How To Turn A Flat Sheet Into A Fitted Sheet Without Sewing

A flat sheet is also known as a top sheet. It is used on beds to cover yourself. It is placed between you and the blankets. This is the main purpose of the flat sheet. It is also used as a decoration and can also be used instead of a blanket on hot nights. 

Fitted sheets are sheets designed to fit perfectly over a bed. Fitted sheets have elastic in their corners to ensure that they fit on the bed perfectly.

How To Turn A Flat Sheet Into A Fitted Sheet Without Sewing?

How To Turn A Flat Sheet Into A Fitted Sheet Without Sewing?

You can flat sheets into fitted sheets without sewing. Place the flat sheet on your bed. Fold in half twice so that you have four layers of the sheet lying on each other. Then take measurements of the bed. With your flat sheet still on the bed, measure and mark half of the mattress width from the folded edge and mark. On the other side, measure and mark half the distance of the mattress length from the fold

Now cut out the edges, glue them together to form a hem, and insert elastic on every corner. You have turned your flat sheet into a fitted sheet.

Uses Of A Flat Sheet In Your Home

A flat sheet can be put into more than one use. Thus making it an essential part of bed accessories. The first and major use of the flat sheet is that it is an added layer of comfort. You can use your flat sheet between you and your duvet. The flat sheet is light and easy on the skin. This makes it more comfortable to place a blanket or duvet over it as you sleep. 

When it is hot, you can use the flat as a blanket. In hot weather, you don’t need lots of layers to cover yourself with when you sleep. You can use the flat sheet as your blanket during this time. 

Uses Of A Flat Sheet In Your Home

You can also use it as a decoration. There are luxury flat sheets that are best used for decorations. These sheets have decorative lace around them. When you make your bed, the decorative edges are left visible thus highlighting your bed. Do not use this flat sheet to cover yourself. 

As for decorations, flat sheets can also be used as bed covers. They can be used in the place of duvet covers. Luxury flat sheets are the best to use as bed covers. They have an appealing appearance that makes your bed more attractive. 

Flat sheets are also used as fitting sheets. All you need to do is to fold them properly under the mattress and you have fitting sheets. 

On a cold night, you can use your flat sheets to snuggle on the couch as you enjoy a movie. Soft flat sheets will provide you with the warmth that you need before you go to bed.

Flat sheets can be used for as many uses as you can think of at home. 

Method 1. Add Elastic To The Sheets

Elastic To The Sheets

Step 1. Assemble all the tools and materials that you need to finish this project. You need your flat sheet, measuring tape, scissors, elastic band, marking pens or chalk, and fabric glue. You also need the bed and mattress for which you are making the fitted sheets.

Step 2. Place your flat sheet on the bed. Fold it in half twice so that you have four layers lying on each other. 

Step 3. Take measurements of the mattress. Starting with the width, measure and mark half of the mattress from the folded edge of the flat sheet. Then do the same for the length of the mattress. 

Step 4. Connect the marks on both sides of the flat sheet by drawing an L-shaped line to form a square at the edge of the folded flat sheet. 

Step 5. Cut the fabric of the flat sheet bound by the square at the edge. Cut about ½ inch away from the line. Use a sharp pair of scissors so that you don’t leave any threads hanging. 

Step 6. With your flat sheet still folded in four layers, take the cut corners of the top layer and glue them together. Repeat for all the other three layers of the folded flat sheet. Remember to leave a ½ inch seam allowance. When the fabric glue dries, you can place it on the bed to confirm that your flat sheet will fit perfectly once it becomes a fitted sheet.

Glue the hem and leave a gap enough to fit your elastic band through.

Step 7. You will need four pieces of elastic band for each corner. Each of the bands will measure 16 inches. Insert the band into the hem. Pin one end and thread the other through the hem. This will cause the fabric of the sheet to gather around the elastic band. Repeat for all the other sides of the flat sheet. Then glue the hem down to enclose the elastic.

Step 8. When you have finished this and the glue has dried, lay the sheet on the bed. You now have a fitted sheet that you can insert the mattress into the elasticated corners to keep the shit in place.

Method 2. Fold Flat Sheet Over Mattress

Fold Flat Sheet Over Mattress 

Step 1. Lay your flat sheet on your mattress. Often the flat sheet is slightly larger and longer than the mattress for which it is intended. So it will hang on all sides of the mattress. 

Step 2. Fold these hanging sides under the mattress. This immediately turns your flat sheet into a fitted sheet. The folding allows the flat sheet to stay in place similar to a fitted sheet. This effectively turns your flat sheet into a fitted sheet.

You can now sleep on the bed comfortably without worrying that the sheets will fall off as you sleep. 

How Do You Fold A Fitted Sheet?

When you have a fitted sheet on your bed, the elastic makes them sit in the bed comfortably. However, it comes to folding, the elastic makes this a difficult process. And even when you finally fold it, it is difficult to store.

To fold your fitted sheet perfectly, you need to start holding the sheet lengthwise at the corners. This effectively turns the sheet inside out. Then bring the corners in your hands together and line up the seams. Then turn the right side corner with the right side facing outwards so that it wraps around the corner in your left hand. 

Now, fold the bottom corners. Fold these corners one at a time to have clear and net edges on your folded sheets. With one hand holding the previous fold, bring the corner nearest to you and tuck it in with the other two top corners. Then bring the last corner up and fold it onto the other three corners. Straighten the edges of the sheet. 

You can also fold fitted bed sheets by placing them on a flat surface inside out. Then fold the sides together to form a rectangle. Clear any wrinkles on the surface of your sheets with your hand. Then fold again in half to make it smaller and easier to store. 

Tips To Make Your Bed Feel And Look Better

Tips To Make Your Bed Feel And Look Better

The bedroom is a personal space. You have the freedom to make your bed as good as you want it to be. There are many ways you can spruce up your bedroom. The most common is by making your bed comfortable and beautiful.

To make your bed comfortable, one of the things you can do is to use a flat sheet. Space designers concur that if you want to make your bed look good and comfortable, a flat sheet is better than a fitted sheet. It fits perfectly and can be easily straightened with your hand.

Another way to make your bed beautiful is using pillows. Invest in high-quality pillows as you retain your old and comfortable pillows. Large pillows on the bed are not only inviting, but also comfortable and comforting when you sleep on them. 

Use linen on your bed. The linen is smooth and warm. You can change from cotton bedsheets, covers, and pillowcases to linen. Linen beddings are easier to take care of since they are easy to wash. While making your bed, linen sheets are much easier to spread. Hold them with both hands and give them a flick and they will lie flat on your bed ready to be tucked under the mattress. 

Another thing that you need to make your bed look and feel better is a headboard. A headboard on your bed makes it more appealing. It makes your bed look larger and more imposing. It commands your bedroom and helps you to make it the ideal personal space. Buy a high-quality headboard for your bed and your space.



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