach these twin needles to the machine to create a uniform hemline among them.

You can even manually adjust the length and width of the stitch that can fit perfectly for the style of the cloth. Reading further on SINGER 9960 review you will have more information on the highlighted features, pros and cons and some genuine customer feedback.

Highlighted Features of SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine

600 built-in stitch options

The highly advanced features, including extensive stitching options, are indeed one of the captivating elements of SINGER 9960.  You might be wondering, what are all these 600 built-stitch options. Let us check it here:

  • It features 103 utility stitches, which include straight, hemming, stretch, cross stitches, scrolls, piecing, vines and much more.
  • 13 style 1 step buttonhole maker, to ease up buttonhole making.
  • 90 monogramming features include upper and lower case letters, characters and numbers in five different fonts. The fonts are Gothic, Italic, Script, Russian and Outline, altogether totaling to 450 stitches.
  • 34 decorative stitches, which include flower, car, satin, tulip, plane, etc.

All these information is available on the open flip top, given with graphic illustrations making it easy to select.

Buttonhole maker

The sewing machine comes with 13 automatic 1 step buttonhole and button plate which makes buttonhole doing a hassle-free business. You will have a free hand to stitch the buttonhole by merely placing the button on the presser foot, and the machine will automatically fix the width and length of the buttonhole. You can also make the large buttonholes, by referring the user’s manual.

Capability to monogram

The sewing machine has incredible monogram features. All you need to do is to select the option and press the start button, and it shall finish it off for you. You just need to guide it with the fabric, yet, you need not deal with those pedals to embed them.

Stitch elongation and mixing

The flexibility of the stitching option makes the sewing machine different from rest of the all sewing machine, available in this category and price range.  The stitch elongation is an unusual feature, as it allows you to increase the length of all stitches to 5 times of its original size. In addition, you can mix different pattern and new customized patterns. However, there is some limitation in blending the patterns.  You can only combine the patterns in that particular group, which means you can blend various utility stitches within the utility section and cannot mix it with decorative stitches and vice verses. The sewing machine can memorize up to 60 different types of stitch patterns, and the memory will stand until you switch off the sewing machine.

The presser foot

While penning down a SINGER 9960 review, every other user of this particular machine has highlighted about the presser foot option. It comes with 18 presser feet. You will get the notification about what kind of presser foot you need to choose with every other stitch that you are going to make to your cloth. In other sewing machines, people would get confused to select the type of presser foot and might go with the general ones.

The auto lock stitch

With this new feature, you just need to push up on the button any time before or after sewing your design, and it shall lock the stitch for you. You can even make use of the auto lock stitch when you are working with several models in one single row. Earlier sewing machines without an auto lock stitch would continuously sew the design unless you manually stop them at first place.

The error warning

The new error warning feature is a fantastic one as it can point out what’s wrong with your stitching process if at all you are doing it the wrong way. It gets displayed on the screen if you are sewing the cloth in the wrong style. It helps the users to correct their mistakes, even before the error is about to happen.

The extension table

Most sewing machines don’t come with an extension table, so you have to stick nearby the wall to let the machine operate. But, with this sewing machine, you can make use of the extension table that comes along with the box and lets you work in a comfortable position with the sewing machine.

Speed control

When you are purchasing a sewing machine, you should know the ways to control the speed of the unit, else you would be stitching your clothes in the wrong style. But, with the SINGER 9960 sewing machine, the speed can be adjusted, and you can start with a low speed if you are a beginner, which is a useful feature.

Quiet while sewing

The machine doesn’t make much noise while stitching, which is the most significant plus. It sews the cloth in a smooth motion that does not bring out any sound, and it’s always good to work in a quiet environment. With many designs to sew for the day, you can work for hours on this machine as it brings in no harm to your ears.

Drop in bobbin

The machine features a drop in bobbin system that makes placing the bobbin with ease. Also, the bobbin cover is transparent as it allows you to see the thread position and hence plan your sewing work accordingly. This process is much more comfortable when compared to the standard bobbin, as the users can watch the thread within the machine.

The automatic thread cutter

The automatic thread cutter is a helpful feature for people who are working on big projects like the quilts so that the thread gets cut down at the exact time. It’s more convenient as it saves your time waiting to cut down the thread, once the design gets stitched on the cloth.

Automatic needle threader

If you are finding it challenging to needle the thread every time, then this machine would come in handy as it has the automatic needle threader that can finish the threading job no time. The automatic needle threader is yet another highlighted feature of this sewing machine as it is effortless and accurate to use.


  • 600 pre-programmed stitch patterns
  • 13Fully automatic, one step buttonhole maker
  • Illuminated work area
  • Free Arm
  • Noiseless sewing
  • Lots of accessories included
  • 18 different presser feet
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Auto needle cutter
  • Auto bobbin winder
  • Drop in bobbin
  • LCD display


  • Cannot save customized patterns
  • Not portable.

Is the machine good for beginners?

Yes, it is. It has more than the normal zigzag stitch, and you can learn with many different stitching styles. All you need to do is not to get confused with the stitches and start experimenting with one after another to be a professional sewer in a few months. It has many other accessories that can make you learn more from scratch. You can even check out with any SINGER 9960 review on the internet to see how good it’s for a beginner.

Is the SINGER 9960 worth the price?

First of all, SINGER 9960 sewing machine is costly because of the various features that you get directly from the box, like the stitching designs, presser foot, LCD, automatic threading and much more. Spending some extra bucks would get you the best machine that can make use sewing time more convenient and efficient at the same time.

How hard is it to adjust the thread tension for different fabrics?

There was never such occasions happening at first place with me, as the sewing machine has been customized to work with the thread tension automatically. All you need to do is quilting with the cloth, and the machine will adjust the thread tension automatically.

Does the sewing machine come with any hard travel case?

The SINGER 9960 sewing machine comes with a new kind of hard dust cover that can fit perfectly and cover all over the machine. You can even hold the machine with the cover on and can carry to any place, though a bit heavy. The dust cover features a compartment on the front side, where you can store the manual.


The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine performs better than any other sewing machines of the same class and category.  With speed and flexible stitching options, you will find the sewing machine as the best companion for a beginner as well as a professional sewer.  The manual is easy to follow, and even a beginner will find it easy to handle.

In the stitching segment, you will have a utility section and decorative section.  In each segment, you will have the freedom to customize and mix the stitches to create a new pattern and machine can store up to 60 different designs temporarily.  Quilters also will find it very convenient to use, even though the quilting table is not enough to meet the requirements. With 25 years warranty, quick service options, you cannot have a better choice than SINGER 9960.


The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist is the best sewing machine for people who want to upgrade their basic sewing machine and transform to a professional. The machine is offering at a high price rate, yet it is reasonable for the additional features and accessories that the users get directly from the box. With a large number of stitching options, free arm, auto threading, drop in bobbin, and much more this sewing machine outsmarts the rest in performance and durability. Once you explore more with it, you will undoubtedly experience its worthiness.


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