How To Hem Chiffon With Tape

Chiffon is a delicate, slippery, and light fabric that can be challenging to hem or handle while sewing. So, you might wonder whether you can hem chiffon without a sewing machine. Well, yes, you can, and trust us, it is the easiest way to get the hem in place with the sheer or chiffon fabrics. Meanwhile, the hemming or fusible tape is for temporary adjustment, but they do wonders.

Here we are showing you how to hem chiffon with tape. Just, either way, you need to work carefully and slowly to have that smooth seam on your chiffon fabric as possible.

When things get difficult while following the proper steps, you need to be calm to work with more concentration, as not every fabric is like cotton.

Keep reading this article to understand how to hem chiffon with tape or can say without sewing. We have gathered the information you desire to work with such delicate fabrics as chiffon and make your outfits elegant.

How To Hem Chiffon With Tape

How To Hem Chiffon With Tape

The process to hem a chiffon fabric with tape is very simple, and you need some pins, iron, pressing cloth, and scissors for the work. Now, like all other hemming attempts on different fabrics, you need to decide where you need to hem on it. Yeah! It is the basic step you need to follow for hemming chiffon like a pro.

This requires putting the fabric on and measuring the length where you desire it to be hemmed. First, ensure you keep the fabric on the wrong side to protect the exterior of it from any harm. Then, you can add in your hem allowance to make sure that you have enough fabric material to work with.

Now, after doing so, you can get out your hemming or the fusible tape. After doing so, you need to cut it to the size required and place that fusible tape on the chiffon fabric where you desire the hem to be. Now, fold the hem into the desired position, and you can also pin it into the place if you want. Once the iron gets hot enough, you can press the fabric with the iron.

Ensure you keep a cloth or something between the iron and the chiffon fabric; otherwise, the fabric may burn. It would help if you also have the iron hot to make an instant hem. Also, you should follow all the instructions that arrive with the fusible tape, and while using the pressing cloth, you should know why you are using it. It is because it will prevent your chiffon fabric from getting damaged from the direct heat of the iron.

Step 1 – Gather All The Required Materials By Your side.

The key step is to gather all the required materials to hem chiffon with tape by your side. It is the key process as if you will gather all; you need not get up repeatedly to search for the products. You will need a pair of scissors, fusible or hemming tape, chiffon fabric, iron, measurement tape, and a pressing cloth by your side to begin with the procedure.

Step 2 – Know Where To Hem Chiffon

Before going further, you should know the exact position where you desire to hem your chiffon fabric. If not, then the hemming can go wrong, and all the work will go in vain! So, be sure about the position and measure the position with a measurement tape or ruler.

Step 3 – Cut The Right Length Of The Fusible Tape

Cut The Right Length Of The Fusible

After gathering all the materials you need, you have to cut the right length of the fusible tape as per the fabric. You can measure the length of the position that needs to be hemmed with a ruler or a measurement tape. Once you cut the hemming tape to the desired length, the process will become easier to complete.

Step 4 – Place The Tape Along With The Hem on Fabric

After cutting the hemming tape’s accurate length, you need to place the trimmed hemming tape in the correct position over the fabric with the hem allowance.

Step 5 – Fold The Hem Allowance

After placing the hemming or fusible tape on the chiffon fabric, you need to fold the hem allowance to the wrong side. Why the wrong side? Well, it is because when you iron your fabric, it may get damaged with the direct heat as we know it is a delicate and lightweight fabric. So make sure you place it on the wrong side.

Step 6 – Place The Pressing Cloth Over The Fabric

Now, you need to place the pressing cloth over the place you applied the hemming tape. The pressing cloth should be placed over the fabric so that when you iron it, it won’t get damaged.

Step 7 – Heat The Iron And Press Over Your Fabric

Heat The Iron And Press Over Your Fabric

You need to heat the iron to the appropriate temperature and then place it over the fabric. Make sure you iron the fabric with delicacy and to the right position over the tape. If the tape is not ironed or heated properly, it will not be adhered to the fabric and lost later. So, heat the tape properly.

Step 8 – Let The Fabric Cool

Once you are done with ironing, your work is done. Yeah! You are all set. Now, you just need to let the fabric cool down so that the tape will blend perfectly with the fabric.

Is Hemming Chiffon With Tape A Difficult Task?

Well, to be honest, hemming the chiffon fabric with tape is not at all a difficult task. But, you need to be very careful and work with delicacy so you won’t damage the fabric. Also, make sure you use the proper hemming tape to hem a chiffon dress and iron the fabric accordingly.

Though the fabric is slippery and slick, its structure makes it somehow challenging to work with. And, sometimes, you may get frustrated with its delicacy.

While using the tape, you need to keep the chiffon fabric intact to attain the professional finish and prevent it from slipping or sliding down the tape.

How To Finish Chiffon Edges While Hemming Chiffon With Tape?

How To Finish Chiffon Edges While Hemming Chiffon With Tape?

One of the easiest methods you can use to finish the edges of chiffon fabric while hemming it with tape is using the heated iron. This is yet the easiest method to finish the edges of your chiffon fabric. Yeah! With the heated iron over the fabric tape, you can easily join the edges without ruining the fabric.

How To Do Rolled Hem on Chiffon?

It is yet again an easier method to hem chiffon. You first need to attach the rolled hem presser foot to your sewing machine, and then you need to follow the instructions so that no problem occurs. Secondly, you should lower the presser foot into the place without feeding the fabric into the guide. Now, sew the basting stitch one-fourth in from the edge.

So, as you stitch, feed the fabric into the presser foot guide, and you should bend the raw edge over from one side and the opposite side. Now, sew slowly and go around the hem.

Finally, press into the place when you accomplish it. Then you are finally done with the rolled hem on chiffon, and the rolled hem presser foot should make the difference that makes it a lot easier to do.

How To Narrow Hem On Chiffon?

How To Narrow Hem On Chiffon?

Here, you need first to make your hemline. Then use the short stitch length and then sew a line about one-eighth of an inch below that mark. Now, after that, you fold the fabric over along that stitch line. Now, sew the other one as close to the fold as possible.

After doing so, now trim off the excess fabric with really sharp scissors, and now, go as close to the second stitch line as possible without cutting it. Then, beside the fold, hem up again and cover the raw edge.

Now, you can fold the hem up and cover the raw edge. After doing so, you need to sew the third stitch line on top of the second one and get ready to iron it. Iron the hemline so that it will look nice and will stay intact. Finally, after completion, you are ready with your hemmed chiffon fabric.

How To Hem Chiffon By Hand?

This is now something you need a lot of patience for. But, you know you have the slippery fabric, chiffon to work with, and it can be done if you have a little more time. You can start by threading the needle with any of the lightweight thread that matches the color of your chiffon fabric.

After doing so, you need to sew the stitch line about one-fourth inside the raw edge of the fabric. Next, fold the fabric up to that particular stitch line towards the wrong side and start by selecting the fabric’s fibers and doing one stitch. Now, finally, sew the second line following the above method. You have to do that until you complete your hem and then iron it for finishing.


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