Best Cobbler Sewing Machine in 2023

Sewing and repairing shoes needs a special kind of machine. This is because shoes are often made with thick materials such as leather, canvas or rubber. Here we have created a list of some of the best cobbler sewing machines available in the market.

At the first position is a sewing machine that is noiseless, efficient and sturdy. Pumplus cobbler shoe repair machine is the best commercial cobbler sewing machine that can be used to repair and sew new shoes.

Read on to know more about Pumplus’s shoe wonder and other good cobbler sewing machines that you can purchase.

Best Cobbler Sewing Machine Comparison

RankNameRatingsPriceNoise LevelAccessoriesWeightDiscount Link

Pumplus Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine

4.6/5$Silent25 pounds

ECO-WORTHY Hand Machine Cobbler Leather Sewing Stitching Machine

4.3/5$Silent24.4 pounds

YUEWO Small Heavy Duty Cobbler Sewing Machine

4.2/5$Low Level25.63

YaeTek Hand Cobbler Nylon Line Sewing Machine


Eapmic Patch Leather Sewing Machine


No.1 Pumplus Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine


  • Noiseless machine
  • Can mend different types of shoes
  • Flexible arm that reaches tough corners
  • Performs well with nylon or cotton wire
  • Long lasting stitches


  • The sewing head leaves a mark on the leather
  • Thread breaks frequently

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Pumplus Cobbler Sewing Machine is a very good machine from Pumplus. This machine lets you sew a wide area of products such as cloth, leather, rubber, sneakers, high heals and other types of shoes. This machine is known for its working efficiency. It lets you create beautiful shoes with the help of cotton and nylon wire.

One of the biggest pros of this machine is that it is practically noiseless. Therefore, you can install this machine any where you like and work without worrying about disturbing others. With noiseless service, you get some top-notch quality and efficiency. However, this machine is heavy at a whopping 25 pounds and may not be easy to move from one place to another.

Pumplus machine is considered one of the best options in its league because of its sewing arm. It can reach any corner of the shoe and lets you work on some complex shoe designs. This machine works with standard sewing needles which makes it an easy to maintain sewing machine.

This cobbler sewing machine has a sturdy metal construction, so you can work with heavy fabrics without worrying about common issues like wobbling and vibrations. If you are looking for a machine that will help you design and repair some stunning shoes and will also last you a lifetime, this is the machine for you.

Pumplus cobbler sewing machine is pretty straight forward to install. It is also easy to use. The functions are simple and you won’t have to spend a lot of time with the machine to understand simple procedures. The machine’s ergonomics also make it simple and suitable for long durations work sessions.

This sewing machine comes loaded with accessories. It has 48 accessories that are relevant to sewing with leather. They collectively take the sewing experience with this machine to another level.

No.2 ECO-WORTHY Hand Machine Cobbler Leather Sewing Stitching Machine


  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with a walking foot
  • Can stitch a variety of materials


  • Standard needle does not work with leather
  • Completely manual operations

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Eco-Worthy hand machine is one of the best cobblers sewing machine available in the market. It is a reliable sewing machine that can sew everything from a trouser to a high heal, stylish shoes. This machine produces high-quality stitches and is capable of stitching through multiple layers. You may have to change the needles to sew different fabrics/materials but the results are always worth the effort.

This sewing machine comes with several heavy-duty machines that let you stitch over leather, rubber and multiple layers of fabrics with ease. Eco-Worthy machine ideal for you if you are new at using cobbler sewing machines and still dream of sewing a sneaker, all by yourself. It comes with a lubricant oil that makes working with any type of fabric smooth. You have to apply this oil before you every use.

Like most of the popular cobbler sewing machines, Eco-Worthy sewing machine comes with a walking foot. This foot lets you access the most difficult corners and produces extra-ordinary stitches despite of your sewing angle. With this machine in tow, you will never have an unreachable corner in your show design.

If you plan to work with heavy materials always, this is the machine for you. It is an industrial scale machine that can handle heavy materials at a non-stop working pace. Eco-Worthy is a heavy machine, so, it cannot become your portable sewing machine. It is a silent machine, this means, you can work in peace and stitch shoes with efficiency.

No.3 YUEWO Small Heavy Duty Cobbler Sewing Machine


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong stitches
  • User friendly functions
  • Low noise level
  • Sturdy metal build
  • Has a tripod stand
  • Can work with different types of leather


  • Machine can be tricky for beginners
  • Replacement parts are expensive
  • Needs lubrication frequently

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YUEWO is a sturdy cobbler sewing machine that is both easy to install and use. It has a sturdy design that is ideal for commercial use and needs very little maintenance. Overall, the machine has a compact and basic structure. It takes very little space and makes very little noise. You get this machine with one year guarantee.

YUEWO Small Heavy Duty Cobbler Sewing Machine can be used to make new leather shoes and it is great for fixing old ones too. This machine can work with most fabrics and it easily glides through the thickest of leathers. Some of the products that you can manufacture with this machine are high heels, leather shoes, socks, raincoats, leather cloths, and other items that need a leather sewing machine. 

One great feature about YUEWO sewing machine is that it does not need frequent needle changes. You can sew almost everything with its existing needle. To accommodate different materials, you need to fix just the gap between the needles. This machine comes with a lubricant oil that smoothens its functioning and lets you work nicely with multiple layers and thick materials.

The movable arm on the YUEWO is another blessing that comes with this machine. This arm makes it convenient to stitch in the most difficult corners and create some of the most stunning shoes. This sewing machine offers a perfect combination of power and precision and is ideal for working with leather at a commercial level.

YUEWO sewing machine has a sturdy design that gives it the strength to work with all types of fabric. Its frame can take the weight of heavy materials and it does not squeak or vibrate as you work on your projects. This machine is not absolutely noiseless but its noise levels are tolerable and do not cause disturbance to you and others working nearby.

If you are looking for aconvenient, commercial, heavy-duty cobbler’s sewing machine, this machine is for you.

No.4 YaeTek Hand Cobbler Nylon Line Sewing Machine


  • Portable sewing machine
  • Easy to install
  • Works well with a wide range of materials
  • Fast and sturdy machine


  • May not work well with thick materials
  • Non-uniform stitches

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YaeTek hand cobbler shoe repair machine is a small and compact sewing machine. This machine works well with different kinds of projects and can be used to make shoes, repair them and work with materials such as leather and canvas. When you purchase this machine, you receive an instruction manual that is easy to follow and makes working with this machine a delightful experience.

Yaetek sewing machine is easy to install and work with. If you are beginner, you will find that the instructions are quite simple and the functions are also easy to grasp and remember. This machine’s thread spool is on top of the machine, so the trickiest job of threading the machine also becomes easy. This setup allows you to quickly and easily change the thread as you move from one project to another.

This cobbler sewing machine is also very fast when it comes to sewing leather. With this machine, you can finish projects within no time. The maximum thickness this machine can handle is 5 mm. It can work with the nylon line, cotton line and with the prince line. This machine also has a walking foot that offer you the convenience of sewing in the difficult corners and abrupt turns.

With this machine, you can make rubber shoes, leather shoes, sneakers, high heels, leather bags, trousers, and other leather products. If you are looking for a cobbler sewing machine that is lightweight and works like magic with most products, this is the sewing machine for you.

How to Choose a Cobbler Sewing Machine

While purchasing a cobbler sewing machine, you must consider certain important features. These features are what can make or break your sewing experience. Following are some of the most important factors that must be considered before choosing a cobbler sewing machine.

Fabric Compatibility

Cobbler shoes are not just for leather. When you make a shoe, you work with different materials such as the lining of the shoes, the soles, etc. So, the machine you choose, should be able to handle all types of fabrics that are used for making a shoe. Some of the materials that it must be capable to work with include cotton, rubber, nylon, canvas, synthetic leather, wool, polyester, synthetic leather, etc.


Making shoes is not an easy feat. You need to sew through heavy duty materials and often penetrate more than one layer of fabric, leather and other materials. This kind of heavy-duty work requires a machine with a sturdy frame and strong spare parts. You definitely need a machine that is made of metal, so that the parts do not break on usage. This factor is very important to consider because sewing machines are expensive and you cannot buy a new machine every time you make a new pair of shoes.

Stitch Length

Stitch length is important for cobbler sewing machine. You need different stitch lengths for thick and thin leather. Your cobbler sewing machine should allow you to change the stitch length and adjust the thread tension. A cobbler sewing machine that gives you the option of changing stitch length will always give you professional-level stitch quality.

Adjustable Presser Foot

Sewing a shoe means sewing in corners and closed spaces. How can you stitch a shoe without turning it at awkward angles? The solution to the turning problem is to get an adjustable presser foot. While purchasing a cobbler shoe, you must choose a machine that turns 360 degrees and lets you sew the shoe from all the directions. With this type of machine, you will have to rotate the machine head rather than the fabric.

Needle Replacement

When you work with thick fabrics, you break more needles. So, when purchasing a cobbler sewing machine, you must consider a brand that offers replacement of the needle. You must also check the ease of availability of the needles. Some machines may allow you to use needles from other brands/models but they won’t work the same. Moreover, most of the machines do not allow such flexibility.

Machine Strength

A cobbler machine has to mostly work with heavy materials; therefore, you must choose a machine that is steady and sturdy. You will have a tough time working with a sewing machine that is shaky or wobbly. The stitch quality also suffers if your sewing machine vibrates. If you purchase a machine with a tripod stand, you have to ensure that it can handle the weight and pressure of the heavy fabrics.

Ease of Setup

When it comes to a cobbler sewing machine, you may not find a very basic/simple sewing machine. However, you can consider purchasing a machine that is easy to understand and work with. A very complicated sewing machine may your work difficult and you might have to spend a lot of time understanding the user manual rather than making shoes.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight and dimensions of a machine have to be chose according to your requirement. If you will be moving around your machine frequently, you will need a lighter sewing machine. Otherwise, you can go for a sturdy, heavy industrial sewing machine that can permanently sit at a chosen spot. Tripod cobbler sewing machines are generally lighter and smaller in size.

Can Cobbler Sewing Machines Handle Heavy Leather?

Yes, cobbler sewing machines can handle leather. They are designed to work efficiently with different types of leather and different layers of fabrics. Cobbler sewing machines come with special features such as a sturdy frame, strong needles and a flexible sewing head to easily work with heavy leather and other heavy materials.

Which Are The Top Brands That Manufacture Cobbler Sewing Machines?

You will find cobber sewing machines in almost all the popular sewing machine brands. Some of the popular names are Yaetek, Pumplus, YUEWO, etc.

Is A Cobbler Sewing Machine Mechanical Or Computerized?

Cobbler sewing machines can be both mechanical or electronic or computerized. You can choose the type of your sewing machine according to your requirement and budget. Some other important aspects to consider are size, brand and ease of usage.


Cobbler sewing machine are meant for making shoes and other leather products. Some of the machines listed above can work efficiently with other fabrics also. Our top choice in this segment, Pumplus cobbler shoe repair machine is one of the best in its league. It is a silent machine that can handle industrial grade sewing without any vibrations or needle breaks. If you are planning to take up shoe making as a profession, this machine is perfect to be setup in your workshop.

Cobbler sewing is not an easy feat but with the right machine in your corner, you can work with ease and create shoe master pieces. Invest in one of the machines listed above and you will have a good machine cobbler machine for a lifetime.



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