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Best Sewing Machine For Leather And Denim in 2022

Heavy duty sewing machines are special machines that are capable of working with thick fabrics like leather, denims, canvas, jeans, etc. These machines come with special features that aid them in their task like a powerful motor, a high presser foot, reverse stitch lever, sturdy frame and a long, thick needles. Heavy duty machines are generally easy to use and can be easily handled even by the beginners. One important thing to note is that most Heavy duty machines are mechanical but you will find a few computerized machines also.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is our top Heavy duty sewing machine that delivers superior results, riding on a powerful motor. Coming from the house of Singer, this machine performs beyond expectation. Read on to know more about this machine and other top Heavy duty machines that you can purchase to sew denims.

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

RankNameRatingsPriceBuilt-in stitchesSewing speedPresser feetDiscount Link

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


An affordable, high speed, heavy-duty machine.

Brother STH150HDH Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Computerized sewing machine with 7-point feed dogs.

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Heavy-duty workhorse that delivers precise stitching.

Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Versatile and easy to use heavy-duty machine.

SINGER 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


True workhorse with several convenient features.

No.1 Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


  • Built-in handle for portability
  • Up to 5 mm width for decorative stitches
  • Extra high presser foot
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Easy to use
  • Accessories


  • Bobbin casing not as sturdy as the body

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Singer is one of the oldest sewing machines brand in the world and it has now pioneered developing sewing machines for different purposes. Singer was the brand to make first zigzag machine and first electronic sewing machine and hence, it is only right that the best Heavy duty sewing machine comes from this brand.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine has been built with a Heavy duty frame which ensures that your sewing machine stays stable as you work on the heaviest of projects. it also has a stainless-steel bedplate and together these two features provide it with extra ordinary durability.

Singer 4423 has 23 in-built stitches along with an automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin system. All these functions are supported by power motor which produces 1100 stitches per minute. It has 23 built-in stitches including 6 basic, 4 stretch and 12 decorative stitches. Singer 4423 is ideal for crafts, clothing construction, etc.

Singer has fitted this machine with 60% stronger motor as compared to other sewing machines. This motor gives it an extra ordinary edge to sew heavyweight fabrics with ease. Some other features of Singer 4423 are Free Arm, On-board Storage, needle tension, automatic needle threader, automated presser foot and automated bobbin clutch.

No.2 Brother STH150HDH Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


  • Quiet machine
  • Durable
  • LCD display
  • Stitch control function
  • Works with lightweight and heavyweight fabrics


  • No automatic needle threader
  • No thread cutter

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Brother STH15HDH is a sturdy sewing machine that has a portable design and computerized features. This machine is loaded with accessories that make it convenient to use the machine. Brother STH15HDH is fitted with automatic needle threading system, that lets you thread the machine by just pushing a lever.

This machine has a large LCD display screen which is the control panel of the machine. It lets you edit the designs, stitches and also play with functions like sewing speed, stitch length, etc. It also provides you with suggestions for proper results.

Brother ST150HDH has a speed controls that let you sew at varying speeds according to your comfort. You can set it to low for complicated projects where you need to keep an eye on every stitch. For simple/straight forward stitches you can set you machine to the maximum speed ad whizz through your task.

Brother has manufactured this sewing machine for durability therefore, it has been built on a sturdy frame. You can stitch both lightweight and heavy fabrics on this machine. You can work with this machine using 50 built-in stitches and 7-point feed dogs which provide a good grip on difficult fabrics.

Some of the accessories that come with this machine are 9 sewing feet, instruction manual, heavyweight sewing needles, etc.

No.3 Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy design
  • Quite machine
  • Excellent stitch quality
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Thread wastage
  • Not ideal for extra tough materials

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Janome HD3000 is a workhorse that is known for handling thick materials with ease. It is a commercial-level sewing machine that works well with denim, canvas, leather, etc. This machine has a Heavy duty metal frame and a sturdy construction that enhances its performance. It is highly stable because of its make and produces accurate stitches even at high speeds.

Janome HD3000 is powered by a 1.0-amp motor that is capable of pushing the needle easily through materials like denim, canvas and leather. It also works flawlessly on lightweight fabrics, making it a good all-round sewing machine. This machine is not computerized but it has features that it puts above the average mechanical sewing machine, in terms of performance.

HD3000 has 18 built-in stitches that also cover a small range of decorative and basic stitches such as zigzag stitches and straight stitches. In-built stitches in this machine are not many, but the quality of end-result makes this machine quite delightful to use. If you would like to see a virtual representation of every stitch, you can open the top of the machine and have a look. Janome HD3000 has a stitch length of 4 mm and a width if 6.5 mm. You can adjust both of them as per the requirement of a project.

Janome HD3000 also does well when it comes to storage and portability. This machine can fit into small places and it is also easy to move around. At 18.7 pounds, this machine is both sturdy and lightweight. HD3000 is made of aluminum and has the capability to stitch through multiple layers of fabric despite of its light weight and simple make.

HD3000 is an easy to use machine as compared to others in its league. Therefore, it often chosen by beginners to master sewing. It has a simple setup process and gets going in less than 10 minutes from unpacking. It has a sewing speed of 860 stitches per minute. This machine works smoothly with its free arm. It is one of the features that makes sewing easier at tricky corners. HD3000 has a work light that lights up the work area brilliantly and makes it easy to look at even the smallest details. When you order this machine, you receive a detailed instruction manual that will guide you at every step.

No.4 Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Beginner friendly
  • 14 built-in stitches
  • Automatic threader
  • Extra-high presser foot


  • Doesn’t work with all types of materials
  • Can slip
  • Bobbins may jam

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If you have been looking for a versatile yet easy to use sewing machine, this is the equipment for you. HD1000 is an industrial grade machine, that is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. It is tough, it is fast and it is versatile enough to work with almost any fabric. This machine can handle multiple layers with ease and also sews thick materials effortlessly.

Despite of its Heavy duty performance, Janome HD1000 weight just 17 pounds and is capable of powering through tough jobs. It is easy to carry around and is also convenient to use. This machine does not have complicated menus and buttons. Rather, it has simple dial controls that can fine tune the adjustments with simple movements. It is also quick and easy to switch from one fabric to another by simply turning the dial. This simplicity is what makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Janome HD1000 has 14 built-in stitches that deliver the right amount of versatility without being overwhelming. The extra-high presser foot accommodates even the thickest of fabrics and multiple players of various fabrics. You can work wonder with this machine with the help of the right needle and settings. HD1000 has been built for Heavy duty sewing therefore, it has a strong metal frame. This machine will easily last you a lifetime.

There are a few materials that this machine cannot work with, they are: reptile skin, denim, canvas, plastic and runner. This point may not be important for individuals using this machine for home projects but it severely hampers the machine’s ability to work as an industrial machine. You might want to keep this point in mind before purchasing HD1000 sewing machine.

Threading is one of the most meticulous tasks of sewing, especially if you wear glasses. HD1000 makes this job simple by giving you the built-in automatic needle threader. This is a useful feature that makes using this machine easy for everyone. To control the tension on the thread, you have to turn a simple dial on this machine and just like that you add quality to your work.

Janome HD1000 comes with several useful accessories. you will receive, bobbins, felt, two screwdrivers, extra needles, a seam and buttonhole ripper, zipper foot, hemmer foot, a hem guide, a soft cover and more.

No.5 SINGER 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


  • Superfast speed
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Inconsistent results

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Singer 4432 Heavy duty machine is a mechanical sewing machine that works with thick fabrics and layered materials. This machine has a nice price point and offers good speed and reliability. It comes from the trusted sewing brand of Singer and is one of the fastest Heavy duty machines available in the market right now. Its speed is 1100 spm.

Singer 4432 is a true workhorse that has been constructed with several convenient features. It is supported by Singer’s eye for detail and a stupendous customer service. This machine has been built on a Heavy duty metal interior frame along with a stainless steep bedplate. The frame holds all the mechanisms of the machine in place and offers you a kip-free stable sewing experience.

Singer has fitted this machine with 60% stronger power motor than most of the standard sewing machine available right now. because of its structure and a Heavy duty motor, this machine can handle heavier fabrics and layers with ease. For stitching, this machine has 32 built-in stitches which cover six essential stitches, seven stretch stitches and eighteen decorative stitches.

Singer 4432 has a one-step automatic buttonhole makes that creates beautiful and perfect buttonholes. The adjustable presser foot on this machine enables you to control the amount of pressure that is put on the fabric. You can change the four snap-on presser feet without using the screwdriver.

This machine has a removable arm/free arm which provides easier access to all the difficult to reach areas in clothing. The tension system is automatic on this machine that results in stable stitch quality and the tension can be adjusted using a simple dial system. For those who like to sit in a cozy corner, there is a light system on the machine that lights up the workspace and lets you focus on the stitches even in the darkest corners.

Accessories that comes with this machine are all purpose foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, needle pack, thread pool caps, L-screwdriver, foot control, power cord, etc.

How to Choose the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for Leather?

Motor Strength

Motor strength decides the capability of a sewing machine to a large extent. An industrial sewing machine needs more power to pierce thick fabrics and this power comes from the motor that gives the needle its strength to go inside the fabric and make a stitch before coming out. So, when you set out to buy an industrial machine, look for its motor strength. The more powerful the motor the better. A smaller motor will not help you stitch leather, denim or canvas.

Presser Foot Height

The presser foot height on a sewing machine decides the thickness of the fabric you can sew. It is the area below the presser foot and the bed plate. For Heavy duty sewing, you need this height to be more than the usual sewing and embroidery machines. The more space will easily with thick fabrics like denim and layered projects. Without this feature, you will not be able to perform Heavy duty sewing.

Leveling Button

Leveling button is the features that helps the presser foot to climb over the changing thickness of the fabric layers. This feature is a must have in an industrial sewing machine or you will fail to perform most of your sewing tasks with heavy fabrics and projects like quilting. Ask your seller if the machine you like has a leveling button. If no, then ask which feature can best replace the capabilities of a leveling button and settle for it.

Reverse Stitch Lever

When purchasing a Heavy duty sewing machine make sure that it has a reverse stitch lever. This lever lets you stitch without changing the direction of the fabric. This feature comes in handy when you are working with heavy fabrics and changing the direction of sewing is not an easy job.

Sturdy Frame

A sturdy frame is one of the basic requirements of an industrial grade sewing machine. This type of machine has to work with heavy fabrics and the projects can get very big in size. A sturdy metal frame gives stability and strength to the machine while the project is sewn with precise stitches. Most Heavy duty sewing machines come with a sturdy metal frame, but while shopping, do not forget to conform this feature.

What Does Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Mean?

heavy duty sewing machines come with the capability to handle large projects with ease. Large projects may by quilting, sewing layered fabrics, working on thick materials like denims and leather, etc. Further, heavy duty machines, can sew faster than regular sewing machines and they can also handle complicated designs and patterns. Generally, heavy duty machines are larger than the simple/basic sewing machines and also have a sturdy body.

Do You Need A Special Sewing Machine For Jeans?

There is no sewing machine in the market that sells as jeans sewing machine. Jeans are manufactured using denim or other thick fabric and can be handled only with the help of a Heavy duty machine that can work with thick fabrics. Heavy duty machines have a strong motor and a sturdy and big needle to penetrate the thickness without breaking.

How Do I Choose a Leather Sewing Machine?

leather is a thick and slippery material. It needs a Heavy duty machine that has been specially built for stitching leather and the likes of it. It should have a strong motor to navigate through leather. Furthermore, it needs a sturdy frame and a strong foot that can push the needle inside the fabric, effortlessly.

What Makes A Sewing Machine Heavy Duty?

There are certain features and functions that make a sewing machine Heavy duty. First and foremost, heavy duty machines are large and have a huge workspace. Secondly, this type of machine is propelled by strong motors that can give strength to the foot to pierce the fabric. Thirdly, they have a sturdy frame that can take the weight of heavy and huge projects.

Can Singer Heavy Duty Sew Denim?

Yes, Singer Heavy Duty can sew denim. It can comfortably work on projects like stitching jeans, leather, quilts and any project with layers.

Can All Sewing Machines Sew Canvas?

No, all sewing machines cannot sew canvas. It is a thick fabric and therefore, need a special, heavy duty sewing machine that can sew the fabric without breaking the needle or the needle foot. Sewing machine that can handle canvas are generally industrial sewing machines that are capable of large-scale projects.


Heavy duty sewing machines are all-purpose machines that can sew simple fabrics also. You should consider buying a machine from this category if you plan it to mainly work with heavy fabrics and occasionally on light fabrics. If you do not plan to work with lighter fabrics, then of course, a Heavy duty sewing machine is the right choice for you.

They are good for home and business purposes and always deliver results with minimal efforts. Our top choice, Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is a perfect machine if you want versatility with extra-ordinary speed. This machine is a perfect choice for you even if you are beginner and will last you a lifetime.

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