How to Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

The latest trend in wearing pants is to let it hang on top of your shoes or get to ankle length. Gone are the days when you will allow your trousers to fold at the bottom. It does not look appealing, stylish, or neat to enable your pants to lose freely, not with the fashionable ways of wearing pants nowadays.

Now, you have a lovely pair of pants, but they fall loose at the bottom or do not stand firm on your shoes. What are you going to do about the pants? You can hem your dress pants to fit correctly without going to the tailor.

How to Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

How to Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

The best way to hem dress a pant without cutting is to fold your pant leg inside to determine how much you want to take off. Then, use pins to keep the pants in place while you use a sewing machine or better still, by hand to stitch round the curve of the fabric. You can stitch round twice to make it firm.

Steps to Hem Your Dress Pants and Make It Look Original

To keep the work neat, we are going to work with leaving the original hem. The original hem is explicitly made, designed with hard needles and a special machine to achieve that particular hem. And you cannot get that pattern of the hem on by yourself. To maintain its originality and fitness, we are going to keep the original hem while reducing the trousers’ length to fit accordingly.

You should follow the steps below to achieve this pattern:

Step 1

The first thing to do here is to determine the actual length of excess fabrics. You should put on the pants, and measure the excess by folding it to the point that fits appropriately. It will be best if you get someone to help you fold the pants, so you do not miss it. And you can fold only one leg, and there is no need to wrap both legs of the pants, for you can use the same measurements for the legs. It would be best if you used pins to hold the folded part together, at least on four-part of the pants.

Step 2

Please take off the pants, lay it on the table, and measure the folded length using your tape. This is the excess length of the pants that need to be taken off to get the perfect length required. You should measure the original fold and half the measurement. For example, if the height is 2 inches, you will now make use of 1 inch in the new measure.

Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

Step 3

Please take off the original fold, straight up the pants, and fold it the other way with the new measurement. You are not going to use the 2 inches measured initially and use the new height, which is 1 inch.

Step 4

The next step is to sew the new fold to get the new length of pants. For you to get a neat stitch, you should ensure to sew the new hem close to the original hem from the manufacturer. To keep the new hem intact, you should overlap the stitches to prevent the bottom from losing.

Step 5

Now that you are through with the stitches, you can fold the pants and check if the new length is ok. You will notice the excess fabric popping out and keep it neat, and you should cut it off since you will not need to take it back to the original length.

You can do this yourself, for you do not have to spend money giving it to a tailor. The technique is simple and anyone can learn and use it adequately. Follow each step accordingly, and you will get it right.

Alternative Way to Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

Alternative Way to Hem Dress Pants Without Cutting

Now you can use a hand needle to sew them the dress pants without cutting it. You have to follow the steps above but when it comes to placing the pants on the sewing machine, substitute it with a needle. You can use a sturdy needle to sew the stitches for the new length of the pants. However, using a hand needle can be tricky, usually when sewing a hard trouser so that a sewing machine will be needed. In some cases, you should consider using an industrial sewing machine if the pants are that hard.

On the other hand, you can decide to cut off the original hem and sew a new hem for the pants. Although sewing a new hem will not look like the original hem, you can keep it neat enough to fit. Cutting off the hem is more comfortable and faster and mostly used by an amateur, who wants a quick fix. Cutting off the folded part should be done by a professional, who can sew a proper hem. You will only end up ruining your pants if you can not see a proper hem. Don’t even bother cutting it off, for you may ruin the pants totally.

Now you do not have to worry about getting pants with a longer length. You can get it done by yourself, with these steps shown above.

Sources to Learn How to Hem Dress Pants

Sources to Learn How to Hem Dress Pants

Now, you can get more information on hemming your pants from different sources. These sources will make it easier for you to sew your hem in different ways.

  • YouTube Videos

The use of YouTube videos has become a popular and effective way of learning online. You can find different videos on several topics from the search bar, and it has become a rich source for learning online. The critical aspect of using YouTube videos is that you can watch the professionals and follow them with each step. It is a more practical way of learning how to hem dress pants without cutting them. People are also sharing different methods they have tried online, and you can learn all the types of methods, finding the ones that you can use efficiently.

  • Machine manual

Sewing machine manuals may not give you rich details on how to sew them, but they will provide you with information about the right tools to use and how to fix your machine appropriately when you want to hem your pants. This information is useful to sew effortlessly, using the right needle and settings on the sewing machine.

  • Learn from your mentor

If there is anything better than a video tutorial is the real-life event, when you learn from your mentor. In this process, you can ask questions over and over again when you make mistakes. There are certain parts the video cannot help; for instance, they can not help you notice your machines are not fixed properly or are not using the right needle for the material. But with a mentor, you will get the appropriate help when you are going wrong with the hemming of the trousers, for they can notice what is wrong at that moment when they are with you. These people are usually experienced with years of sewing, so they may have many tricks to teach you. So pay attention when these masters share from their experiences.

Related Question

Related Question

Is it advisable to cut off the excess fold after sewing the new hem?

To keep it neat, you should cut off the excess fold of the pants. But you can leave it for kids that are growing fast, to return the pants to its original length when they grow to it.

Will, it does not look like two hems in a trouser when you are done?

No, for only you will know that the dress pants had been hem for it will look neat like the original since it was not cut off.


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