How to Make A Scarf Out of Fabric Without Sewing

Scarfs are among the most expressive and ubiquitous clothing accessories out there. You can wear them in many different ways and make them whichever way you like. For instance, anyone can make a nice-looking scarf from any fabric without even touching a needle, thread, or sewing machine.  Non-sew scarfs have become trendy in the recent past. How are they made?

How to Make A Scarf Out of Fabric Without Sewing

Make A Scarf Out of Fabric Without Sewing

There are probably a million ways to make scarf out of fabric without sewing or what some call a “no-sew scarf”. The easiest method is to repurpose any fabric, unused clothing or blanket you may have lying around into a beautiful, warm scarf. Start by identifying the fabric you want to use, then cut it freestyle using a pair of scissors and pull the edges to create a nice frayed finish if possible.

3 Simple Methods to Make A Scarf Out of Fabric Without Sewing

DIY non-sew scarfs are so trendy and surprisingly easy to make. In fact, the only thing you need to worry about is what fabric to use and how to wear the scarf (there are a dozen ways to rock a non-sew scarf). At the same, you are not stuck with one style when making your scarf as we shall see from these five step by step methods you can try at any time if you have the materials.

Method 1 – The Simple Non-Sew Flannel Scarf

This first method involves using flannel fabric to make a nice-looking non-sew scarf with hand-frayed edges. You could also use flannel from unused shirts or blankets if it’s the right size. 

Step 1 – Select Your Fabric

What color and size fabric are you looking for? For this case, 2 to 3 meters worth of double-printed flannel is more than enough. You can purchase flannel fabric from any store or online provided you know what you are after. Flannel is good for non-sew scarfs because it’s easy to work with, doesn’t easily fray, is flexible enough to be tied into any shape and most importantly, it keeps you warm because of its thickness. 

Step 2 – Cut Your Fabric

You will need a pair of fabric scissors to cut your fabric to a nice rectangular size and trim the edges. The scarf should be at least a meter wide and as long as you would like although about 3 meters is just about right. Lay your flannel on a flat surface and use a guiding ruler and marker to draw a vertical line where you will cut the fabric. Of course, you can skip the marking if you have a rotary cutter in your workshop as it makes it even easier. 

Use you pair of scissors to cut the flannel based on the guide marks. Try and make the cut as straight as possible.  Do this for either one or all the edges of the fabric if you want to apply a frayed finish to all of them.

Step 3 – Finishing the Edges by Hand

Finishing the Edges by Hand

We chose flannel fabric for this non-sew scarf because the edges can be finished by hand to achieve a frayed finish. To do this from one corner of the edge that you just trimmed with your scissors, gently pull tiny strands of thread across entire edge and smoothening them together to achieve an unfinished frayed look. Repeat this step until you reach a desired fray. You can even go further and tie the loosened thread into little knots every few inches until you rich the other end for an even better look. 

By this point, you non-sew flannel scarf is ready to be used. Don’t worry, the pulled edges will not get worse and cause further fraying in future. However, be sure to take good care of your scarf and keep an eye on the frayed edges for signs of damage before it gets too worse.

Alternative Finish by Washing Machine

Fraying the edges of the fabric by hand can be tedious especially if you have a long edge. An alternative and perhaps, easier method involves repeated washing by machine. You will start by making inch-deep incisions lengthwise on the edge of the fabric using a pair of fabric scissors or razor. Then, you will load the scarf to the washing machine and give it two or three washes until the edges are smoothly frayed. 

Method 2 – Chain Knot Non-Sew Scarf

This second method involves using very light fabric such as silk or soft cotton to make a chain knot non sew fabric. It’s really simple and straight forward but the end result is a stylish scarf that can be worn as an accessory.  Here are the steps to making a chain Knot non-sew scarf:

Step 1 – Choose and Cut Your Fabric to Size

Cut Your Fabric to Size

Find some light fabric at least 3 meters long and ½ meters wide. It’s even better if you use two different fabrics with contrasting colors each 3 meters long and ¼ meters wide. If not, then cut the single fabric lengthwise into two to make two equally sized strips each 3 meters long and ¼ meters wide. 

Step 2 – Making the Chain Knot

This is the most crucial step and most fun as it involves creating a continuous chain knot with both strips of fabric. To start, tie the two pieced tightly together on one end as if you are joining them. Let them lay parallel next to each other as you take one over the other all the way to the bottom forming a sort of chain. Finish by creating another joining knot at the other end at which point your chain knot non-sew scarf should be ready to use.

Method 3 – Make A No-Sew Scarf from An Old T-Shirt/Blouse

This third method is probably the easiest and cheapest way to make yourself a no-sew scarf. You only need a pair of fabric scissors and old oversized tee or blouse that you no longer wear.  Make sure the t-shirt or blouse you will be using is made of cotton or some warm fabric; avoid polyesters.

 Step 1- Cutting the T-Shirt

Lay your t-shirt or blouse on a flat surface facing up ready for cutting. Now grab your pair of scissors and cut the t-shirt/ blouse across just below the sleeve and above the hem at the bottom.

Step 2 – Turn It into A Scarf!

Scarf Without Sewing

Now grab your newly cut material pull, stretch it on the sides to make it more flexible and scarf-like. You can now wear the looped scarf on your neck as it is or proceed to cut it on one side to make it into a full-length scarf!

You can turn any fabric you have around into a nice scarf without doing any sewing.  The more creative you can get the better since there are no rules to DIY fashion. In fact, the boldest DIY projects end up being the best. Search for more DIY non-sew scarf ideas on sites like Pinterest and you will find a ton of inspiration designs to start from.

Related Questions

How Much Fabric Do I Need to Make A Scarf?

About 2 meters of fabric (lengthwise) is enough to make a standard scarf. However, scarf sizes can vary depending on how you wear them and the material used. For instance, warm winter scarfs made of flannel can be bulkier and as long as 2.5meters. In contrast, a small scarf used more like a fashion accessory can be as small as ½ a meter in length but probably wider to be folded into triangles and worn over the upper chest.

What Type of Scarf Is Warmest?

What Type of Scarf Is Warmest?

The warmest scarfs are the bulky ones made out of thick fabrics such as fleece, cashmere and multiple layers of cotton. The thicker and bulkier the fabric the warmer it will be around your neck.



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