How to Hem Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are already comfortable the way they are. Hemming them is a choice, especially if you want to customize its length. The material that makes yoga pants is usually stretchy. Therefore, the hemming process is best done by a stretch machine stitch.

When you use the hand-sewing stitch or straight stitch, they may break because of the stretch fabric. A machine with a built-in stitch will work well. A narrow zigzag stitch will also neatly do the work. If you want to hit the gym, but your pants do not fit you well, you may consider hemming them. But do you know how to go through this process? Read through this article. It will guide you through this.

How to Hem Yoga Pants?

If there are hem stitches, carefully remove them, ensure you don’t tear the fabric. Measure the length of the new hem using a measuring tape. Use a straight pin to mark the size of the new hem. From the bottom, cut the fabric. Leave a space of 3 to 4 inches from where you will start the new hem. Stitch at the edge of the material.

How to Hem Yoga Pants with A Sewing Machine

When working out, you need to have comfortable pants on. It is the main reason for reducing the length of your yoga pants to an ideal one. In this section, you will learn the step by step procedure for hemming yoga pants.

Here are the things you will need:

  • Yoga pants
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing thread

Step 1: Remove the Hem Stitches

If there are any previous hem stitches, remove them. Use a seam ripper for this, especially if the length is about 1 to 2 inches. Ensure you are careful with the process so that you do not tear the fabric.

Step 2: Measure the Length of Your New Hem

After removing the stitches, measure the fabrics’ new length using a ruler or measuring tape. Your measurement should start from the floor. If you are unsure about the size, use a template to direct you on how far your hemming should go. Mark the length of this hem using a straight pin.

Step 3: Iron the Cloth

After you have come up with the length you require, fold the extra fabric and place it into the cuff. Heat you iron; ensure the temperature is moderate so that it doesn’t burn your cloth. The heat from the iron should be enough to bring out steam. Press on the new fold with the hot iron. Ensure the fold stays in place. After pressing it on, ensure that the pants are correctly aligned.

Step 4: Mark the Edge of the Pants

Mark the point at the edge with. Remove the template you were using and open the cuff. Now that you are about to start stitching, ensure the side with the mark is on the outside.

Step 5: Pin the Edges of the Pants and Start Cutting

Ensure your pants are straight, and there are no folds in it. Pin the edges so that they remain intact to your stitching surface. Use a clear ruler on the legs. Ensure your spot is below the chalk mark. Now start cutting; a rotary cutter will work well because it allows continuous cutting of both pants’ layers. Ensure you leave a 3/5 inch space below the new hem.

Step 6: Start Stitching

Start by sewing along the edge of the fabric you cut. Use a zigzag stitch so that the material does not fray. It also supports the fabric.

Step 7: Turn the Pants and Fuse Them at the Edge

Turn the pants inside out and start connecting them at the edge. Iron it all around, still at that stage, and withdraw the paper backing acting as support. Pin it using straight pins so that they hold the pants in place.

Step 8: Stitch the Hem

As you stitch the hem, sew it at 1/4 inches below the edge. Use a straight or a short zigzag stitch for this. Remove the pins as you go. Stitch all around the edge and repeat the same procedure to the other side of the pants.

How to Hem Yoga Pants by Hand

If you don’t have a sewing machine, try hand sewing. This guide will help you with this.

Step 1: Put on the pants. Fold the hem up until you achieve the length you want.

Step 2: Remove the pants. Make sure as you remove them, the folding stays intact.

Step 3: Lay flat the pants and measure the length. Measure it from where the hem was initially at the edge of the new folding. Note the measurements down. You can also mark them with chalk.

Step 4: Turn the pants inside out. Then uncuff the edge you had folded.

Step 6: Measure the length you want for your new hem from the original hem. Mark that point using a fabric marker.

Step 7: From that point, measure 1 inch and mark the spot with a line.

Step 8: The 1 inch you measure is the excess fabric. So, it would help if you cut it off. Ensure you do it correctly.

Step 9: Fold the edge you just cut up to the new hemline. Fold it once more; this time, you will be folding the new hemline too so that the border is inside the fold.

Step 10: Drive a pin parallel to the fold; it will ensure the fold is intact. Fold all around the fabric, placing a pin at each new hem.

Step 11: Sew the fold all around to come up with your new hem and ensure your stitches are neat and even.

Step 12: After finishing, tie the string’s end and cut off the excess thread above the knot. Then, remove the pins. Repeat the procedure to the next leg.

Tips on Hemming Yoga Pants

Hemming yoga pants is one easy task that you can efficiently complete as long as you have the right machine. You need not have the yoga sewing machine for your sewing to be successful. One can also adjust the sewing machine’s settings to fit, which is required for yoga pants. Below are a few tips that will guide you in hemming your yoga pants.

  • Ensure you are using a ballpoint needle when hemming. If you sew it with the usual machine needle, your fabric may, in the end, show tears.
  • It can be a challenge to pin the pants to the length you require. Look for someone who will help you through this. It ensures that the hem you get is even and looks great.
  • Ensure you take the measurements of the length of you and that of the pants. If you are not sure to put the pants on to get your ideal size, put them on.
  • If the length you get after putting on is more, cuff the excess cloth. Then start stitching the cuffing.
  • Ensure the fold of your hem reaches the floor.
  • Use a matching thread for sewing. Most times, black always goes well with the pants. But you can as well choose any colour as long as it matches your pants.

Which Is the Easiest Way to Hem Yoga Pants?

If you know machine sewing well, this will be an easy way for you to hem the pants. The only thing you need to be conversant with is ensuring that you make the folds properly. However, if you are a beginner, it may take time to understand the technique to use. On the other hand, if you know how to carry out hand sewing well, this process may work best. But it isn’t as fast as machine sewing.

Which Is the Best Stitch to Use?

Yoga pants are stretchy. A machine’s stretch stitch will work best. If you use a straight stitch, it may tear your fabric. It also applies to hand sewing. It isn’t very convincing. If you don’t have the stretch stitch in your machine, use a narrow zigzag stitch. These two will give you a neat and robust hem.



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