How To Iron On Patches Without An Iron

There are so many people out there who have a thing for logos and patches. They put them onto their clothes, which allows them to express their personality. 

Who doesn’t love patches? Aren’t they unique and beautiful? They have a touch of style to your clothes and will instantly enhance your appearance.

Apart from that, many individuals put up logos and patches on their clothes to express their love for an organization or a brand. This stands out as one of the best ways to design your clothes but also to hide damages. 

But the main issue that occurs when you iron the patches-installed clothes. It’s because the process is not that easy, and the chances of tearing or damaging the logo are pretty high. 

What if there is a way you can iron the patches without the iron? Won’t that be cool? To know how to do so, let’s read the contents of this article. 

How To Iron On Patches Without An Iron?

How To Iron On Patches Without An Iron?

The only way you can iron on the logos or patches without the presence of iron is through a hair straightener. You do not require any sewing or ironing work when you have this particular object beside you. 

It will perfectly stick your patch or logo on your specific garment, and the chances of it coming off will be pretty low. Even though you can sew the patches if you want to, a hair straightener will be an excellent option.

It will seal the patches or logos on your clothes quickly and effectively. This stands out as one of the best options when compared with ironing or sewing. It will get the job done without causing any issues in the middle.

The steps to sell your logos and patches on your garments are a lot easier than you think. If you are attaching patches to your clothes for the first time, the steps provided below will be pretty valuable for you. 

It will help you understand what you have to do when sealing the patches so that you do not make any mistake. The steps are:

Step 1: Choose the type of patches you want to place 

All patches or logos are not created equal. Some of them come with glues on their backside, and others carry a cloth backing. 

You must take a good look back on the patch before you think of placing them on your clothes.

Embroidered or decorative patches are pretty stiff and thick. They come with glue located on their sides. You can use them to cover up the areas that are discolored or torn. 

You will also come across transparent paper logos or patches that carry a print on the side of the paper and a glossy finish on the other side. 

Placing these patches on your clothes will not be a good idea if you try to cover up a damaged area. It comes with a see-through feature, and you can easily see the torn or damaged place through the patch itself. 

On the other hand, you have patches or logos with a cloth back, which you can easily attach with a fusible web. They will cover up the holes or blend in with your clothes to provide a unique look.

Step 2: Investigate The Fabric Of Your Garment

Investigate The Fabric Of Your Garment

When placing patches on clothes without iron, materials like cotton and denim stand out as the best choice. Remember, the fabric or material to select who is heavier like the patches or patches. 

Before you do anything, take a look at the material care label located at the insides of the clothing at the neck area. If you do not encounter any label, find out the type of fabric it’s made of. 

Try to be a little careful when you apply logos or patches on polyester materials. Even when you use a little heat, it might still burn the fabric if you are not careful. 

Don’t go for materials like silk. It’s because delicate materials like these are not a good candidate for applying patches or logos. Also, be careful when you work on chenille logos, as the yarns are pretty sensitive towards high heat. 

Step 3: Think About The Placement And The Design

Before you begin your work placing the patches, you must place your sash, bag, or jacket on a flat surface. After that, decide you want to put the patches on it and mark those places so that you don’t forget. 

If you want to place just one patch or logo on the clothing, make sure you put it in a prominent position. Also, make the placement appear intentional on the clothing or accessory. 

When you are thinking of putting more than one patch or logo on your garment, you must plan. Make sure to mark or pin those places where you want to place the patch. 

Also, when using the printable paper patch, place them so that it doesn’t appear reversed. Otherwise, your entire device will look and might ruin the garment itself. 

Step 4: Start Placing The Patches With A Hair Straightener

Start Placing The Patches With A Hair Straightener

Take the garment and place it on a flat surface. After that, take a patch or logo and place it in the area you want the patch to be. After that, warm up the hair straightener and position it where to patch it. 

Press on it gently so that it completely sits on the fabric. Press on the patch for around 30 seconds to 60 seconds slowly remove the straightener. Now, let the patch cool down. 

You must follow the same technique for the other patches on your clothes. If you think some of the glue from patches might get stuck on the straightener, use a foil over it as a cover. 

Why Should You Iron The Patches With A Hair Straightener?

Using a hair straightener instead of iron will allow you to place patches or logos easily without burning the garment. The hair straightener is different from the iron, but both of them produce heat. 

The work will not take much time, and once it’s done, you will receive a beautiful garment that looks unique due to the patches it has in store. 

Using a hair straightener is also pretty convenient when it comes to patching work. It’s because you don’t have to wait for a long time to get heated compared to iron.

It will take only a matter of minutes to heat up. When you compare it with an iron, it’s way faster and much more effective. You don’t have to rub the straightener too many times on the patches.

Other Ways To Apply Patches Without The Iron

Other Ways To Apply Patches Without The Iron

Although a hair straightener stands out as the best option for placing patches or logos on your clothes, there are several ways to do so as well. Check below!

  • Adhesive Spray

The adhesive spray has the power to stick all kinds of things, including patches and logos. They will not cause any damage to the clothing, and you can choose from permanent to temporary sprays.

Although it might carry some durability problems, overall, it stands out as a good option for applying patches on clothing.

  • Needles Or Pins

When you are getting late for a family get-together, dinner party, or an event, you can fix your logo or patch with a needle or a pin. You can attach the logo or patch needle from the inside of your clothing. 

Doing so, the pin or the needle will not be visible. It can be a little forbidding as it might harm you [The needles have sharp pointy tips], so you need to be careful. 

  • Stitching Up The Patch

Stitching Up The Patch

When the patch you are using does not have an adhesive at the backside, you can opt for the sewing option. You will only need a thread and a needle, that’s all. 

After that, you can begin your sewing work and make sure to stitch it all around the patch so that it doesn’t come off. 

Can I Use Peel-Off Sticky Sheets For The Patches?

Yes, you can use them. The peel-off adhesive sheets are another option for attaching patches to your clothes. You have to cut the sheet so that it matches perfectly with the size and shape of the patch. 

After that, place it on the logo or patch and peel off the stick. You can make a bit of adjustment so that it doesn’t look out of place. 

Also, please press on the patch gently so that it sticks properly on the clothing. You need to make sure that the patches don’t come out.

Will A Velcro Patch Be A Good Choice For The Patches?

Yes, of course, it will be. Velcro patches are available everywhere, and you can get them easily at a reasonable price. You do not need additional skills or knowledge when it comes to using the Velcro patch.

The patch itself comes with a Velcro patch and is ideal for use for garments or clothes. The tape takes the help of an adhesive. Gently press on the patch so that it sits firmly on the clothing. 

They come in numerous shapes and sizes. You are free to choose the one that matches perfectly with your needs.


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