How To Finish The Edges Of A Fleece Blanket

Finishing the edges of fleece blankets is easy, and you can do it in various ways. If the edges of the blanket are not proper, it will get spoiled in some time.

You can finish the blanket by simply adding fringes to the edges, folding the hem, tying the knots, weaving fringe loops around the edges, etc.

Spend some time reading this article as it describes the process to finish the edges of a fleece blanket.

How To Finish The Edges Of A Fleece Blanket?


A good quality fleece blanket can be used for a long time when the edges are stitched properly. Topstitching is a simple and basic way to finish the edges.

In this article, we have discussed the methods to finish the edges of a fleece blanket and various other related things.

Read our guide, following which you can start the process to finish the edges of a fleece blanket at your own cost.

Steps To Finish The Edges Of A Fleece Blanket By Sewing A Hem

Following is the process explaining how to finish the edges of a fleece blanket by sewing the hem. Take a look!

Step 1: Fold Over And Use A Pin To Pin The Edges

Pin To Pin The Edges

To create a hemmed edge on the side, fold over the edges. Or else, you can leave them unfolded and start sewing along the side. It is completely up to you what you choose to do.

If you are going with the first choice, fold 1.3 cm of material each all over the blanket. Insert the pins to hold the folded part in place.

Step 2: Set Up The Sewing Machines

Place your sewing machine and fix it to a zigzag stitch for securing a folded hem. Check the manual book to find out how to set on the sewing machine to zigzag stitch settings.

A digital control or a dial will be there to make the necessary setting. Adjust it to a long and wide by turning the length and width to the highest settings.

Step 3: Sew Along The Edges

Sewing Blanket

Once the folding part is done, position the needle around 0.64 cm from the folded edge. It ensures the needle will go up and over the edge of the folded fabric.

In case you have left the fabric unfolded, maintain sewing at 0.64 cm from the fabric’s raw edges. Over the feed dogs and the fabric, place a piece of wax or tissue paper if you are finding difficulty in moving the fabric.

It helps to eliminate getting caught on the feed dogs. After the process is done, you can tear the paper.

Step 4: Backstitching Once You Reach The End

The reverse direction lever present on the side of the sewing machine must be pressed while securing the last few stitches. While doing it, keep light pressure on the pedal. 

Sew backward at 2.5 cm and to sew forward, release the lever. Once you have sewed the last edges around all the sides of the blanket, switch off the machine.

Cut the extra thread near the blanket, and the edges are done. Now you will see that the blanket looks better now.

Steps To Finish The Edges Of A Fleece Blanket By Securing With Fringes

Step 1: Make The Cut-Outs

Make cut-outs of 7 to 10 cm square of fabric at every corner on a double layer blanket. If you do not do this on every corner, your blanket will not lay flat.

First, mark the area with a marker and then cut along the lines. In this way, all the sides will have equal dimensions. There is no need to cut out the square of fabric while adding fringes to a single-layer blanket.

Step 2: Create A Template

Preparing a fringed edge is better when you have the details to guide you. While doing, make sure all the fringes are of the exact size. Take a scale and draw lines of 5.1 cm on cardstock or a piece of construction paper.

The lines must be 1.3 cm away from one another. Use a marker to draw the lines as it allows you to see easily.

Step 3: Use The Template

To cut the fringes, use the template across the entire blanket and tap it 7 to 10 cm from the edge. It will act as a guide to cut the fringes and align the scissors while making each cut.

In a double blanket, cut the fringes on all four sides, and in a single one, you can do on two sides.

Step 4: Tie The Fringes Together

After you have finished cutting the fringes, tie the fringe pieces that are next to one another together. Do the entire thing across the blanket, and while doing a double-layer blanket, you have to type four pieces.

What Do You Need To Finish The Edges?

Fleece Blanket

The things that you will require to finish the edges of a fleece blanket are:

  1. Sewing Machine

You must have a sewing machine through which you can do zigzag stitches around the blanket. It is one of the ways through which you can finish the edges properly.

  1. Thread

Use the right color of thread to sew the edges; otherwise, it will look inappropriate. If you do not get the exact color of the thread, try to look for something similar to that or a lighter variation.

  1. A Ruler

A ruler will help in drawing the lines with exact measurements and have a symmetric at the edges. Or else, in someplace edges will get folded more, creating unevenness.

  1. Sewing Pins

The sewing pins will help in folding the blanket and giving you an idea of how much you have to sew. It acts as a tracking device, guiding you to sew appropriately across the edges.

Fleece Blanket

  1. Scissors

The scissors are a must which will help in cutting the edges and thread whenever required. All these things you might already have in your sewing toolbox.

Can Edges Of The Blankets Be Finished Through Hand Stitching?

Yes, through hand stitching you can finish the edges of the blanket, and it gives a personalized look overall. The entire process will take comparatively more time compared to doing with a sewing machine.

But if someone does not have a sewing machine, they can do it with their hands as well. The results are worth it, and you can follow the same process as the sewing machine.

Only instead of the machine, you will do the entire thing with your hands. So, you can try out any choice according to your wish.

Is It Necessary To Finish The Edges Of the Blanket?

Well, it is not compulsory to finish the edges of the blanket. But doing so will enhance the blanket, and the threads do not come out after a point in time.

Also, it gives a new look to the blanket, and when presenting a blanket to someone, this adds a personal touch. Finishing the edges is not at all tough, and you can learn it once you start.

Do You Have To Know Stitching To Complete The Edges Of The Blanket?

To complete the edges, the basic knowledge of how to stitch is necessary. Even if you do not know, there is nothing to worry about. As you start, you will learn it because the stitching is simple.

While finishing the edges, you can try out various styles, like bound edges, hemmed edges, pinked edges, serge finished edges, etc. It completely depends on you which one you wish to choose.

Whatever you pick, the color of the thread should match the blanket. If it is improper, the blanket will not have the great look as you wish to have. Thus, follow the above process to finish the edges of the blanket.



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