8 Sewing Projects for Beginners

Sewing can be a huge fun when you have the right equipment and all the raw materials. Though professionals do not find it entertaining, the beginners can try a few interesting tailoring jobs to create personalized stuffs for home.

You might wonder what should I create and where to start. We have shared 8 great sewing projects for the beginners that you can try. There are some gift ideas and other DIY craft ideas that anybody would like to try. These projects will certainly improve your sewing skills. So, let’s check 8 Sewing Projects for Beginners.

  1. Drawstring Bag:

This one is for the smallest person in the family. It will help you in packing all the accessories your baby needs. You need a quarter yard of fabric and a ribbon to prepare this bag. First of all, cut the fabric in a rectangular shape. 7”x18” would be perfect. Now create buttonholes for the drawstrings. Now fold the fabric in the shape of and stitch all the sides from the wrong side. Do the same from the right sides and then insert the drawstrings through the buttonholes. The bag is ready and you have created something personalized for your toddler.

  1. Baby Blankets:

Every mom wants to protect her baby against all sorts of odds. What else better you can create than a cozy blanket that will keep your baby warm and comfortable. Get the gauze fabric which is also called muslin in a few countries. Create 45”x45” square cuts of the fabric. Start the sewing process by cutting the raw edges. Now sew all the edges of the blanket to have an appealing look. Now take a few colorful fabrics and cut a few hearts to stitch them over the blanket. Your job is done once you have stitched the hearts over the blanket and it is ready to use.

  1. Colorful sunglass case:

It is probably the easiest thing to prepare if you are a bit notorious for losing your glasses. To prepare colorful sunglass case you need scraps of two colorful fabrics and scraps of fusible fleece. Get a pair of two different colored fabrics. Keep the inner fabric upside and the right fabric inside and then sew it. Now take the right side out and stitch it again. Do not forget to keep the inner fabric lengthier than the outer fabric so that you can stitch it above the rough edges of the sunglass case opening. Now just create a buttonhole and stitch a button that will secure your glasses.

  1. Unique Hair Bows:

The hair bows do wonders when it comes to creating a classic look with any dress. You can prepare it quite easily. All you need is scrap fabric, glue gun, regular sewing supplies, and a hair clip. Start the process by cutting 5”x7” pieces of fabrics. Now fold the fabrics from long sides and stitch. Now sew a ¼” seam and then take the right side out. Now hold the seam from the center back side and then put the raw edges in. Now sew all the edges and then grab every piece of the sewed fabric from the center in the bow style. Stitch it and then glue it over the hair clip. Your bow is ready.

  1. Infinity Scarf:

It is another easy thing to prepare. All you need is a fabric for the scarf and basic sewing materials. Take a 1 and ½ yard fabric then cut it half to get the same width. Now stitch the fabrics from their ends. Keep the wrong sides in and the right side out. Now fold the scarf half of its complete length and then stitch the edges. Now turn out the right side and then stitch the edges. That’s how you will create a loop and get your infinity scarf ready.

  1. Kids Belts:

To prepare kids belts you need a small strip of fabric along with a 1 ½” D rings and fusible fleece to stick to the back side of the main fabric. Now fold the fabric from the wrong sides and sew the edge. Take the right side out and then sew one end of the strip to prepare the hole for placing the D rings. Now put the D rings in and stitch the other end of the strip. The belt is ready.

  1. Pillowcases:

To prepare the pillowcases you need two colorful fabrics. Wash, dry, and iron those fabrics and then cut the folded rectangles of 20.5”x26”. Now stitch both fabrics by keeping the wrong side out. Now stitch the rough edges to prepare a smooth and appealing opening and your job is done.

  1. Personalized phone case:

It is a very useful thing that everybody needs on a daily basis. Take two colorful fabrics and cut two chunks slightly bigger than the size of your smartphone. Now sew the edges from the wrong sides and then sew the edges from the opening. You can create a buttonhole and stitch a button, if you want to secure your phone.


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