SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine Review

What makes a sewing machine best to meet your requirement, especially if you are looking for a Tradition design sewing machine with modern features? You may find it will be a disturbing experience to go through the various parameters and assimilate its features side by side and select the best one suitable for your requirement. When it comes to a portable sewing machine, there are many sewing machines with various functionalities. In SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine Review, we shall discuss its multiple features and how that can meet your expectations.

If you are planning to buy a portable mechanical sewing machine, SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine is a highly recommended choice as it is lightweight and rather easy to carry around. Lots of users require such kind of functionality either they need to move it all the time or doesn’t have the craft room space to store the machine. After doing thorough research on several portable sewing machines, we have come up to a conclusion that the SINGER 2259 has all the phenomenal features suitable for a beginner and intermediate level sewers.

SINGER 2259 Pros & Cons


SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine is a basic and budget-friendly sewing machine. It is a beginner level sewing machine engineered to put you in control with the most accessible design. The machine has 19 built-in stitches with a set of dials place at the front of the machine. It doesn’t have any complicated stitches or the features, and it also has a collection of straightforward accessories’ that are easy to use with the instruction manual.

Considering the bundle of features offered on the machine, it is quite affordable as it comes with a reasonable price tag. Automatic thread tension is one among the great features as it increases the usability of the machine even for beginners.


  • Rotary knob stitch selector
  • Easy stitch adjust selection
  • Metal body
  • 19 stitch selections
  • One fully 4 step automatic buttonhole maker
  • Free Arm
  • Horizontal thread delivery
  • Automatic thread tension
  • Front bobbin loading


  • No see-through bobbin cover
  • Quality of accessories

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SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine Review

SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine is yet another sewing wonder from the brand SINGER featuring 19 pre-programmed stitches and an easy to use free arm. It is lightweight, and like any other singer machine, it has a sturdy body made out of a metal frame.

The sewing machine has all the necessary features any beginner level user requires to operate smoothly. First of all, it comes with 19 stitches including, Straight stitch center, straight stitch right, Rampart, Blind Hem, Zigzag, Elastic blind hem, Overedge, Scallop, Honeycomb and more. The collection of built-institches includes most of the basic and most used stitches with a few decorative stitches as well.

Users can easily choose the stitch pattern by twisting the dial in the front of the machine facing the sewer. It is also possible to adjust the stitch width of the non-stretch stitches. As many other advanced sewing machines offer stitch width adjustmentup to 7mm, the max width adjustment singer 2259 provides is not the highest you will get.

The machine features one four-step buttonhole stitch of bar track style meaning it is straight on all four sides. You simply need to place thedesiredbutton in buttonhole foot and move the pattern selector from one step to the other. The buttonhole maker is a kind of semi-automatic, but it is a lot less work than doing it manually. The stitches included helps you to cover quilting, home decor, clothes making, curtain creation, basic hemming and mending projects.

The SINGER 2259 comes with 4 Snap-Onpresser feet like Buttonhole, All-purpose, Zipper,and Button sewing feet. These presser feet are compatible, and you can buy additional feet separately for unique projects. The machine doesn’t have automatic threader, but it features clear diagrams that explain how to thread in the right way with step-by-step explanations. It also features an automatic bobbin winder to load the bobbin and stop when required.

The SINGER 2259

The extra high presser foot lifter allows you to push the lever up from the default position when working with thick fabrics or a heavy seam. Normally, when you put the material under the presser foot, it is required to push the presser foot level up, and it flips to a position and stays there. An extra high presser foot allows you to work with thick fabrics like leather and denim seamlessly.

When you move the fabric under the needle, it is the feed dog that does all the work. Itis nothing but a set of grabbers that reaches up to pull the fabric, drop it down and them come forward again to repeat the process. As there aremore segments in a feed dog, the pull becomes better, and it is easy for the sewing machine to handle thick fabrics. The SINGER 2259 has 4 segments feed dog which works well with lightweight and medium fabrics, but it is not that great with heavy fabrics.

With Singer 2259 even if it is not able to move the needle to left or right from the center, the machine comes with different stitches to position the needle to both sides. Though it is not very flexible, it is more than enough for the beginnerswho are just starting with. The machine features free arm for tight corner/area stitch and an automatic tension adjustment where you can adjust the stitches when working with thin or thick fabrics. The reverse button is another feature where you can change the direction of feed dogs by pressing the reverse button to move the fabric back through the machine. This makes it easy to tie the stitchesso that the thread won’t come out.

Front loading bobbin is also extremely helpful, but the lack of see-through cover and thread sensor is a little disappointing. You also get a set of necessary accessories and a built storage compartment that comes with themachine.

Things To Consider While Buying A Fully Featured Sewing Machine

Maybe you recently developed an interest towards sewing and want to buy your first fully featured sewing machine. Perhaps you want to upgrade your old machine to expand your sewing projects. For most beginners, buying a fully featured sewing machine can be quite overwhelming as even entry level machines have features you may not understand. You need to consider certain factors when it comes to buying an entirely featured sewing machine. This review gives you some valuable tips to knowwhat to find before buying a sewing machine.


When buying a full-featured sewing machine based on budget, it is ideal to choose quality over other stuff. There is no point in buying the fancy machine if it is not going to be useful for your projects. If you have a budget constraint, don’t blindly choose the most inexpensive machine as it may not last long. It is always better to opt a highly rated budget machine that can serve you for a long time.

Try it for real

Singer 2259 buy

Before buying the machine, you want to know how smoothly it can run and how easy it can sew. I recommend you to try out the machine in real to see the stitching ease of operation, checking the stitch quality, changing needle position, etc., or read some independent reviews, which can give some in-depth knowledge about the subject.

Look for the stitches

This is one difficult question to answer; what all stitches must be there in a sewing machine? The best thing is not to get seduced by the number of stitches in a particular machine, instead, choose the machine having the stitches that you will use. When you get to the core of sewing, you just require twostitches, a straight one, and the zigzag stitch. Almost all sewing projects can easily cover with both the stitches. The other stitches make your sewing experience much better.

Unique features


Most of the full-featured sewing machine comes with someunique features making sewing fun. Those features are:

  • Needle threader
  • Speed controladjustment
  • Needle up/down
  • Light
  • Free Arm
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Needle position adjustment
  • Knee lifter
  • Stitch length and width adjustment
  • Attachments and sew

When you choose a machine, pick the one having attachments and feet that are specific to what you need to sew. For example, a quilter will need a spring action foot, walking foot and garment sewers will require an overcast stitching foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot and likewise.While most machines come with all of these feet, the budget machine may nothave a large range of specialty feet.

Mechanical orcomputerized

Mechanical orcomputerized

Mechanical sewing machine tends to be basic and lightweight as they don’t come with a computer. When compared to a computerized machine, they require less maintenance and will last for long if maintained in the right way. Whereas, computerized machines are heavy and comes with a hefty price and are great for heavy-duty projects.


The simple and classic design of SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine packs a lot for the price you pay. It comes with a lot and does a lot considering it is an affordable entry level machine for both beginners and professional level users. Operating this machine is not hard, and it is sufficient to finish basic to intermediate projects. If you are a curious beginner looking for a stable and basic quality sewing machine, the singer 2259 will not cut a sorry figure. Tempted to buy? Or you already have it? If so, share your opinions on SINGER 2259 Tradition Portable Sewing Machine Review.  We are happy to receive your feedback.



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