How To Hem Chinos

Having chinos hemmed to an appropriate length is the most important part. It is a little thing but can make a big impact on your appearance when you wear it.

You have some fabulous chinos that have a perfect fitting at the waist and hips. But as they go below, the chinos do not look good.

To give a proper shape to the chinos, you can consider hemming them. Read on to this guide if you are interested to know the process to do so.

How To Hem Chinos?

The simple thing is possible through various processes, which are enclosed in this content. For people without a sewing machine, the hand stitching procedure would be appropriate.

Once you understand the step-by-step process, it will not be a tough project for you. Be with us to know more about the hemming chinos.

Method 1: Without Opening The Previous Hem

Step 1: Take out the chinos you want to hem and tuck them to the desired length. Use some pins to keep it in the same place and ensure it gets done appropriately.

Step 2: If required, you can make some necessary markings using a calk or a marker to ensure the dimension is the same across all the sides.

Step 3: For that, you can also wear the pants and ask your helper or a friend to take the measurement. In that way, there is a lesser chance to commit any mistake. After you take the measurements, divide them into two halves.

Step 4: Suppose the measurement you have taken is 1?”, the new measure will be 5/8”.

Step 5: Take all the pins out and turn the chinos right side out. After that, you have to fold the hem to the new measurement and use pins to keep it intact.

Step 6: Measure the length, where you are placing the pin as it ensures the hem is in level.

Step 7: Get your matching thread and a heavy-duty needle, following which you can sew a straight stitch closer to the one already there.

Step 8: Some machines allow adjusting the needle angle, and it allows you to get closer to the original hem.

Step 9: If you find it difficult to do, check the manual as the process will be explained there.

Step 10: Once your sewing is done, you can remove the pins. However, if you are hand stitching, you can go ahead with a back-stitch.

Step 11: Fold the hem, and if you want, you can eliminate the excess fabric. In case you are hemming chinos for your kids, it is better not to cut them. It’s because you can open the stitches whenever required.

Step 12: Use the hot iron and press seam to flatten the pants and check if both the legs are proper. Now wear and see if the pants look proper on you or not.

Method 2: Opening The Previous Hem

Step 1: First, you have to measure the length of the pants that you require. Mostly, it depends on the shoes you wear so you must put on them and find out what size you prefer.

Step 2: Take measurements from the bottom of the shoe to the length of the crotch seam. It gives the dimension of the inseam, after which you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Now, you have to remove the original hemline present on the pants using a seam ripper.

Step 4: For that, you must unfold the hem so that the chinos hang loose. After that, you must iron the pants to eliminate the creases.

Step 5: Turn the chinos inside out and place the cloth flat on the surface to take measurements.

Step 6: Find the length of the inseam from the crotch of the pants and increase it by a one-inch seam allowance.

Step 7: Now, you have to eliminate the extra fabric, and to do that, you can use a rotary cutter.

Step 8: In this step, you have to find the measure of the hem. To start with, set the sewing gauge to ?” and fold the edges to ?” on both sides.

Step 9: Use an iron to press the cloth and again fold the hem up by ?”. Cross-check the width using the sewing gauge and after the fold is evenly wide, use a pin to keep it intact.

Step 10: Repeat the procedure for the other leg also and be ready with it. Two ways are there to proceed, one is sewing by hand, and another is with a machine.

We are discussing both the methods here, so you can follow anyone that you like and complete the process.

Sewing By Hand

Step 1: If you do not have a sewing machine, this is the process you must follow. The procedure of hand sewing is simple and does not take much time. You just need a thread and needle and start the process.

Step 2: Take a matching piece of thread and cut it double the length to cover the entire length of the leg.

Step 3: Put it on the needle and cut the ends so you can start sewing with two strands.

Step 4: Do not forget to use the pins to keep the hem in place. To start the thread, insert the needle and pull it through.

Step 5: Put the needle at the back of the folded edge and take it out about 1/8”. While doing this, pick a few threads of the cloth and slide the needle through.

Step 6: You have to stitch around all sides and continue the same steps with the other pant leg.

Step 7: After you are done with the hem, take your iron and press the chinos, and now you are ready to wear.

Sewing Hem Using A Sewing Machine

Step 1: First of all, you have to fill the top spool and bobbin with the same color thread. Additionally, verify, the thread color is following the pant; otherwise, it will look improper.

Step 2: The next step is to fix the sewing machine to a medium straight stitch. Generally, it takes place by rotating a button available in almost all machines.

Step 3: From the top of the hem, you must start stitching ?” seam allowance. After that, you can eliminate the pins and proceed to the beginning point.

Step 4: Lock stitches at and take the pants out from the machine and remove the excess thread.

Step 5: The same process must be followed for the other leg also. Once done, turn the pants and use an iron to press the hem and complete the task.

By following any of the two methods, you can hem chinos. We have also talked about the process used for both hand and machine stitching. It gives you the flexibility to use anyone according to your convenience.

Things To Keep In Mind While Hemming Chinos

A few things are there to keep in mind while you are hemming chinos, and they are:

  • Take The Measurements Appropriately

The measurements need to be taken appropriately, or else you can make your chinos too short. As a result, you may need to open the stitches and follow the entire process again.

At times, it might happen that you have cut the extra part, and now you do not have any other choice. Thus, you must be careful while taking the measurements.

  • Stitching Uniformly

Sometimes, if hand stitching is not proper, it can lead to non-uniformity. To avoid this, you should use pins and open the stitches when it is done.

Otherwise, the pants won’t look good, and if the stitching is done on a sewing machine, there is a lesser chance you will face such issues.

  • Measuring tape

You must also have a measuring tape to measure the length before hemming chinos. Most people commit a mistake in taking measurements, so they do not get optimum output.

But this will not occur if you use a measuring tape or a scale. When you take the length correctly, your pants will come out as per expectation.

So, are you ready to start hemming your chinos? By doing the process, you can get well-fitted pants.

Which Process Is Easy: With Or Without Opening The Previous Hem?

Both the processes are easy, and you can prefer using any method that you like. In the method, where you open the hem, you have to follow an extra step, which can increase sometimes.

You will get a good result from both, so there is nothing to worry about. You can continue with the process that you like.

Hand Or Machine Stitching: What Should I Prefer?

If you do not have a machine, you can go ahead with hand stitching. However, people who have a machine must use it as the tool offers better finishing. Also, the time required to complete the entire process would be lesser compared to hand stitching.



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