About Us

Jessica Flores

Hello, I am Jessica Flores, and you are welcome to my website. I am a professional fashion designer and a seamstress. I always carried a passion for craftwork. My love for craft grew along with time. I have spent years researching and practicing in this field to gather colossal experience.

You may already know that a sewing machine is a mechanical device that uses thread to stitch various kinds of fabric. Another machine, the one used for embroidery, is used to make designable patterns on textile fabrics. This innovation has contributed significantly to the craft world, reducing the strength and time for stitching and enabling delicate, beautiful, and durable products.

Now, with all the latest upgrades and advancements in sewing and embroidery machines, comprehensive options for designs, features, and origins are available in the market. On this website, you will learn the tips to buy a sewing or embroidery machine while saving cost as much as possible.

On my website, I will share my experience with all aspects of sewing, quilting, and embroidery. I will give you the best advice along with step-by-step guides to various sewing aspects starting from materials required for hemming pants to the actual process of doing it. I will provide all the information needed to sew multiple kinds of fabric.


Whether you want to learn cross-stitch for embroidery or shortening of pants with hemming, you can rely on my guidance. I spent a lot of time reading books related not only to sewing, but quilting, back-stitching, and knitting too.

I love to explore the usability of new tools and incorporate new ideas for my sewing activities. No worries, I am here to shower you with all my knowledge and experience throughout my website posts.

So, do you have a similar passion for the craft? Are you interested in exploring the world of sewing?

If so, check my website or contact me for all the information. I aim to share my experiences in fun, understandable, informative, and innovative ways to make your sewing experiences better. Thank you so much!