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Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners in 2022

Embroidery machines are a definite choice as they give you the liberty to design, craft, and create any pattern you want on the fabric. If you have that creative knack, it would really be easy to carry on with any embroidery project with utmost ease. Embroidery looks gorgeous and because, there is a diverse range of designs and patterns, owning an embroidery machine can be a good decision.

While there are basic as well as heavy duty embroidery machines, you have to decide which one will handle your projects appropriately. Are you looking for a machine to put a cool and fancy design on the fabric? Consider these specialized embroidery machines available in the market and pick the one which is hugely popular as well as a perfect hit for your requirements.

The factors like skill level, room space, and budget make the choice easy, so let’s check out these embroidery machine reviews to add style to your sewing. Your kind of machine is waiting for you here:

Top Rated Beginner Embroidery Machines Comparison

RankNameRatingsPriceWork areaLED lightBuilt in embroidery designsDiscount Link

Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine


Brother SE1900 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine


SINGER XL-420 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


No.1 Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Comes with 25 year limited warranty
  • Free arm for cuffs and sleeves
  • Jam resistant drop in bobbin
  • 103 built in sewing stitches


  • You can face repairing issue because there are not many repair centres
  • The machine is a little noisy

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This is a 2-in-1 machine with both sewing and embroidery features. Equipped with 3.2” smart color LCD touchscreen, this machine allows you to preview the design edits before you stitch the fabric. The embroidery thread colors are changeable using built in color palette. With around 80 embroidery designs, you can import the designs through the USB.

Its automatic needle threader works perfect when multiple thread changes are required. Also, it gives 4”x4” embroidery field and the built in alignment works wonders in aligning the designs. Moreover, it is possible to customize the designs with 103 built in decorative sewing stitches. Choose from stars, hearts, greek key, waves, decorative scrolls, scallops, and feather etc.

If you are working on darker fabrics, its super bright LED light makes it easy. The LED light illuminates the area around the needle and you can embroider stunning designs with much ease. Other than that, you can choose from 6 built in embroidery lettering fonts including symbol characters, lower case, numeric, and capital etc. What’s more, this machine even allows you to access 1000s of embroidery designs on ibroidery.com to get unlimited design options.

No.2 Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine


  • 80 designs including borders, fonts, and more
  • 9 embroidery lettering fonts
  • Can embroider on denim and tops
  • Comes with embroidery pattern drag and drop feature


  • Not meant for professional designs

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Brother PE535 embroidery machine is another variant by this brand featured with 3.2” sew smart color LCD touch screen display. Talking about the needle threader, it has automatic feature that makes it easy to change the thread multiple times with just a touch of a lever.

The difference with the first model is that it is equipped with 9 embroidery lettering fonts i.e. 3 Japanese and 6 English. With its 4”x4” embroidery field and built in alignment tool, embroidering becomes easy as the needle placement is done accurately. Other than that, you can choose from 80 high quality embroidery designs containing kids, holiday designs, decorative alphabets, symbols, borders, and floral patterns.

All the Brother customers get an opportunity to access ibroidery.com where you will find marvel designs, Disney and Disney pixar designs. Bring out anything ranging from tops, denims, plain fabric, and even create handmade gifts using inbuilt designs. Add a special touch to the wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and baby showers using your creative skills. Import the designs through the USB port for future use. Also, it allows you to create 3d objects and ornaments with its free standing lace designs.

No.3 Brother SE1900 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • 240 built in sewing stitches
  • 5”x7” embroidery field
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 138 built in embroidery designs


  • May face loud noise issue
  • Most expensive

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Brother SE1900 is a professionally engineered sewing and embroidery machine featured with 3.2” smart color LCD touch screen display. You can choose from 240 built-in stitches and 138 built-in embroidery designs while crafting any design. Since this machine is an advanced version of the previous models, it has limitless applications.

Moreover, it has my custom stitch feature allowing you to design your own stitches. With its 5”x7” embroidery field, you will have ample space for large designs where you can combine letters and designs to see the preview before stitching. Choose from 10 frame shapes and 14 stitch patterns including seasonal, kids, and floral designs. There are 7 embroidery fonts for personalized creations and the LED light illuminates the work space around the needle.

Equipped with spring action zigzag foot, it makes hemming denim fabric easy as the foot transitions smoothly over thick seams. Also, this machine has blind stitch foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, button sewing foot, and monogramming foot. All these options allow for home décor projects, precise needle placement, professional seams, heirloom and alphanumeric stitches. You can even import the design files using the USB port and also can use 1000s of designs on ibroidery.com.

No.4 Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine


  • Comes with 25 year limited warranty
  • Features 5”x7” embroidery field
  • Super bright LED light work area
  • Has 10 frame designs


  • The top tension doesn’t work after few weeks
  • Lubrication is an issue

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If you are looking to create outstanding embroidery designs, then this machine from the house of Brother is a perfect choice. With its 3.2” sew smart LCD touch screen display; this machine gives an amazing preview of the embroidery designs. Also, it is possible to change thread colors using the built in color palette.

Furthermore, this machine is equipped with 138 designs, 11 built in fonts, and 10 frame designs in order to give you much ease. Choose from nice quilt patterns, scrollwork, and 14 border styles in order to stitch gorgeous clothes. Featuring 5”x7” embroidery field for large embroidery projects, this machine is an ultimate choice for professional embroiders.

This machine has a built in LED light that allows you to work on dark fabric or less lighting conditions easily. When multiple embroidery designs need to be positioned, the LED light is a definite choice. With the automatic needle threader, it is possible to change multiple threads in a single touch of the lever. Included are 11 embroidery fonts like san serif, outline, script, and serif etc. to help you in personalized designs. Then this machine comes with 25 year limited warranty to save you from spending the money on a new machine if it doesn’t work fine.

No.5 SINGER XL-420 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Connects directly to computer via USB
  • 6 stay bright LED lights
  • 17 decorative stitches
  • Perfect for free motion embroidery
  • Made of heavy duty metal frame


  • The needle breaks frequently
  • Gives loose seams

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SINGER brings you this Futura XL 420 model that is crafted to fulfil your sewing and embroidery needs. This machine features 200 embroidery designs in various sizes i.e. small and large. With 30 built in sewing stitches and 5 monogramming fonts, you can design anything you want without any hassle. If you reside in the US or Canada, then this machine is a must buy because it is specially designed to withhold 110 volts.

It is possible to resize the design according to your requirements with the help of embroidery software. With that being said, you can also click on the design to send the design from the embroidery software to the machine. Rotate, shape or size the letters with the frames such as banner, wave, and arc etc. Next, it helps in creating bold letters with satin or running stitch and also allows for hands free presser foot lifting using the knee lifter.

Let your creative juices flowing with its innovative features like extra large sewing space and 20 endless designs. Create stunning quilting effects with 3 easy on extra large hoops like 10”x6” large hoop, 6.75”x4” endless hoop and 4”x4” small hoop.

How to choose an easy-to-use embroidery machine?

Well, there are many factors to look for when buying an embroidery machine. Whether it is for beginners or professionals, few of the factors are considerable in both the cases. Embroidering the shirts, pants, denims, towels, or bed linen, the machines must contain these features whatever the price may be.

Auto functions

The best embroidery machine contains auto functions like automatic needle threader so when the thread needs to be changed multiple times, you can do it with a single touch of a lever.

LED light

To make your work faster and accurate, LED light helps. While working in less light or on darker fabrics, LED light illuminates the area to be worked on and delivers amazing designs with complete accuracy.

Built in patterns and stitches

Another considerable factor is the machine should have built in stitches, embroidery designs or patterns. A good machine will always have few built in designs which you can directly pick and design the fabric without juggling in creating your own pattern. Also, the machine allows you to download patterns to the embroidery machine if you are not much satisfied with the built in designs.


The cost of an embroidery machine plays a major role in deciding whether or not you want to go for that particular model. The good machines cost around USD300 to USD1000 depending on the requirements and features. As the price increases, the features improve so whatever requirements you want to fulfil with a machine will help you settle down on the pricing factor.

USB port

A good embroidery machine allows downloading the designs or patterns using the USB port. These designs can then be used to embroider the fabric if the built in designs are not your type.


Whatever embroidery machine you decide to buy, make sure to check all the features properly. It is a onetime investment and so complete analysis is required before investing in any model. This detailed review will help you to pick the best machine according to your requirements.

If you want to buy a budget friendly embroidery machine, Brother PE535 model is the right pick. On the other hand, if you would like to upgrade to a better version, Brother SE1900 will deliver outstanding results when it comes to decorate your clothes with incredible designs. For basic needs, the Brother SE600 embroidery machine is a considerate choice. Also, because this model is not too expensive, you can count on it when you have tight pocket.

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