How to Hem Pants without Sewing or Tape

You may have a lovely pair of pants that may be too short or too long at length, and you are consequently required to reduce the length but with no clear technique in mind. This is no challenge at all, you can reduce or increase the size to fit correctly. However, many people do not have the time or money to fix it up in the nearest tailor shop. 

Those with little experience in sewing can perform the task of reducing the length and hem it properly. To achieve this, you may need some sewing accessories such as needles, threads, pins, and the know-how to cut and hem your pants. 

However, you can as well hem your trousers without sewing or using tapes. And this is a suitable method for people who have little or no experience in sewing. 

How to Hem Pants without Sewing or Tape

Hem Pants


The most effective way to hem your pants without sewing or using tapes is to remove the initial hem, after which you determine the required length for the pants. Fold the excess length and iron smoothly.

What You Will Need

You can now adjust your pants length and rock them effectively, so they do not feel loose or too tight on you. You will also not be worried about buying pants because of the length, for you can adjust them accordingly. 

Below are some of the materials you will need for this process:

  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Chalks 

You may improvise in some cases as you go around hemming the pants to the required length. These are accessories you can get quickly or find in your house and are pocket-friendly and effective.

In this section, we will list out the steps you will follow to hem your pants without sewing or using a tape to hold it. Below is step by step guide;

Step 1: Remove the Original hem

Hem Pants

If you want to reduce or increase your pants’ length, you first have to remove the original hem. Removing the hem with your hands or using a knife might tear off the pants. This is why you need the seam ripper, which has been made for this purpose. 

You can easily remove the hems with this tool, picking them neatly out by placing the seam ripper under the stitches and gently removing the threads that hold the hem. Do this till you have altogether removed the hem of the pants.

However, if you do not have a seam ripper and you can be careful enough, then consider using a knife or the sharp edges of a pair of scissors. Altogether, it is advisable to get a seam ripper. It is pocket-friendly.

Step 2: Determine the required length for the pants

Determine the required length for the pants

It is preferable to determine the required length you want for the pants while putting them on. If it is a pair of jeans, wear it on with a sneaker, and for other pants type, try them on with the necessary shoes that will fit the trouser. 

Consequently, you can get someone to help you fold it to the new size when you have them on to get the perfect length. 

Step 3: Fold to the required length of the trouser.

The next step is to fold the trouser to the length that fits or get someone to fold it for you. Furthermore, each individual has the style they prefer, some will choose to have it resting on top of the shoes or just grazing it. While some will like it sitting on the shoes, you should determine the new length according to your taste.

Now that you have cuffed the pants, you can now place several pins. Finally, after you have securely pinned the fold, walk around with the pants on to see how it fits perfectly. Additionally, as you check them out, make several adjustments that will be required before the final placing of the pants.

Step 4: Iron the new folds

Iron the new folds

Turn the pants inside out, place them on a flat table neatly, and then remove the pins while ensuring the new fold is intact. Besides as you won’t be sewing or using a tape to hold it down, it is then important to use an iron to hold them in place. It is essential to use a steaming iron to keep it in place depending on the fabrics. 

This method is not suitable for stiff fabrics, for it may not hold pants like jeans and other hard materials. It is ideal for soft pants that you can quickly iron and hold in place, or for stiff fabric, you may have to sew or to use a tape to keep it properly together. 

Other Alternatives Methods to Hem Your Pants

The above method is simple and straightforward, and you can get it done under 10 minutes. It is suitable for a quick fix, or for those that do not know how to sew. However, you can not use this method for all fabrics, and may not be a permanent solution for most people. 

We can also see the hem for a more permanent fix and for other materials. You will know how to sew to achieve this and to get a neat hem on your pants. Also, you may add tape between the hem, iron it together to hold the bottom of the pants together. Professional tailors usually use either of these methods for a more perfect fit. 

You can find several ways to hem your pants online. There are articles and videos that will show you the several methods of hemming pants with or without sewing the hem. Also, you can use tape to hold the hem together through practical videos and articles online. 

However, these methods can hold perfectly for those who have some sewing skills. But the main methods discussed in these articles do not require you to have any skills. Read the steps it follows the videos accurately to get the perfect hem without using a tape or sewing the hem of the pants. 


Hem Pants

Anyone can hem their pants using this method, and you can get your trousers quickly done before you move out. No more changing pants because length does not fit. Get it done under 10 minutes without sewing or using tape. 

You do not have to go out to get any accessories to hem your pants, get it done and wear it now as you go out looking good. And you can use it to increase or reduce the length of your pants.

Related Questions 

Should pins be used along with the pants? 

It is not advisable to leave the pins on the pants as a hem. They may pierce or stick your skin and injure you. 

Can we use a sewing machine to hem a Pants? 

It is difficult to use sewing machines to hem your pants. A Sewing machine will in lots cases not give it the perfect and neat fit.


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