Can A Tailor Make My Pants Waist Bigger?

When you buy or wear pants, what you need the most is comfort. Comfort means that your pants are not too tight. Comfortable pants should fit properly at the waist and be easy to move about in.

However, you may sometimes buy pants that are too tight at the waist. Or, you may have gained some weight and your existing pants become too tight. Instead of throwing them away, you can consider having a tailor expand their waistline.

Can A Tailor Make Pants Bigger At The Waist?

Yes. A tailor can make your pants bigger at the waist. Tailors can make the pants of your waist bigger by adding some fabric around the waist. Once the waist is made bigger, the seat of the pants may also need adjustments.

For most tailors, it is much easier to make the waist smaller than bigger. Pants are made with a 2-3 inch allowance that makes it easier to take in the waist. You don’t have to add or remove any fabric to make the waist smaller. Just a few stitches in the right place will do the trick.

How To Make Your Pants Bigger At The Waist?

Pants Bigger At The Waist

Method 1. Adding Extensions To Your Waistline To Make Your Pants Bigger

Step 1. To make the pants of your waist bigger in this method, a tailor will require a measuring tape, elastic band, scissors, marking pen or chalk, and a sewing machine.

Wear your pants and feel how tight they are. This is the best way to determine that you need to take your pants to a tailor for the waist to be taken out. At the tailor’s, your waist measurements will be taken. The pants waist measurements will also be taken. This will help to determine how big your waistline needs to be. The size of the additional fabric required for your pants to fit is the difference between your waist size and the pants waist size.

Step 2. The tailor will then identify the part of your pants’ waistband that the additional fabric will be added. Adding fabric to the waistband effectively expands the waist of your pants. The fabric to be added needs to be similar to the pants. The tailor can get this fabric from the hem or any other part of the pants if they don’t have a similar fabric in their store. If a different fabric from the pants is used, it will be too visible. For a similar fabric, the waist will be expanded without the need to notify anyone who sees the added fabric.

Pants Bigger At The Waist

Step 3. Now that the additional size is determined, the tailor will cut your extra fabric into two parts. Each of the parts will be added to the two sides of your pants’ waistband. For example, if you need to expand your pant’s waist by 2 inches, each side of your waistband will be expanded by 1 inch. This ensures that your pants retain their form and shape even as the waist expands to fit you better.

Step 4. The tailor will now get some elastic tape. The elastic tape needed for this process is at least ? inches bigger than the expansion needed on your pants’ waistline. This means that the elastic tape needed to increase your pants’ waistline by 2 inches is at least 2.5 inches.

Step 5. Your tailor will now identify and mark the part of the waistband on your pants that they want to fix the additional fabric. The mark made will be about ? inch.

Step 6. On both the marked parts, the tailor will make V-shaped cuts. This cut starts at the top of the waistband and ends at the seam. It will be made on the layers both inside and outside your pants.

Pants Bigger At The Waist

Step 7. Take your piece of elastic band and place it on one part of the waistband. The elastic band should be placed at least ? inches above the V-shaped cut you made on the sides of the waistband and pinned. The other end of the elastic band should also be pinned alongside the V-cut.

Step 8. The tailor will now sew the elastic band from the top of the waistband and downwards along both sides of the v-cut sealing the cut. This will be done on both sides of the pants where the v-cut had been made. This will effectively allow your waistband to stretch when you wear the pants.

Step 9. It is now time for you to try on your pants. You will feel that they fit substantially better than before. Your pants will fit your waist perfectly. They will allow some space to stretch so that you can tuck in your shirt properly and wear the pants for longer.

Method 2. Taking Out The Waist By Expanding Seam Allowance At The Center Back Seam On Your Pants

jeans Bigger At The Waist

Step 1. You will need a sewn ripper, measuring tape, sewing machine. Wear your trousers and confirm that you need to take out the waist. This may because you can no longer close the button or the waist is too tight. Measure your waist size to determine the length you need to increase your waist by.

Step 2. Place your trousers on a working surface. Taking out the pants’ waist can only be done for about 2-3 inches. This is due to the allowance provided for at the seams. Inside the trousers, reach for the center back seam. The extra fabric for the allowance to expand the waist of the trouser is easily visible.

Step 3. With a seam ripper, rip out the stitches holding the extra fabric onto the waistband of the pants. This effectively expands the trousers.

jeans pant Bigger At The Waist

Step 4. With your measuring tape, measure how long this extra fabric is. If it is enough for the additional length you need, you can wear your trousers as they are. If you need less, measure the length of the fabric and mark at the length of additional waist size you need.

Step 5. Your tailor will then stitch the rest of the seam allowance back in place.

Step 6. Try your trousers on to confirm that their waist size has increased. This will make your trousers a better fit and more comfortable.

If you don’t know how to sew, it is best if you had your tailor take out the waist on your pants. Normally, it is difficult to make a pants waist bigger. Different kinds of pants may or may not have the allowance to take out the waist. This allowance is mostly available in suit pants. To avoid damaging your suit, you are better off having a professional carry out the alterations for you.

How To Make Jeans Waist Bigger?

It is much easier to expand the waist in jeans pants than it is to expand on dress pants. You can expand the waist size of your jeans in several no-sew methods.

First, you can use a waist expander. Take off your jeans and place them on a flat surface. Insert the waist expander into the jeans at the waist level. Leave the waist expander in your jeans overnight. The waist expander pushes your jeans outwards until they are bigger.

Second, you can use a button waist extender. This is an external additional buttonhole. It is an elastic band with a buttonhole and a button, Insert your jeans button into the extender’s buttonhole. Then insert the button on the extender into the jeans buttonhole. This gives an allowance at the waist and allows your tight jeans to fit perfectly.

The third no-sew method you can use to expand your jeans waist is wearing them when wet. You can spray water on your jeans waist and then wear. The jeans will dry on the waist and adapt to the size of your waist.

How Much Does Waist Alteration Cost?

If you are going to have a professional alter the size of your pants, you will need to consider the cost. You have to pay for the service that you will be offered.

Depending on the type of alteration you need and the type of pants being altered, professional tailors will charge you between $10 and $150. For quick and simple alterations you will pay less. For a complicated process, you will pay more.

Sometimes, the cost of alterations is affected by the type of fabric your garment is made of. Some fabrics are difficult to work with for which you will be charged more.

The styling of your garment may also complicate or ease the tailor’s work. Expensive suit pants have an extra allowance on the seams that allows tailors to take out or take in the waist easily. Cheaper pants or suits on the other hand may not have this allowance. This would make the tailor use a longer or more difficult process to take in or take out the waist of your pants. Thus charging you more.


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