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Best Serger For Beginners in 2022

When it comes to adding a professional touch to the clothes, a serger machine works wonders. With a serger machine, it would be easy to smooth the edges of the cloth so no stray threads are left. If you are looking for the best serger for beginners, here we compare some of the best models in the market which are sure to give brilliant performance.

While sergers are amazing in providing the exceptional results, they also help the beginners to master adding embellishments on the garment as well. With Serger, you can expect extreme longevity and a lot of features also which other machines lack in. No matter what the texture of the fabric is, this machine is wonderful in delivering results. The best serger is helpful in lending an enriching style to the project.

Let us dig deep in the review section to understand the features in a better way.

Best Serger For Beginners

RankNameRatingsPriceBuilt in stitch functionsStitches per minuteDifferential feedDiscount Link

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger


SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger


Janome MOD-8933 Serger


JUKI MO644D Portable Serger


Costway Serger Sewing Machine


No.1 Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger For Beginners


  • Covered under 25 year warranty
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Comes with 22 built in stitch functions
  • Features free arm flat bed convertible sewing surface


  • Not suitable for thicker and stiff fabrics

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Brother is the best brand in offering quality sergers. This model of Serger is equipped with a ? lay in thread system along with lower looper threader. Not only does it deliver professional results, it also works wonderfully on a good range of fabrics including formal wear, linens, and knits etc. With this serger unit, you will be able to create narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, decorative edges, ruffles, laces, and much more.

With its 22 built in stitch functions, 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, speciality stitch functions for bridal and formal wear, ribbon lock stitches, rolled hem, tape applications, home décor, crafts, and heirloom etc, this model is one of its kinds. Complete in all the aspects, Brother 1034D makes sure to deliver exceptional results. For even and professional stitches on knitted, thin, and stretchy fabrics, the differential fabric feed comes in use.

When you buy this model, you can purchase optional presser feet to sew flat lock stitches and blind hem pin tuck. To give you ease while working, the machine is equipped with a free arm flat bed convertible sewing surface. Since it is easy to thread, learn, and use, this unit comes with instructional manual and video. With 2 snap on feet, soft cover, needles, foot controller, you will get best quality results. To sew the fabric perfectly, standard sewing machine needles are used.

No.2 SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Beginner Serger


  • Features 2-3-4 thread capability
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • 4 built in rolled hems
  • Sews cuffs and sleeves perfectly


  • The suction cups on the bottom don’t work

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SINGER has hit the horizons with its latest serger machine and has set an exceptional benchmark in the industry. The machine has differential feed which is fully adjustable to create perfect seams on all types of fabrics. There is no puckering issue with this machine and the results are pretty good. It is capable of preventing the fabric trimming while sewing. Having the potential to sew 1300 stitches per minute, the results are quick and fast. No matter what the project is, you will easily skip through given its fastest speed.

Moreover, this model allows for adjustable tension when you sew a variety of fabrics. With a simple turn on a knob, the stitch length and width can be adjusted. Not only does it deliver professional results, it also provides a wide selection of stitch options. It is equipped with color coded lay in threading system to make threading easiest. If you want to sew different types of stitches like rolled hems, sewing seams, finishing raw edges, flatlocking, blind hems etc. it allows for that due to its 2-3-4 thread capability.

Furthermore, this serger lets you sew cuffs and sleeves with optional free arm. It has 4 built-in rolled hems to make sewing an effortless process and the easy access lever moves the stitch finger in position. Since it has a carry handle, it becomes easy to port the serger. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of accessories like spreader, tweezers, needle set, all purpose foot, power cord, small screwdriver, foot control, and an instruction manual.

No.3 Janome MOD-8933 Serger


  • Comes with retractable upper knife
  • Features rolled hem stitching
  • Eliminates puckering on the fabric
  • Has three and four thread stitch option


  • It is a little noisy

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Janome serger machine is an amazing model for all the fashion lovers. This unit makes it possible for the beginners to sew denim, knit and other crafting assignments in an incredible manner. Talking about precision and power, it delivers brilliant results. Since its differential feed eliminates stretching and puckering on the fabric, you will never find any problem. For every type of fabric and project, the three and four thread stitch option helps with that.

Furthermore, Janome serger is perfect for rolled hem stitching that finishes the garments pretty well with quick change rolled hem. It folds the piece of fabric and then stitches it properly. Because it has rolled hem stitching, you don’t need to change the needle plate, foot or tension setting to get the perfect results. Featured with retractable upper knife, this unit allows to serge the fabric without cutting it. With this feature, threading and sewing becomes easy and safe.

No.4 JUKI MO644D Portable Serger For Beginners


  • Stitching speed is brilliant
  • It can stitch 1500 stitches per minute
  • Rolled hems are easy to make
  • Stitch length and width are adjustable


  • For heavy fabrics, it is not suitable
  • Free arm stitching cannot be done

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Juki has set a good benchmark in the sewing machine industry. If you need a serger for personal and home purpose, JUKI is the right choice. Featured with powerful and dedicated drive cutting system, it ensures high quality stitching with utmost ease of use. Moreover, it has convertible 2/3/4 thread serging with automatic rolled hem to provide flexible hemming.

When it comes to quality and strength, this model works wonders as it sew number of hems and beams. For the beginners, this Serger machine contains remarkable drive cutting framework, nice stitch arrangement and superb convenience. Because of its features like customizable stitches, coded threading, and programmed rolled hem, it is quite popular like other top notch brands. For medium weight fabrics, this unit is best as it also delivers incredible blade framework.

Furthermore, JUKI is equipped with optional presser feet for piping, cording, blind stitch, and gathering etc. To give safe and easy threading access, there is upper knife that moves accordingly. Consider JUKI if you are just starting out with sewing projects and you will be extremely satisfied with the purchase.

No.5 Costway Beginner Serger Sewing Machine


  • The tension is self adjusting
  • 4 built in rolled hems
  • Fast and easy looper threading system
  • Equipped with LED light for brighter work area


  • Not suitable for heavy fabrics

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Costway is one of the best brands, best known for reliability, exceptional performance, and authenticity. This serger sewing machine lends professional touch and finishing to a huge range of fabrics. Whether you want to sew seams, roll hems, decorative edges, cover hems and many more. Depending on the combination of needle positions, threading methods, use of convertible right looper/spreader, and tension adjustment, this unit creates various types of stitches.

Moreover, this model is equipped with self adjusting tension system that requires you to turn a dial in order to select the chart. When you do that, the tension settings are automatically adjusted making it easy for you to sew. Featuring fast looper threading system, this model saves time while threading. Talking about the speed, it can sew 1200 stitches per minute which ensures quick results. Also, it is capable of doing four types of rolled hems on lightweight fabrics such as crepe, voila, lawn, and many more.

Furthermore, it features adjustable stitch length and width on the fabric where free arm helps you sew cuffs and sleeves. With differential feed, it makes sure the seams don’t look wavy in knitted fabrics. Other than that, it produces pucker free seams on light weight fabrics and is suitable for skirt hems, yokes, back and front bodices.

What to consider when buying a serger machine for beginners?

When you are buying a serger, there are many things which you need to consider. A lot of things will appeal you but before purchasing a unit, make sure to check these below mentioned factors. The functions, features, and performance of the serger machine are the deciding factors, let’s check out here:


The price of a serger is the most important factor because everyone has different budget requirements. If you are a beginner, you might not want to invest in an expensive machine. However, look for a model that has nice features and the price is not that much. By spending less money, you may not get the perfect results so it depends on you how you want to settle down on the offer.

Fabric feed

While some units are suitable for light, medium, and heavy fabrics, some are not. Depending on your choice of fabric stitching, the serger should be chosen. A differential feed fabric serger is required if you want to try out ruffles and twists on the fabric.

Ease of use

Starting out with sewing and stitching can be challenging as a beginner, however, you should choose a machine which is easy to use and operate. A machine that gives enough ease to the user is much appreciated as you can play with it at different levels.

Extra accessories

Choose a serger having extra accessories to give an exceptional style to the garments. With every unit, there are few accessories helping you to experiment with new things with the serger. You can use your creativity with extra accessories and give a new style statement to the cloth. Whenever you select a serger, make sure to check how many accessories a unit contains.


You can buy any serger machine depending on your requirements and budget. If you are looking for the best serger for beginners, Brother and Singer are both the right options. To get a professional touch, Singer and JUKI work wonders as they include very nice features. Achieve the best results with every machine you buy as they are not too expensive on the pocket.

All the models are reliable, authentic, and functional that produce professional results in the best way possible. Go ahead and buy your desired unit!


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