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Best Sewing Machine For Kids in 2022

Does your child want to learn sewing? Wonderful. Sewing is a great craft that will let them manage the basics and also get creative with fabrics. If you know how to sew, you can teach your children the basics or you can enroll them in a sewing class. There are also several YouTube tutorials online that can teach children how to sew.

Kids will need a special children’s sewing machine to learn sewing. They cannot learn it on the adult’s machine because firstly, it might be unsafe for them and secondly, an adult’s sewing machine may be very complicated for them. Several popular brands make children’s sewing machines that are ideal for learning. In this article, we have created a list of top children’s sewing machine available in the market right now.

Our top choice is the Janome Portable Easy-to-use Sewing Machine. This machine comes with child safety options along with 12 in-built stitches and kid friendly functions. Read on to learn more about it and other good options that you can invest in.

Top Rated Sewing Machines For Children

RankNameRatingsPriceRecommended AgeWeightBuilt-In StitchesDiscount Link

Janome Portable Easy-to-use Sewing Machine

4.3/5$$8+5 pounds12

A fun and easy to use machine with 12 built-in stitches.

NEX Children Present Sewing Machine

4.3/5$8+2.2 pounds1

An easy to use portable sewing machine for children.

Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Kids Sewing Machine

4.0/5$$6-71 Kg1

A fancy sewing machine for children with two sewing speeds.

Theo Klein 7901 Fassion Passion Kids Sewing Machine


An efficient and beautiful sewing machine for kids.

Beletops Mini Sewing Machine For Kids


A mini all-rounder machine that can handle various fabrics.

No.1 Janome Portable Easy-to-use Sewing Machine


  • Portable and affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Kid friendly
  • 12 built-in stitches


  • Small work area
  • No work light

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Lady Lilac is a small sewing machine from the house of Janome. This sewing machine weighs only 5 pounds and is an ideal machine for kids who want to learn sewing. This machine may be small in size and cute in looks but it is not a toy. The machine has real functions that are capable of taking up and executing various sewing jobs.

With Lady Lilac, you get 12 built-in stitches. Each of them can help you finish a project with finesse. The machine is capable of producing fine stitches on different fabric types. It can also handle layered fabrics and thick materials like denim. Lady Lilac has the basic zig-zag stitch and straight stitch along with other options that make is a fun and efficient machine to own.

Janome has fitted Lady Lilac with safety features so that you child’s fingers stay intact, as they learn to sew different fabrics and construct clothing. It also has the reverse sewing option that gives strength to the stitches. The free arm on the machine lets you sew difficult tasks like cuffs, collars, etc. This machine has an accessory storage box under the hood. Here you can place all the crucial items so that you can carry around all the important things with you.

Lady Lilac has a crescent with two needle positions and the presser foot with Finger Guard that keeps the fingers away from the needle. When you purchase this machine for your children, you receive threading diagrams, top drop-in bobbin with clear cover that makes setup easy. This machine is definitely the best sewing machine for kids who would like to pick up the art as a hobby or seriously as a future profession.

No.2 NEX Children Present Sewing Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight


  • No reverse function
  • Cannot sew layers of fabric or thick fabric

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Teaching children to sew on a full-sized sewing machine can be a complicated process. This is why you need a small sewing machine that is apt for them. Since, safety is also an issue, there is no way you can experiment with an adult’s sewing machine. NEX has created a portable sewing machine that is an ultra-light portable sewing machine. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and comes with all the kid’s friendly functions.

This machine is just the right size for kids. With this sewing machine, NEX has scaled down the size and also simplified the functions of a full-size machine to provide options that are kid-friendly and also ideal for beginners. The main features NEX sewing machine for children include compact size, foot pedal and button operation, bright LED light, top-drop bobbin and auto winding system.

This machine has two sewing speeds: fast and slow. Children can choose to start with slow speed, and as they learn they can graduate to the fast speed which is slow according to the adult standards. This machine has a foot pedal and a button operation too. This means, it can be run by switching a button to ON or pressing a foot pedal.

NEX machine run both on electricity and battery. Therefore, the kids can enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere. This machine has only one stitch, means, you cannot toggle between different types of stitches. It provides the facilities like built-in bobbin winder and thread cutter that make working with NEX an easy job. The top-drop bobbin also makes it simple and quick to setup the machine. This machine does not have a reverse function.

NEX sewing machine for kids can handle multiple layers of fabrics but the fabrics have to be thin. It does not have the power to go through multiple layers of fabric with ease. It is still ideal for beginners and children because learning projects often do not deal with thick fabrics.

No.3 Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Kids Sewing Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Protective needle guard
  • Pom pom attachment
  • 5 small sewing projects


  • Quality of stitching is poor
  • Cannot handle most stitching projects

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Cool Maker Sew and Style Machine is a compact sized sewing machine that can teach kids the basics of sewing. This machine is more of a felting machine than sewing machine and cannot produce good quality stitches. Fitted with 4 AA batteries, this sewing machine can be a toy machine for you child before they graduate to a more efficient option.

Cool Maker Machine has a pom pom maker for kids who would like to have fun as they learn. This attachment is present at the side of the machine and helps make colorful pom poms with ease. These pom poms can be added to any sewing project to jazz up its look. The makes of this machine have made an accessory drawer so that all the parts and accessories are stored away securely while the kids work on their project.

This machine does not use thread for sewing, rather, children work with strings that look like yarn. Working with this string is easier, it is easy to handle and work with. The projects made with this machine may not last long as compared to the sewing projects compared to regular sewing machines. Cool Maker has a protective needle guard that protect the little fingers as they work with the needle and fabric.

At the speed front, this machine has two speeds. The kids can change the speed according to their comfort level. This machine is completely operated and does not have strength to penetrate even slightly thick fabrics.

No.4 Theo Klein 7901 Fassion Passion Kids Sewing Machine


  • Versatile functionality
  • Fair pricing
  • Adjustable settings
  • Decent workspace
  • Lightweight


  • Not sturdy

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Theo Klein is a beautiful kid-friendly sewing machine. This compact sized machine comes with decent workspace and provides satisfactory sewing experience for children. The manufacturing brand has ensured kids’ safety by providing finger guard that keeps the fingers away from the children. This guard is transparent and provides complete safety.

Theo Klein has two sewing speeds: slow and fast. Children can toggle between them as they learn. The slow speed is good for the initial days when children have to learn to align the fabric and ensure a straight stitch. They can increase the speed as they get comfortable with sewing machine handling and want to take up sewing projects.

This machine is quite efficient with two upper and lower threads. It has a rotary knob that lets children adjust thread tension and there is a power button that provides for easy on and off. Kids can operate this machine manually and with the foot pedal. This allows for several possibilities and easy portability. Thro Klein is battery powered, which again provides the kids with the freedom to work from anywhere.

Theo Klein sewing machine comes with accessories like needles, strings, foot pedals, metal box among other vital accessories that offer convenience during use. It also has a drop-down thread spool holder and upper thread tensioner.

This is a compact sized machine that can be kept in the children’s wardrobe or can also be displayed somewhere in the house. It looks stunning with its white and pink design and can easily become the centerpiece of kids’ room décor. If you want your kids to learn sewing machine with ease and safely, you can consider this affordable and attractive option.

No.5 Beletops Mini Sewing Machine


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Double thread
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • LED night light
  • Dual speed


  • No needle protection

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Beletops mini sewing machine is an ideal choice for kids. It can be used to perform all kinds of sewing for learning purpose. This machine is small and lightweight and gives the advantage of portability to the children. They can carry it around and work on it where ever they want. Beletops runs on electrical energy and serves an enjoyable experience in a small package.

This is one of the only machines that offers double threading in its price range. It has a night LED light that improves the performance of the machine and lets children work in any kind of light. The foot pedal on Beletops provides room for bigger fabrics and ensures better outcome with the stitches.

Beletops sewing machine is somewhat of an all-rounder that can handle almost all types of fabrics and produce excellent result with practice. This machine has a needle threader that further simplifies the working of the machine and helps kids set up the machine quickly. It also has a small U-shaped cuff slot opening that makes it easier to sew a round cloth.

How to Choose a Kids-friendly Machine

Your child wants to learn sewing just like you? It’s a great feeling to teach your children something that you are passionate about. Isn’t it? But this task calls for buying a sewing machine for children because you cannot teach children the craft of sewing on an adult’s sewing machine. The reasons can be both safety and functional complications.

A sewing machine can be risky for children because of the fast-moving needle at the center of all the functions. This needle can be really dangerous for the children’s fingers. Secondly, an adult’s sewing machine comes with complicated functions that the children may have a hard time to understand and in turn learn sewing.

There are several, easy to use and kid-friendly sewing machines available in the market. You can choose one of them for your child to help them learn sewing with ease. They can always graduate to a bigger and sophisticated sewing machine once they are ready. Following are the factors that you need to consider while purchasing a children’s sewing machine.

A Real Machine Or A Toy Sewing Machine?

There are several toy sewing machines that can be purchased from toy stores and local department stores. They come in beautiful colors and some basic functionalities. Toy sewing machines are definitely fun to use but at the of the day, they are toys and won’t last long. Additionally, any sewing done with them won’t last long either.

If your child is still young, smaller that 6 years old, you can consider buying a toy sewing machine for the time being. But if your child is older, invest in a real children’s sewing machine to teach them the important things from day 1. A real sewing machine will help you child gain the necessary knowledge they need to learn the craft of sewing and will truly develop their sewing skills.

Choose Quality Over Price

It is understandable if you would want to go for the cheapest sewing machine for your child. But when it comes to a sewing machine, it will be best to go for quality over price. A good, well designed sewing machine will foster your child’s interest in sewing and encourage them to learn faster and do better.

The best sewing machines for children are generally standard sewing machines that comes with all the basic functions. The results produced by these sewing machines are of good quality and will encourage your child to practice and learn more.

Invest in top sewing machine brands like Janome, Brother and Singer to get good quality and a lot of functions in the money you spend on your machine. These sewing machine brands will give you the maximum quality for the price you pay. Do not go for cheaper options that do not provide finishing and do not have attractive functions.


When it comes to selecting the best kid-friendly sewing machine, the safety aspect is one of the biggest aspects to consider.

One of the top features to look out for when it comes to safety with sewing machines is whether or not they come with finger guards. Many children’s sewing machines have finger guards to make sure that they’re smaller fingers are always protected.

Due to the smaller size of their fingers, they’re able to get into tighter places that could be dangerous. Finger guards are an effective way of preventing accidents.

If you’re concerned about your sewing machine not having finger guards for your child, you can purchase them separately and add them on.

Easy To Use

Finding a sewing machine that’s relatively easy for children to use is crucial. If you pick one that’s too complex to set up, it’s more likely that your child will lose interest in wanting to use it.

Therefore, you’ll want to consider purchasing a sewing machine that children can learn to set up, without becoming frustrated.

The kind of sewing machine you select for its ease of use will depend on your child’s age and experience levels. For example, the machines that come with speed options are among the most popular for children.

This is because they enable children to have an easy time controlling the lower speeds until they build up their confidence and can use higher speed settings. Furthermore, a sewing machine with pedals may take a little longer for children to get used to.

The ones that have sliding speed control and start and stop switches may be more simple for children to use if they’re complete beginners.

An automatic needle threader is one of the features that can make little kids sewing machines easier for kids to use. They can spend less time struggling to thread the needle and more time on improving their sewing skills.

Furthermore, sewing machines with jam-resistant bobbins would be great too. Bobbins can be prone to jamming and slowing down your child’s progress. The ones that have a jam-resistant feature ensure smoother sewing.

What Age Can A Child Use A Sewing Machine?

A child can use a toy sewing machine as early as 4 years old. For proper sewing machines 8 years and above is the right age. All the children’s sewing machine available in the market come with the 8 years and above label on the box. If you can teach your child to use a children’s sewing machine before that, it is completely upto you. The children’s sewing machine are safe to use for children of all age groups. Therefore, it is completely on a child’s interest and your desire to teach. Age is just a number.

How Much is a Beginner Sewing Machine?

A kids sewing machine that come with finger guards tends to be more expensive. However, buying a sewing machine for 10-year-olds or over would mean that they’re more aware of the dangers and the chances of accidents are lower.

Although, many parents still feel more comfortable using sewing machines with finger guards.

How Do You Set Up a Sewing Machine?

When sewing with a kids sewing machine, be sure that you and your child read through the instructions together. It’s a great way for them to learn how to set up the machine independently.

Setting up your sewing machine may vary slightly depending on the model that you’ve chosen. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read through the instructions.

How You Keep Your Sewing Machine Safe?

To keep your sewing machine safe, you should cover it up and unplug it every time you are done using it. Keep it away from your children and teach them the harm that come from a running sewing machine. In case of a children’s sewing machine, always invest in a machine that comes with safety features. Look for the needle safety cover that keeps the needle covered and guards the area around it so that tiny fingers can stay safe from accidental piercing.

How Do You Teach A Child To Sew On A Sewing Machine?

There is no specific guide on as to how you can teach your child to sew in a sewing machine. You can start with the basics like setting up the machine, putting the fabric in place and running the machine in straight lines. A child has to understand the nuances of sewing before, he/she can use the machine to do anything productive and the whole process call for a lot of practice. So, introduce your child to one function at a time and let them practice on waste clothes before graduating to real sewing projects.

How Do You Thread A Children’s Sewing Machine?

Threading a children’s sewing machine may be similar or easier than threading an adult’s sewing machine. If you like, you can go for a sewing machine with an automatic threading system or you can purchase a simple sewing machine and teach your child how to manually thread a sewing machine. This can be a good lesson before your child gets to actual swing. While manual threading is not necessary anymore, since most sewing machines comes with automatic threaders, it is always good to learn the basics.


So that wraps up our review on the best kids sewing machines that are available. Be sure to consider the main features of each product, as well as the pros, cons, and buyers guide before making a final decision.

Our number one pick is the Janome Portable Sewing Machine. It has a sewing machine finger guard for kids, along with 12 built-in stitches and a bobbin case that’s easy to see through.

We’ve also included other awesome choices that are definitely worth considering for your child. We hope the details found here have been useful for helping you to find the sewing machine that’s best for your child.

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