Are Brother Sewing Machines Low Shank

If you have been in the sewing industry for a long time, you must know that there are various kinds of sewing machines, each representing its features. For example, one prominent feature of sewing machines is the shank which may either be high or low depending on the sewing machine.

The shank feature is also present in brother sewing machines which also can either be low or high. So, do they have a low shank? Let’s find out!

Are Brother Sewing Machines Low Shanks?

Yes. The Brother sewing machine is a low-end sewing machine; therefore, it features a low shank. These kinds of devices are those that one can use for household sewing.

However, other brothers’ sewing machines have high legs. But for such machines, they are necessary for complex stitching or embroidery.

What Are the Differences Between Low Shank And High Shank Brother Sewing Machines?

There are distinct differences between a low shank brother sewing machine and the high shank brother sewing machine. If you are not aware of what a shank is, it is the metal rod that the presser foot holder attaches.

Depending on the device you are using, its bar may either be high or low. Here are differences between a low and high shank in the brother sewing machine.

High Shank Sewing Machine

1. For Industrial Purpose

The primary purpose of a high shank sewing machine is to cater to industrial sewing purposes. As such, one may use the sewing machine for more complex objectives.

2. Expensive

A high shank sewing machine is essential for industrial use, making it more expensive than low shank sewing machines.

3. Requires a High Shank Presser Foot

If you are using a high shank sewing machine, you should realize, or it will go without saying, that you will require a high shank presser foot. This presser foot is the only one that this kind of sewing machine will accept.

4. The Length

In a high shank sewing machine, you will notice that the length from the bottom of the machine’s presser foot to the core of the thumbscrew will be about 1 inch or more.

Low Shank Sewing Machine

1. For Household Use

The primary purpose of a low shank sewing machine is to serve household purposes. It is therefore helpful for simple and easy sewing or embroidery works.

2. Cheap

Low shank sewing machines are cheaper than the high shank ones, thanks for their use for household purposes only.

3. Require Low Shank Presser

If you are dealing with a low shank sewing machine, you should know that it can only accept a low shank presser.

4. Short length

In this kind of sewing machine, the distance from the bottom of the presser foot to the center of the thumbscrew should be  ½” inch or less.

How to Find Out the Shank Size of Your Brother Sewing Machine?

The process for determining the shank size of your sewing machine should be straightforward. Typically, the procedure is almost similar for all sewing machines, including the Brother sewing machines.

Here is how you can check the shank size of brother sewing machines, no matter what machine model you use.

Step 1: Lower Down the Presser Foot

If you had your presser foot up, you should begin by putting it down. This step is essential in ensuring that you get accurate results, and more so, it is impossible to measure the shank size when the presser foot is up.

Step 2: Measure the Length Using a Ruler

Once the presser foot is down, you should go ahead to measure the length. Use a small straight ruler for this purpose.

When measuring, start from the bottom of the presser foot to the center of the thumbscrew.

Step 3: Record the Measurements

After measuring, you must take note of the results to go ahead and interpret them.

Step 4: Interpret the Results

Typically, you are supposed to get two outcomes from your measurements. First, the length you measure can either be half an inch or less than this or be one inch or more.

If the length from the bottom of the presser foot to the middle of the thumbscrew is half an inch or less than this, then your sewing machine’s shank size is small.

On the other hand, if the length from the bottom of the presser foot to the hole that joins the foot to the presser bar (thumbscrew) is one inch or more, then your sewing machine’s shank size is large.

What Are the Benefits of Low Shank Brother Sewing Machines?

The low shank brother sewing machine is one of the most common brands in the market.

Generally, low shank sewing machines are essential for home use, and their distances from the bottom of the machine’s needle plate to the thumbscrew is usually ½ an inch or less. Also, such sewing machines come in presser feet of different sizes.

The Low Shank Brother sewing machines carry many different purposes. In this section, you will know the various benefits of low-shank sewing machines.

1. They Are Great Machines for Beginners

One of the significant benefits of low shank brother sewing machines is that they are perfect for first-time sewing machine users. With this kind of machine, the person can practice the different types of sewing and perfect their skills.

Usually, most beginners in sewing want to start by practicing how to repair clothes. For such cases, they will require sewing machines that will meet such needs and also be helpful when they want to try out something different with the device. This machine is pretty easy to operate, making it beginner-friendly.

Another great thing with the low shank brother sewing machine is that they can last long. As such, you need not upgrade it after using it for a while.

2. Perfect for Small Tasks

With this kind of machine, you can use it almost everywhere and more so at home. It is usually readily available for use at any time, and operating it from home is pretty straightforward.

This sewing machine also is very flexible thus able to work with nearly all types of presser feet. Moreover, you can use it to sew different things at home. From clothes to jeans or tops, all kinds of clothes.  It is a perfect sewing machine to help you try out other sewing stuff from the comfort of your home.

However, as you choose the low shank brother sewing machine, ensure that you select one that matches well with various presser feet for flexibility.

3. They Are Pretty Cheap

Low shank brother sewing machines are pretty famous in the industry. However, many other brands produce the same kinds of sewing machines that seek to serve the same purpose as the brother one. For this reason, you can get the low shank brother sewing machine at affordable rates.

The prices for this sewing machine may range from tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. However, with such a small budget, you can get such a great sewing machine that will help improve your sewing skills. Moreover, you need not worry about the parts since you can easily find them in the market at affordable prices.

4. Low Shank Brother Sewing Machines Are Precise

The low shank brother sewing machines’ accuracy is what you require in your sewing journey. When hemming or even folding your fabric to finish sewing the edges, you want to come up with something neat. You can be sure that the low shank brother sewing machine will give you the preciseness that you require.

When sewing, one of your hands needs to be holding the fabric so that you can guide it through the sewing machine. Together with using a low shank brother sewing machine, this technique will ensure that you achieve a straight hem. To add in, ensure you select the correct presser foot for more accuracy.

5. You Need Not Upgrade the Sewing Machine

Once you buy the low shank brother sewing machine, then you will be making a long-term investment. If you are new to sewing, you need not use the device for a while then advance to a better version. You can be sure that this machine will last you a good time.

With this sewing machine, you can achieve a lot. All you need to do is purchase several presser feet that will help you do different stitching jobs. If sewing may be a heavy fabric, you can change the presser foot to fit one for heavy material.

But you may upgrade to a better sewing machine if you want to or decide to make your sewing more of a business.

Is the Brother HC1850 a Low Shank Machine?

The Brother HC1850 is a low shank machine; therefore, the distance from below the presser foot to the center of the thumbscrew is ½ an inch or less. It also matches with the press on presser feet.

This machine also has a drop-in bobbin that is useful when rethreading the device. Some of the stitches suitable for this machine and which you can find on it include the buttonhole stitch, decorative, zigzag, straight stitch, and Monogramming stitch.

What Is a Low Shank Adapter?

A metal structure allows one to convert a high shank sewing machine into a low shank state. Moreover, the adapter enables different sewing machines to be able to accommodate and use various presser feet.

You can use the adapter to fit the snap-on presser foot or the screw presser foot onto your machine. You require the adapter on devices that cannot accommodate the different presser feet to accommodate it.



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