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What Are Fat Quarters

Quilting is an art in itself. Quilting fabrics are cut for specific purposes, and as such, may be cut differently from other fabrics. Fat quarters are unique cuts of fabric. They are loved by quilters and have many purposes for sewers.

What Are Fat Quarters

When you cut a one-meter fabric by half horizontally, then you cut the both halves vertically, the resulting pieces are known as fat quarters. Most fat quarters are used for quilting as they provide a large enough portion of the design of the fabric.

Fat quarters are more than just fabric pieces. They are a must-have for many projects. Here is some more information on fat quarters.

Why Are Fat Quarters Popular?

Can be cut into many different shapes

Fat quarters are quite flexible. For this reason, they are popular with tailors. If you want a piece of fabric in a different shape, it is advisable to buy a bunch of fat quarters. From these, you can pick out a few that you want different shapes from. You can cut out triangular shapes to make buntings and stars for whatever you like. You can also cut out smaller pieces to decorate larger pieces of fabrics that you are working on. 

Easy to work with

For many tailors, fat quarters are easy to work with. They are affordable and are sold pre-cut in many craft shops. You can cut pieces from them or use them as they are for your projects. Fat quarters can be cut into smaller pieces known as fat eighths and even smaller. This is convenient for the tailor who wants to make a unique and beautiful pattern with their fabric.

Suitable for quilting projects

Fat quarters are very popular with quilters. You can buy a bunch of different colored fat quarters instead of buying large fabrics to cut into quilting strips. From the fat quarters, you can cut fairly large squares or strips of fabric to make beautiful shapes for your patchwork or applique. Fat quarters are cut from easy to use fabrics.

Can be used to make a variety of items

You can use fat quarters to make cushions, bags, buntings and many household and office items. They are small and easy to work with. You just need basic sewing skills and you can mix and match different sets of fat quarters in your sewing. For many projects involving fat quarters, everything you need to work with is easily available. A sewing machine, scissors, tape measure are the basic starter kit tools for sewing. You do not need to buy anything extra to work with fat quarters.

Sold in bundles

Craft shops that sell fat quarters sell them in packs, usually of six pieces. The pieces in each pack are arranged so that they can match perfectly. With these packs, you can make quilt patchwork that will match effortlessly. With the packs of fat quarters, you can then fashion beautiful pieces easily for your craft work.

You save on fabric

When you buy fat quarters, you save on fabric. A lot of times, when you buy large fabrics for your project, you may end up with large left overs. Often, these leftovers are quite shapeless and cannot be used in any other project. When you buy fat quarters, you can cut into small pieces. Any leftovers will be quite small. You will therefore not have a lot of wasted fabric when you use fat quarters. You will end up also saving money as you will waste less fabric.

What Can You Make With Fat Quarters?

Fat quarters can also be used on their own to make several items. With their size, fat quarters offer convenience and save on fabric. With two fat quarters, you can sew one cushion cover, a fabric bag. You can also use them to make matching table mats affordably, bottle covers and other items. 

Fat quarters are most popular for their use in quilting. This is because they can be cut into strips or equal size squares. They can also be cut further into eighths. Rather than get different types of fabric to cut into strips and pieces, fat quarters will come in handy. They are much smaller and can be cut up without wasting large pieces of fabric to make quilting patch work.

Fat quarter bundles

When you go to a craft shop seeking to buy fat quarters, you will find out that they are packed in bundles. These bundles are well curated by fabric manufacturers to ensure that your pieces match. You can pick one bundle and use it in a project and it will have properly coordinated patterns and colors. 

Also, the fact that the quarters come in bundles enhances affordability. If you have a small project, you can just buy the fat quarters rather than whole fabrics. You will have less fabric to waste and will have saved on upfront costs.

Cutting Fat Quarters

For every fat quarters project, you will have, one of the main things that you will do is cutting. When you are quilting, you will need to cut the fat quarters into usable pieces. They could be in any shape, but squares are the most common.

To cut fat quarters, you can use a variety of tools. For small pieces, scissors are the best tool to use. For longer pieces, you can use a rotary cutter. It is easy to handle and cuts long straight pieces easily. They are also highly accurate and you will get a neat cut. You can also easily cut several layers of folded fat quarters at the same time.

Different fat quarter projects will require different cuts. For quilting projects, you will cut small pieces from the whole bundle. This will help create a unique pattern for the quilt patchwork. To make other items, you will need to cut according to your measurements. For other projects, you may not even need to cut the fat quarters. You can easily use them as they are depending on the size of what you are making.

Make quilting blocks with fat quarters

Using your fat quarters bundles, you can make quilting blocks of many colors. First, lay out your fat quarters on a measuring board or working surface. Align their salvages and straighten the bundles. Cut out the excess fabric on the fat quarters to have perfect square blocks.

With a ruler and a rotary cutter, cut out strips in your preferred shapes. You can cut into squares, rectangles and even triangles. When you have your desired shapes, sew them together to make a single block of different shapes. For a large quilt project, you will do this many times. A smaller quilt will not need many blocks.

You can also cut the fat quarters into strips. For this, you will only need two strips of different fabrics. Sew them together in the middle, then cut into squares. You are likely to get four squares. Align this in several ways to form a pattern that you like. Sew them together to form your quilting block.

Once you have made the blocks, you can now align them to form a patchwork pattern for your quilting projects. Sew them to form the patchwork that you will use for your quilt.

How Long Does It Take To Make Blocks From Fat Quarters?

When you are making a quilt, preparation takes a long time. Preparation for quilt making involves selecting and creating patterns for the patchwork. If you choose to use fat quarters for this, you need to cut them up and sew them into beautiful blocks. This process will take a bit of time and will be determined by the size of quit you want to make.

For high quality work, do not be in a rush when working with fat quarters. Allow yourself ample time to prepare your patchwork, at least two hours for the best design work you can do. Then start making your patchwork.


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