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How To Make An Oversized T-Shirt Cute Without Cutting

Every lady has an oversize T-shirt in their wardrobe. It is mostly worn as a sleeping T-shirt, or when relaxing at home. You can make this oversized t-shirt cute without the hustle of cutting it. 

Then, you can wear it outside of your house as often as possible. 

How To Make An Oversized T-Shirt Cute Without Cutting?

To make an oversized T-shirt cute without cutting only needs you to come up with creative ways of wearing it. You can tie a knot in the front to make it form fitting and pair it with a short skirt and boots. You will have easily converted your oversize T-shirt into a beautiful crop top that you can wear with your jeans or skirts anywhere. 

Method 1. Turn It Into A Crop Top With A Knot At The Front

Step 1. Wear your oversize T-shirt with your favorite mini skirt or jeans. 

Step 2. Gather all the excess fabric to the front of your T-shirt and hold it in one hand. You will the T-shirt tighten around your body. Make sure it is not too tight that you are uncomfortable. 

Step 3. Make a large knot from the fabric that you are holding at the front of your T-shirt. Let the knot then lie on your navel. You have easily converted your oversize T-shirt into a cute crop top you can wear outdoors easily and comfortably. 

Step 4. If you don’t want to have your knot visible, you can tuck it under your T-shirt. You can also adjust the length of the top you are wearing by adjusting the size of the knot you make on the T-shirt. 

Method 2. Turn It Into A Crop Top With A Knot At The Back

Step 1. Wear your oversize T-shirt. You can only decide what to turn your T-shirt into while you are wearing it. 

Step 2. Gather the excess fabric at the back of your T-shirt. Gather as much or as little as you like to adjust the length of your T-shirt on your body. If you want to cover yourself as much as possible, you can gather less of the T-shirt’s fabric. 

Step 3. Make a knot at the back of your T-shirt with your gathered fabric. This reduces the bulkiness of your crop top on the front. If you can’t make the knot at the back, you can ask a friend for help. 

Method 3. Convert It Into A Cropped Cardigan

Step 1. Wear your oversize T-shirt. 

Step 2. Take all the excess fabric from the front and base of the T-shirt and tuck it into the T-shirt through the neck. Then pull this strip of fabric down.

Step 3. This then forms a sort of cropped cardigan. 

Method 4, Make A Bow On Your T-shirt

Step 1. Wear your T-shirt and pair it with jeans or any other pants or skirt with belt loops

Step 2. Take the excess fabric on the right-hand side and insert it through the belt loop right in front of it. 

Step 3. Take the excess fabric on the left-hand side and insert it through the same belt loop from the left side. 

Step 4. Adjust your T-shirt and your bow lengths so that your T-shirt sits properly on top of your jeans and your bow strips through the belt loops are not too bulky. Simply turning your oversize T-shirt into a cute one to wear outdoors without cutting it. 

Method 5. Make A Knot On The Side Of The T-shirt

Step 1. Wear your T-shirt with your jeans. 

Step 2. Gather the excess fabric on one side of your T-shirt and make a knot. You can also use a hair tie to hold this excess fabric to the side. You can then use a short scarf to cover the hair tie. 

This turns your oversize T-shirt into a cute top easily without cutting or having to sew anything. 

Method 6. Turn Your Oversize T-shirt Into A Fitting Top

Step 1. Wear your T-shirt with your jeans, shorts or skirts.

Step 2. Gather the fabric on either side of the T-shirt and tie a knot. 

Step 3. Tuck the knots under the T-shirts. This turns the T-shirt into a cute fitting T-shirt that you can wear comfortably. You can also adjust it so that you can. 

Method 7. Wear It With A Chain Belt

Step 1.Wear your oversize T-shirt. You can wear it with jeans or with short shorts that may not be visible under the T-shirt. 

Step 2. Wear a chain belt on top of your T-shirt. It makes the T-shirt contour at your waist making the T-shirt and its wearer look cute. You can wear a silver or gold plated chain belt to accentuate your T-shirt depending on its color. 

Step 3. You can complete this look by wearing thigh-high boots in a complementary color to the T-shirt. You can also add a denim jacket if the weather is cold.

Method 8. Tie With A Scarf

Step 1. Wear your T-shirt. You can wear it with jeans.

Step 2. Take the front base of your T-shirt and bring together the excess fabric of the T-shirt together in one hand.

Step 3. Tie a scarf at the end of the excess fabric as close to your body as possible. 

Step 4. Tuck the excess fabric of your T-shirt underneath it. The tied scarf will hold it in place making sure that it does not fall off as you walk.

Method 9. Twisted Under Tie

Step 1. Wear your full outfit for the day.

Step 2. Raise the front of your T-shirt and insert your hand to the base of your bra. 

Step 3. Hold your oversize T-shirt at this point and pull some fabric into your hand.

Step 4. Twist and pull this fabric then tie it with a tie. The front part of the T-shirt will sit comfortably over your jeans and create a cute design at the tummy level.

Step 5. With another tie, tie a knot at the back of the T-shirt. This makes the back look like the front. Tuck this knot into the T-shirt or leave it hanging. This makes your oversize T-shirt cute and wearable. 

Method 10. Tuck In Your T-shirt

Step 1. Wear your oversize T-shirt with jeans. 

Step 2. Tuck in the T-shirt at the back. 

Step 3. Before you tuck in at the front, pinch and pull at the sides above your jeans. Then lay the sides over each other and tuck. This creates a kind of V shape on your T-shirt above the pants. You can even use a pin to fix the front in place before you tuck

Step 4. You can complement this look with a blazer or a cardigan.

Fashion Hacks You Can Use To Make Your Existing Clothes Look Different

You may have had your current clothes for a while now. You can refresh and update them to make them look different any time you wear them. You can make them look fresh with several fashion hacks.

First, you can turn your dress into a skirt. To do this, wear your dress then unzip it. When unzipped, tuck the top part of the dress inwards until it reaches your waist level. Effectively turning your dress into a skirt. You can wear a belt to hold it in place. Saving you lots of time for shopping and money.

If you don’t have a belt, you can easily make your denim pants fit. All you need is a string from a shoelace or your sweatpants. Tie the string around three belt loops at the back of your jeans. Then tie this string into a bow. This holds your pants tightly against your body. You can hide the string by tucking it into the pants and using a string in a similar color to the pants.

If your jeans are too tight and don’t close at the button, all you need is a rubber band. Tie the rubber band around your button. Then insert it into the buttonhole and pull it back to get it around the button. This helps you to wear your tight jeans when you want. Make sure to wear something long or a belt to hide this.

How To Alter The Hem Of Your Denim Pants To Make It Fit Better?

Place your denim pants on your bed or any flat surface to work on them easily and comfortably. Fold the hem of your pants up. Then fix safety pins on the edge of the hem to hold the fabric that you want to shorten in. Fix your safety pins around the hem of your pants. 

Then unfold your folded hem. You will have shortened the length of your denim pants. You can do this to make your pants look good on the shoe you want to wear them with.

You can undo the safety pins when you are back home.


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