Can You Iron On Patches to Leather

Patches are a common feature on many leather jackets. There are several ways you can attach patches onto your jackets. You can iron on the patches or sew them on. Patches are commonly images or logos of places or institutions that you like.

Can You Iron On Patches To Leather?

Yes. You can iron on patches on leather jackets and other clothes. The iron on process is quick and easy. After a few washes however, the adhesive glue may become undone and your patch will fall off. You can do this at home or have a professional do it for you. 

If you love patches find out more on how you can attach patches on your leather jackets and clothes.

How To Iron On Patches On Leather

Patches On Leather

  1. Identify the patches that you want to iron on to your clothes. You can buy patches or have them made for you.
  2. Prepare all the tools that you need for this process. This includes adhesive glues, easy to stick fabrics, iron box, a piece of fabric.
  3. Iron the surface of the leather jacket that you want to fix the patch on. This is to make it warm and easy for the adhesive glue to stick.
  4. Apply the adhesive on the patch.
  5. With the glued side first, lay the patch on the heated jacket area.
  6. Place a cloth fabric on the patch and iron on the patch on the cloth. You iron like this because the patch fabric may not be suitable to iron directly. Also, the heat from the iron increases the strength of the glue. Iron the patch for a few minutes. Switch off the iron and leave it on top of the patch for a while to reinforce the adhesive.
  7. Some patches may not be adhesive friendly. In this case, sew another piece of cloth to the bottom of the patch. Apply the adhesive to this fabric and iron it on to the leather clothes. The layer of fabric over the patch as you iron also protects the leather jacket. Heat is not good for leather clothes.
  8. Iron on patches on leather are not permanent. They will stay on for a while before they peel off. To avoid this, it is advisable to then sew the patch onto the leather jacket or other clothes.

How To Sew Patches Onto Leather By Hand

Patches On Leather

  1. With your patches ready, clearly mark or identify where you will place them on your jacket. Lay them out and make sure that you have them exactly where you want them.
  2. Get the right tools. You need a heavy-duty needle that will pierce through the leather fabric. If you are sewing by hand, you will need a thimble to help push the needle. Also, get the right thread to firmly hold the patch on the leather.
  3. Identify the type of patches that you are sewing onto your leather. If you are using a patch with borders, you will need to sew along the border. If you are just sewing a cloth patch, sew a few centimeters inside the patch from the edges for stability.
  4. You will need glue, safety pins or tape to attach your patch to the part of your leather jacket that you want to sew it on.
  5. Thread your needle with a thread of the same color as your leather jacket or a neutral color thread.
  6. Start sewing. Leather is quite tough. You will need a strong needle to ensure that it does not break. You do need to use the leather needle if you are sewing by hand. You will just make it harder for yourself. Make sure to make your stitches close enough to ensure that there are skipped stitches.
  7. Sew all around the patch tightly. Remove your pins or tape as you sew. Sew each patch that you have on. Sewing by hand may take a longer time unlike when using a sewing machine.

How To Glue Patches On Leather Clothes

Patches On Leather

This is the simplest method of adding patches to clothes. All you need for tools is the glue and a heavy object such as an iron box.

Apply glue to the patch. Stick it onto your leather jacket. Press for a while and ensure that the whole patch is sticking to the jacket. You will then leave your preferred heavy object on the patch for a few hours to a firm stick.

Attaching patches to leather with glue is an ineffective method. You need a specific type of glue as most glues do not stick on leather properly. If you use glue to attach patches, you will need to sew your patch on for durability. 

Steps To Sew Patches Onto Leather Jacket By Sewing Machine

  1. To sew on leather, you will need to adjust the settings on your sewing machine to comfortably handle leather. This means that you will need to adjust your thread length and tension. Also, adjust your needle so that it can sew through leather. Buy a stronger needle or one particularly for sewing leather.
  2. Using fabric glue, stick your patch on to the leather jacket and make sure that it is firmly on the jacket.
  3. Lift the sewing machine presser foot and bring in your patch and jacket for stitching. For patches with a boundary, make sure that you stitch on the boundary. This helps keep the patch well attached for longer.
  4. Sew around the entire patch. Ensure that the whole patch is stitched down on the jacket. When you are through, cut off any threads that are hanging on the patch.
  5. A sewing machine makes it much easier to attach a patch to leather jackets. It is fast and accurate. If you know how to sew and have access to a sewing machine, you do not need professional help. You can do it yourself.

What You Need To Know About Iron On Patches

Patches On Leather

Come off after several washes

Iron on patches will not last long. Regular wear and wash will see your patch start to peel off. To prevent this, make sure that you wash your clothes with cold water and dry them in low heat. This will help keep the glue in place.

As mentioned earlier, you can sew the iron on patch for longevity.

You can remove it as easily as you attached it 

To remove an iron on patch, is done by using a hot iron. Apply the hot iron on to the patch as you pull it off the fabric. If you have sewn your iron on patch on to the leather jacket, it is best not to remove it. It may lead to tearing your leather jacket.

Patches On Leather

Iron on patches are reusable

Once you have removed the patch from its current host, you can attach it to another of your clothes. On the second round of use, your iron on patch will have to be sewed on to attach.

How To Prevent Your Iron On Patch From Coming Off

If you do not trust that your iron on patch will stick, you can always sew it on as already mentioned.

With that said, modern fabric glue and adhesives are strong and efficient. If you apply your iron on patch correctly, with sufficient heat, you are sure it will not come off. Using a medium hot iron, place a piece of fabric on your patch and patch on it. Alternate between ironing and pressing your badge down with the iron. Take your time and do this for about five minutes.


Flip your clothes and iron the patch from the inside. Iron again for another five minutes. After this you are sure that your patch is permanently attached to your clothes. 

Iron on patches are easy to attach and embellish your clothes with.



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